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The information included in this presentation is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice. These statements have not.

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1 The information included in this presentation is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice. These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. Long term weight-loss can only be achieved through a balanced combination of diet and exercise. The OmniCleanse 28 Day Challenge is intended to be completed under the care of a licensed healthcare practitioner. If you are not under the care of a licensed medical professional, please contact your healthcare provider before proceeding with this program.

2 © 2013 Deseret Biologicals, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

3 The OmniCleanse Challenge Results may include…. – Steady weight-loss and improvement in body composition – Feelings of rejuvenation and increased energy – Improvements in total body symptoms – including digestive issues – Reduced cravings for unhealthy food – Long term weight-stabilization achieved through a healthy and manageable diet

4 2 Phase System Cleanse Phase – 14 Day Detoxification Program with 10-Day Detox Diet Transformation Phase – 14 Day Diet and Wellness Program for life-long weight-control

5 Why combine Detox with Weight-Loss? Toxins in the food we eat contribute to an inflammatory response leading to weight gain Build-up of toxins is a major contributor to discomfort during dieting, weight-loss plateaus, and weight re-gain!

6 The Products Formulated by a team of medical experts High-quality, professional-grade ingredients Designed to specifically address the challenges most commonly seen with diet and exercise programs

7 Patient Guide Step-by-step program guide providing detailed instructions for each phase Food lists, menu planning, and recipes Strategies for goal setting and monitoring progress Trouble-shooting tips Answers to frequently asked questions Additional information on products and protocols

8 What will you need? Phase 1: Cleansing Phase – 1 OmniCleanse Detoxification Kit Includes…. Comprehensive Homeopathic Detox Kit OmniCleanse Powder OmniCleanse Capsules OmniCleanse Patient Guide (includes both phases) Phase 2: Transformation Phase – 1 Equol Slim – 1 OptimaLean – 1 Professional Weight Support

9 PHASE 1: CLEANSING PHASE THE OMNICLEANSE SYSTEM Detoxification from Inside to Out and Top to Bottom

10 What is OmniCleanse? Omni means All or Everything – A detoxification system that targets the entire body, not just a single organ system – Encompasses 3 major disciplines in natural medicine for an All-Encompassing 3-prong approach Homeopathy Botanical or Herbal Medicine Nutrition

11 Steps to Whole Body Detox The OmniCleanse System – Step 1: Optimize Nutritional Status – Step 2: Brain and Nervous System Protection – Step 3: Clear the Extracellular Space – Step 4: Cleanse the Liver – Step 5: Restore Digestive and Colon Integrity – Step 6: Kidney and Bladder Purification – Step 7: Support Lymph Drainage and the Immune System

12 Comprehensive Homeopathic Detox 6 Part Whole Body Homeopathic Detox System – Cerebromax – Spinalmax – Matrix Support – Detox 1 – Detox 2 – Detox 3

13 OmniCleanse Powdered Beverage Basic Nutrition – Vitamin and mineral core – Vegan – Organic fruit and vegetable blend – High in fiber – Greens blend Specialty ingredients – Digestive Enzymes – Probiotic – Select ingredients to support repair and regeneration of tissues throughout the entire body!

14 OmniCleanse Capsules Specifically formulated to support the liver The liver is a key organ in the detox pathway Without proper support, toxins can get stuck in the liver leading to improper clearing of toxins

15 The Whole-Body Detox Difference

16 Phase 2: Transformation Phase Weight-Management Support

17 EquolSLIM Equol is a highly studied molecule: Over 1,500 studies have been published in over 250 journals! Studies on Equol used in EquolSLIM have shown: – Reductions in appetite and gut fat – Boosts in energy & metabolism – Improvements in mood through increasing serotonin levels – Support for metabolism – Reduces cortisol levels (stress hormone that contributes to fat accumulation in mid-section) Neuromodulation by soy diets or equol: Anti-depressive & anti-obesity-like influences, age- & hormone-dependent effects. Crystal Blake, Kimberly Fabick, Trent D. Lund, Kenneth DR Setchell, and Edwin D Lephart. BMC Neuroscience (2011)

