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Note and Bib Card Format

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1 Note and Bib Card Format

2 Directions Today, we are going to create note and bib cards for your PRIMARY SOURCE. We are doing this together so you know how to do this for your secondary sources….so pay attention! You need small (3x5) and large (4x6) lined index cards today (use paper and transfer if you need to)

3 Directions…. We are going to go over how to FORMAT your note cards and bib cards, but first, let’s look at what these are.

4 What is a Bib Card? When you find a quote you can use, you should first create a bib card so you can go back and find that source later, and complete your Works Cited page. The CITATION information (or bibliography info) goes on this card. Every quote should have a bib card…

5 Sample Bib Card: Book

6 Sample Bib Card: Online Article

7 What is a Note Card? When you find a quote, after you have created a bib card, you then write that quote on the large index card. If you have multiple quotes from the same source, you do not need to create more than one bib card, but you DO need to create a note card for every new quote.

8 Sample Note Card

9 Primary Source Cards: Explained
QUOTE Primary source bib card (I will set up the formatting for this in just a moment…) This is the SMALLER index card QUOTE QUOTE

10 Let’s set up the bib card for your primary source….
Here is the citation information we will need (use MLA handouts or Son of a Citation Machine to generate on your own) "Iliad ." Trans. Array Prentice Hall Literature: World Masterpieces. Boston : Pearson Prentice Hall, Print. Now we need to set this information up on our small index cards (bib card)

11 Top left corner- number your cards (primary is the only #1 you will have)
"Iliad ." Trans. Array Prentice Hall Literature: World Masterpieces. Boston : Pearson Prentice Hall, Print. 1 Citation info goes in the middle, WITH the hanging indent Book or CDL In the bottom left corner, tell me where you found this source

12 Let’s Set up a sample Note Card for your primary source…
You need THREE quotes from the Iliad. When you find these, create a new note card for each…. Try to find quotes from Book 1, 6, 22 and 24 (as in space them out so they are not all from Book 1 for example)

13 Slug Line- a sentence that connects this quote to the part of your claim you are supporting (write TOPIC SENTENCE here where quote will go.) Number here should match the bib card where the quote came from Hector becomes a hero when he faces Achilles on the battlefield. 1 “Put the quote from your primary source (and eventually secondary) here, using quotation marks.” ONE QUOTE PER CARD Homer Page number where quote came from Author’s last name where quote came from

14 Now onto secondary source card set up….

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