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JIST Cards A mini-resume.

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1 JIST Cards A mini-resume

2 JIST Small version of a résumé. Format: Leave behind
3x5 or postcard size

3 They work! 90% of people receiving JIST cards form a positive impression of the writer within 30 seconds 80% of employers say they would be willing to interview the person behind the JIST card, even if they did not have a job opening. They make you stand out from the crowed– not everyone creates a JIST card.

4 How to use a JIST card Get your name out there!
Attach to your résumé or application Enclose in a thank-you note Given to friends, relatives, etc to hand out to others. Sent to local businesses Posted on supermarket bulletin board Put on car windshields Attached to s

5 Writing the JIST card Type name at top or center of card
Use bold text to make it stand out Give ways for employer to contact you Phone number, Give a broad job objective List years of experience Detail education or training Showcase job-related skills Include accomplishments and numbers to support them End with key adaptive skills

6 My JIST Card

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