18 OptimaLean High-quality, great-tasting meal supplement formula Bio-available, hormone-free whey protein to promote appetite control and lean body mass High in fiber, naturally sweetened with less than 5 grams of sugar per serving Contains specialty nutrients to support metabolism and blood sugar Used as a meal supplement 1 – 2x day

19 Professional Weight Support Supports weight-management through appetite control, mood, immunity, and detoxification


21 Getting Prepared With your healthcare provider… – Discuss food lists – How to read food labels and determine appropriate foods – Set physical activity goals and guidelines – Starting measurements, health assessment to measure progress

22 Self-Assessment Taking a self-assessment is key to monitoring your success! – Body weight and measurements – Total body symptoms with the Symptom Questionnaire – Your healthcare provider may also help you to record body fat % and other relevant data Record on Day 1 and Day 28 to track your progress.

23 A word about exercise… Physical activity is not only essential for weight-loss, but overall physiological health If your goal is life-long wellness, work with your healthcare provider to incorporate some type of regular physical activity into your routine For best results the OmniCleanse Program calls for 45 mins 3 -5x week

24 PHASE 1: CLEANSING PHASE Protocol: Days 1 - 14

25 Goals of the Cleansing Phase Support the natural clearing of toxic waste from the body Improve energy and vitality Remove common dietary culprits associated with weight gain, food sensitivities, and toxicity

26 The Diet Why do a detox diet? – Diet is that it is low in toxins in allergens and toxins – Frees up the body to focus on internal toxins rather than incoming toxic material – Good time to assess for mild sensitivities to common foods – Emphasis on meal timing and a regular eating schedule

27 What about those fasting diets Ive heard about? Long term fasting or starvation diets do not support detoxification OR weight- management – Detoxification is a complex process that requires that all of your bodys nutritional needs are met to work effectively – Excessive fasting can slow the metabolism leading to weight gain – Without proper nutrition, the body lacks the materials it needs to rebuild healthy tissues

28 Foods to Enjoy Organic foods – eat organic as much as possible Whole foods – the less packaged items, the better! Fresh produce – especially dark green vegetables like kale, broccoli, and spinach Healthy fats like coconut oil, salmon, avocadoes Water –Aim for at least 8 cups of unflavored water per day

29 Foods to Avoid Artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils Processed, packaged, and fast foods Your healthcare provider may provide additional suggestions of foods to avoid during these phase based on your health history SEE Patient Guide for Complete Food List


31 Days 13 - 14 These are break days. You are free to consume foods you enjoy before transitioning to transformation phase If you have noticed a sensitivity to a certain food, continue to avoid Remember that although these days have no restriction - overconsumption of high-calorie foods can derail the success you have already achieved

32 PHASE 2: TRANSFORMATION PHASE Protocol: Days 15 - 28

33 Goals of the Transformation Phase Achieve maximum improvement in body composition Continue clean eating program For greater weight-loss results, OptimaLean can be used as a meal supplement 2x/day Learn the skills necessary for life-long weight maintenance – Focus on whole, nutrient-dense foods – Incorporate regular physical activity – Enjoy pleasure foods in moderation

34 A Balanced Approach This phase also allows for moderate amounts of enjoyable foods – Max of 2 alcoholic beverages per week. REMEMBER Alcohol lowers inhibitions and can make it more challenging to stick to diet guidelines – Caffeine no longer restricted – Pleasure Foods – maximum 2 svgs/wk not exceeding TOTAL 500 calories


36 Next Steps Congratulations! You have achieved your goal! – Remember to complete your Self-Assessment and Symptom Questionnaire so you and your healthcare provider can review your progress – The skills you have learned in the OmniCleanse challenge will help you maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle – If greater weight-loss is your goal, the diet plan for the transformation phase can be continued until you have reached your target weight. Work with your healthcare provider to establish your health plan!

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