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The Team Yuri Tetrov – President 15 years of F&B experience

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0 Our concepts Pizza di Roma Portato Café di Roma by Jimy Rov
Lucacio Restaurant Cone Inn Express Pizza di Roma Texas Chicken

1 The Team Yuri Tetrov – President 15 years of F&B experience
opening of Sbarros in Russia, GrupoAMT Barcelona Actually in charge of EAC as President and Group AMT Kobernyk B. Alexei 20 years of experience in F&B – Rosinter, Yum, Hilton, RStyle… Development of different F&B concepts in Russia and the CIS Actually Dir. of Development & Franchise CIS at EAC Tatiana Mohova 12 years of experience - McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Sbarros Operations and Training oriented for various Fast Food concepts Actually Dir of Operations at EAC Richard VanRossem 10 years experience – Pizza Hut, New York Pizza, Dominos… Wide knowledge on professional delivery and Marketing/Promotion in Europe Actually Director of Delivery Services at EAC


PIZZA di ROMA MAKE. Global brand MAIN DIFFERENCE POINT. A strong original Italian concept that exist since 1966 FUTURE EXPECTATIONS. World wide expansive market

4 History “It all started in Rome…
In the past 40 years Pizza di Roma® has grown from a single restaurant in New York City into what one magazine recently called one of the top 15 pizza chains in the United States. Frank Luca arrived from Rome, Italy in 1966 and opened his first restaurant in New York City. The immediate success led to other locations in Manhattan and New Jersey. The demand for Luca Pizza inspired Frank to expand and pioneer an idea that would become his hallmark, locating his restaurants inside enclosed malls. In 1972, Mr. Luca brought his two nephews from Rome to help manage the rapidly growing enterprise. Shortly thereafter the brothers, Giancarlo and Antonio Di Mizio settled in Indianapolis, Indiana and to date the family has overseen the opening and development of over 150 stores. From that first store in New York City to their multiple locations throughout the United States, Giancarlo and Antonio have always believed that the secret to the success of Pizza di Roma® is their commitment to excellence in both quality of product and service to the customer. That commitment to quality is a family tradition that is woven throughout their business.” This is Pizza di Roma®”

5 Our Menu: The PIZZA di ROMA genuine Italian taste is attributed to special family recipes and the finest ingredients like select tomatoes and sauces and the finest 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese freshly-grated and piled on homemade crust. You can smell it in the freshly-baked lasagna, unique variety of calzones, panzerottis, strombolis and special pepperoni-stuffed breadsticks and the award-winning pizza. There are endless combinations using the leanest meats and freshest vegetables.

6 Our Pizzas Vegetarian Pizza Meat Lovers Pizza
Knowing that it is the bed for the pizza toppings of your choice, we pay special attention to our dough. Made from scratch in house (never frozen) and hand-stretched by only the most spirited pizza men in the business, our pizzas are baked in an old-world style hearth until the dough is a lovely golden brown, tender, and with a delicate outer crust. Meat Lovers Pizza

7 Our Famous Calzones Stromboli di Roma Spinach calzone Cheese Pizza
A simple yet delightful roll with spinach and mozzarella cheese. Delicious and not to mention, great for you too. Our stromboli is a savory combination of sausage, pepperoni, roasted onions, green-peppers, and mushrooms. Cheese Pizza

8 ITALIAN CUISINE Manicotti Meat ravioli
Oversized, soft pasta is home to a delicious blend of Italian cheeses, baked, and covered with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Our mouth watering meat-filled ravioli pasta is topped with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

9 Chicken broccoli penne
Pepperoni – Our original pepperoni breadsticks started it all, and have since been a favorite. Pepperoni slices hand rolled into our dough, a hint of garlic, and baked until golden. ITALIAN CUISINE Chicken broccoli penne This dish is a well-balanced mix of healthy ingredients and flavors including fresh penne pasta, broccoli and chicken breast marinated in a wine sauce, garlic, onion, and fresh basil.

10 Chef salad – Like the tossed salad but a larger portion of crisp iceberg lettuce with red cabbage, carrots, and cucumbers, and your choice of black olives, tomatoes, cheese, banana peppers, or mushrooms. Is served with rolls of ham and provolone cheese Our daily Fresh salads Caprese Salad– Red, luscious tomatoes, tantalizing wedges of mozzarella cheese, chopped red onions, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar along with some chopped fresh basil, and salt and pepper make this a lovely complement to your meal.

11 Our finest desserts Cherry Cheese cake-
Black Forrest Cake – Dark luscious layers of chocolate cake with a rich cherry center covered enclosed in icing and crowned with a delicious cream topping and a cherry. Fruit Salad – Our fruit salads are made from the finest fruit selections and prepared fresh every day. Cinnamon Breadsticks – a new addition to the breadstick family, our cinnamon breadsticks are a great side to your morning coffee or at any time of the day. A sweet package of brown sugar, cinnamon, and powdered sugar, hand-rolled and baked.. Cherry Cheese cake- A decedent and colorful cheese- Cake topped with refreshing Cherries that you'll find ravishingly delicious.

12 Opening Soon Locations USA Bloomington Spain Clarksville Greece
Greenwood Indianapolis Cincinnati Findlay Louisville Mission Etc,etc Spain Greece Romania Russia Ukraine Middle East Bangladesh Indonesia

13 Opening Plans Pizza di Roma is planning to open around 75
Company Owned stores till 2010 Pizza di Roma also will open between 25 and 30 Franchise Stores till 2010

14 Some of our Locations in the USA






20 Portato® Fast & Self-service Italian Pasta – Grill – Fusion
Restaurants of the "Pasta di Roma" chain are specially created for shopping centers since 1992 in the USA Brazil and now also in Russia. As can be understood by the name, the restaurant features popular Italian cuisine, namely different kinds of pastas (spaghetti, fusilli, penne, etc.). At the restaurant, it will be possible to taste dishes prepared right in front of your eyes. Having made the order, the client does not wait in line, but receives a number and waits at his table for the fresh and hot dishes to arrive. Dishes are prepared at the moment of their order, and this guarantees their freshness. Additional components (such as salmon, chicken, shrimps, etc.) are fried on the grill. There is a wide range of sauces and seasonings. The restaurants will be constructed so that the client will see the process of preparation and a  pleasant visual image beneficially influences his appetite. The interior design will be executed in the Italian style.

