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Last revised: 29 November 2013 K.T. Lam and Li Yiu On JULAC Libraries Forum 2013 29 November 2013 at HKBU.

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1 Last revised: 29 November 2013 K.T. Lam ( and Li Yiu On ( JULAC Libraries Forum 2013 29 November 2013 at HKBU

2 A joint project of JULAC Access Services Committee JULAC Systems Committee And is coordinated via the Task Force on JULAC Common Card Project Thanks to all systems and access services colleagues for participating in the planning and development of this JULAC collaboration project. 2

3 Issues involved and how we resolved them Two sub-projects JULAC Card Printing Solution JULAC Card Registration System (JCRS) JCRS demo Implementation timeline Outstanding issues and tasks 3

4 4 JULAC Library Card since 1991 HKUST paper card multiple barcodes

5 5

6 6

7 7 Time to replace this paper-oriented operations by issuing a … Common Card

8 Adopt institutional ID Card as JULAC card? Use Mifare chips ID Number to replace multiple barcodes? Attach barcode to the ID Card? Issue our own Common Card? Smart card, i.e. with Mifare chip? Store patron data in the chip? Smart card with attached barcode? Plastic card with printed barcode? CUHKs gate system does not support barcode. Compromise? Attach Mifare chip to plastic card 8

9 Issue our own Common Barcode? Compatibility with access gates? Compatibility with INNOPAC? Create a system to transfer patron data among institutions? Transfer data by pear-to-pear servers? Transfer data by a central server? Store and maintain data in individual databases? Store and maintain data by a central database? Provide patron data on-demand? 9

10 Plastic card Printed with common barcode Allow attachment of Mifare chip at back of card Resolve CUHKs incapability of supporting barcode To be attached on the card during registration Automate the registration process In-house system development Patron data on-demand model Transfer patron data directly from Home Library to a Host Library in the presence of the card holder during registration 10

11 JULAC Library Card Application, Production and Registration Card Application Card Production Home Library Card Registration Host Library Patron data Patron identity Patron data INNOPAC INNOPAC Gate DB

12 12 JULAC Common Barcode (jbarcode) aInstitutional ID (2-digit): 80-89 bSequential Number (5-digit): 00001-99999 cJULAC Letter: J dReserved Letter: A-Z (exclude I and O) eCard Replacement Digit: 1-9 fCheck Digit: 0-9 xx + xxxxx + J + x + x + x a b c d e f Symbology Code39

13 13 Institutional Code, ID and Reserved Letter NameCodeIDReserved Letter Chinese University of Hong Kongcuhk80A City University of Hong Kongcityu81B Hong Kong Baptist Universityhkbu82C Hong Kong Institute of Educationhkied83D Hong Kong Polytechnic Universitypolyu84E Hong Kong University of Science & Technology hkust85F Lingnan Universitylu86G University of Hong Konghku87H

14 cuhk80 12345 J A 1 1 cityu81 12345 J B 1 4 hkbu82 12345 J C 1 7 hkied83 12345 J D 1 0 polyu84 12345 J E 1 3 hkust85 12345 J F 1 6 lu86 12345 J G 1 9 hku87 12345 J H 1 2 14

15 15 Sub-projects JULAC Card Printing Solution Card Production Card Registration JULAC Card Registration System

16 To provide a standard set of hardware and software for the production of JULAC Library Card 16 Pre-Print Card Card Printing Software Card Printer

17 Tendering process completed last month Selection process completed early this month HKUST tender board approved our recommendation early this week Will be meeting with contractor (Toppan Forms) to start the card design and software development 17 Tender

18 18 Draft Only! Card Design

19 19 InstitutionNumber of Cards CUHK7,500 CITYU5,500 HKBU7,000 HKIED2,500 POLYU4,000 HKUST2,000 LU2,000 HKU9,500 Total40,000

20 Patrons Plastics card is more durable than paper card Card issuing staff Card printing is fully automated no manual work, such as card typing and photo attachment Host library counter staff No longer need to put barcode on JULAC Cards 20

21 To provide a system for onsite registration Decided to develop the system collaboratively by all eight institutions 21 Host Library Registration Station JCRS - Card Registration System Patron data Patron identity Home Library

22 5 November 2013 JCRS System Architecture Patron Data Provider Home Library INNOPAC Host Library INNOPAC Gate DB Web Program to retrieve patron data Registration Station SubmitPrint Web Program to store patron data e Patron Data Importer Offline Import Online Import Web Page Local Common A C B D

23 HKUST is responsible for the development the common portions of the system (Program A and C) All eight institutions develop their own Program B Authentication Getting patron record from INNOPAC Validation of patron record Institutions opting for online import will develop their own Program D Pilot prototype development Proof of concept Completed: HKUST, HKBU, POLYU, HKU, CUHK, CITYU Almost finished: LU, HKIED Full-scale development has started 23

24 Home page seen on the Registration Station (e.g. at CityU)

25 Web page showing card holder from HKUST retrieving his/her patron data on CityUs Registration Station

26 Sample patron data in XML Format

27 27 JCRS Administration Interface

28 28 JCRS tool – construct jbarcode

29 29 JCRS Demonstration

30 Home library Reduce labor work for processing paper application slips Do not need to make a photocopy for patron registration at host libraries Patron Do not need to make additional photocopies of application slips themselves (7 copies for registration at 7 libraries) Do not require to present a photocopy of application slips at host Libraries Host library Patron record data provided by home library in real time Data is most up-to-date and accurate Patron data may be uploaded to host librarys INNOPAC system automatically 30

31 Both the Card Production and Registration systems are targeted to be completed on 15 April 2014 Tasks after 15 April 2014 Institutions begin to issue common cards to new users New card holders begin to use JCRS Institutions begin to replace existing paper cards Batch by batch Takes a while to completely replace all card Parallel run of paper and plastic cards – for gate access, circulation and card registration 31

32 Card replacement process Determine how existing patron records are updated in the card replacement process Determine a mutually agreed date to complete card replacement Cut-off-date to stop supporting old paper cards Possibly forcing an expiry date on paper card holders Card application process Determine how to make use of INNOPACs patron record to store card application data This is for those that dont have a card application system/database e.g. JULAC barcode; card issue date; card expiry date (can be different from the one in the expiry date field) 32

33 Lost card handling Issues of concurrently holding both paper and plastic card Lost card and then found Lost card picked up and used by someone Claimed lost card Resolution: Must collect paper cards from card holders during card replacement process Claimed lost card treat as lost card Lost card notification program enhancement Current practice: notify via fax among institutions Enhancement: notify by email via JCRS, to be developed by HKUST 33

34 Louisa Lam, CUHK Peggy Fung, CITYU Li Yiu On, HKBU Belinda Kwok, HKIEd Lisa Kwan, POLYU Diana Chan, HKUST K.T. Lam, HKUST (Chair) Venia Mak, HKUST (Secretary) Andrew Liu, LU K.M. Ku, HKU 34

35 35 Thank you!

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