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Presented by: Michael Woods Anselm Tamasang Chris Barill Darren Ringer.

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1 Presented by: Michael Woods Anselm Tamasang Chris Barill Darren Ringer

2 The goal of this project is to create a software application that is accessible to everyone. Recipe creation with available ingredients OCR used in tandem Android will be the platform, as we will be using Java


4 Personal Food Inventory Management -make shopping lists? -collaboration with grocery stores? * Allows organization of lists by aisle * Place order for pick up at some stores * More accurate receipt information from DB -notify when certain ingredients get low

5 Exploring possible recipes -Use the internet to obtain recipes matching current inventory -Keep recipes locally or in a cloud? -Specific dietary constraints/guidelines? Meal planning -Set up recipes for multiple days at a time -Specify how many meals per day? -Specify the sizes/focuses of meals?

6 OCR – is basically the ability to scan receipts (or any type of document) and have the words automatically recognized by the phone to be used in searching for recipes. We have two options of how to pursue OCR: -Open source Java OCR implementation * Requires training to specific fonts as part of development -Third party OCR app * Add-in functionality only *Emphasize need for redundancy

7 Creating an app on the Android platform OCR errors Abbreviation/Receipt code discrepancies -learn from user? -learn from the stores database(?) Finding Recipes -limited use of google search API? -other avenues? -central web architecture? Using the app to work with the camera

8 This project has the potential for overwhelming complexity, so we must constrain ourselves within the assigned project deadlines. At several stages compromises are possible, but higher levels of functionality are also desirable. -Keep these goals in mind while developing architecture! -A few major design decisions must be settled prior to significant modeling efforts * OCR integration methods * Major avenues of recipe aggregation * Cross-platform: Extension to Iphone support?

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