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 Résumés, References and Portfolios Managing Life Skills pages.

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1  Résumés, References and Portfolios Managing Life Skills pages

2 Prepare a Résumé  Résumé- A written summary of a job seeker’s work experience, education, skills, and interests.  This may determine whether or not you will be interviewed for a job.  Spend quality time creating and editing your résumé.

3 Prepare a Résumé  Electronic Résumé are very common. These can be e-mailed, copied and pasted onto a company website, and even read on smart phones.  Have a copy of your résumé on the computer as well as copies of a printed version on résumé paper.

4 References  Many employers ask for a résumé and a reference.  A reference is the name of a person that an employer can contact to learn more about you.  A teacher or a former employer. Someone who will speak highly of you because they know you are responsible. NOT A FRIEND!

5 References  Always ask permission before giving anyone’s name as a reference.

6 Create a Portfolio  A portfolio is a collection of work samples that demonstrate your skills.  Someone who wants to be an author will have writing samples.  The samples should be placed in a folder that will protect them and present them attractively.  Electronic Portfolios (e-folios) can be emailed, put onto a CD, DVD, or onto a flash drive.

7 Create a Portfolio  Just like your résumé, it’s a good idea to have a hard copy (printed copy) of your portfolio and an electronic copy.

8 Networking  Networking involves using personal contacts to find a job.  Your network includes relatives, friends, neighbors, former employers, members of your place of worship and any clubs you belong to.  Let these people know what kind of job you are seeking such as babysitting, mowing lawns, shovelling, etc.

9 Other Resources  Internet- there are websites devoted to helping you find a job. If you want a job at a specific company look on their website because they may post job openings on it.

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