21 Portato® Fast & Self-service Italian Pasta – Grill – Fusion

22 Old tradition & state of the art
«Cafe di Roma» is a coffee house in which each client finds himself in a fantastic and tasty world of chocolate. The stylish design of the interior and tableware, the wide assortment of chocolate, baked goods and desserts for all tastes, the variety elite coffee and tea - all this creates comfort for spiritual refreshment as well business meetings. It's well-known that even a small quantity of chocolate favorably influences a person. We guarantee that your visit to our coffee house will charge you with excellent feelings for a great while. «Cafe di Roma» knows how to astonish - our unique modern equipment even allows you to create fountains from different types of chocolate (black, dairy, white). Our mini-shop is going to be the peculiarity of our coffee house, in which it will be possible to purchase any sort of tea, coffee, chocolate, confectionery products and souvenir production to enjoy at home or as a stylish gift for friends and relatives. Emphasis should be placed on the fact that the presented coffee house would be unique in design and availability for people with any income. Cafeteria – Gelateria – Pasteleria – Chocolateria

23 Old tradition & state of the art
Cafeteria – Gelateria – Pasteleria – Chocolateria

24 Bread – Bakery – Cakes

25 Our Signature desserts
Pastry - Choco Our Signature desserts

26 Choco Gourmets

27 Choco Gourmets & Store

28 Fast Food Concept – “Cone Inn”
Tastiness in a Cone Healthy Brand new Idea Tasty Hungry killer Easy to handle Available in any location All imaginable meal in a Cone And a lot more…

First Pizza with a new shape Prepared like an ice-cream cone Italian creativity and design Offering with a wide range of Pizza-toppings Nutritionally 100% balanced Cooked in only 3 minutes No need for special training Very easy to eat-and friendly for kids without dripping sauce and no need for cutting Possible in three different sizes

30 Milan Malpensa airport
Locations Locations Italy Milan Malpensa airport Azzate Busto Arsizio Somma Lombardo Cavaria Torino-Auchan Openings Italy CASALE MONFERRATO ASTI ALESSANDRIA MILANO VARESE CREMONA GENOVA RIMINI NAPOLI FIRENZE PALMI MESSINA PALERMO Openings Worldwide Spain Portugal Greece England Denmark Sweden Norway Finland Russia Ukraine Romania Australia Canada Bangladesh

By 2010 «Pizza Cono» is planning to open about 1000 trade outlets in Moscow, Moscow Region, Saint Petersburg and North-West. As well Cono Pizza has plans to distribute Cono Pizza’s in to the supermarket chains.

32 Our tasty and healthy menu…
Italian delicacies Cheese sticks (Mozzarella) Aranchino Conos Margherita Sausage Anchovies Mushrooms Olives Vegetarian Tuna fish Ham Artichokes Zingara Pastas Penne all’Amatriciana Spaghetti alla Carbonara Gnocchi Pomodoro Baselico Spaghetti al Nero Cestini al Pomodoro Gnocchi al Pesto FRESH MADE 100% Desserts Nocciola Rocher Limone Fragola


34 Concept «Pizza Cono» “ Made in Italy” Format Carriage Angle format
TAKE AWAY Street stands Food court Special equipment “ Made in Italy”

35 Format Carreta “ Made in Italy” Assumed space:150X70
Possible locations:inner and outer parts of the building, malls, rail stations, football stadiums, cinemas etc. “ Made in Italy”

36 Format carriage “ Made in Italy”

37 Food court “ Made in Italy” Assumed space between 20 till 50 m2
Possible locations: inner parts of the building, trading centers “ Made in Italy”

38 Food court “ Made in Italy”

39 Street kiosk “ Made in Italy” Assumed space between 9 till 100 m2
Possible locations: supermarkets, gas stations, universities, cinemas, mall, metro stations, food courts, parks, stadiums, hospitals, airports, team parks, holiday parks, hotels etc. “ Made in Italy”

40 Street kiosk “ Made in Italy”

41 Street kiosk “ Made in Italy”

42 Street kiosk “ Made in Italy”


44 TAKE-AWAY “ Made in Italy” How to prepare: 1 2 3 4
Heat the oven till 180°C Take the cone out of the package 2 Put the cone into the oven and heat for 4 min 3 4 Bon appetite! “ Made in Italy”

45 Multiconceptional restaurant
Assumed size 100 m2 Possible locations: supermarkets, gas stations, universities, cinemas, mall, metro stations, food courts, parks, stadiums, hospitals, airports, team parks, holiday parks, hotels etc. “ Made in Italy”

46 Multiconceptional restaurant

47 Multiconceptional restaurant

48 Peculiarities “ Made in Italy” New technology + Italian recipes
New kinds of pizza and other dishes such as desserts, salads, hot dishes It looks like ice-cream but it’s hot inside It’s convenient to eat it while moving You won’t need tableware “ Made in Italy”

49 Advantages “ Made in Italy” New business New Italian fast food
Does not demand definite skills from the staff Estimated profit and oriented cost Easy to realize locations Guaranteed quality of the product Advice and education “ Made in Italy”

50 Facts “ Made in Italy” Dish from Mediterranean cuisine No fat
Keeps to tradition No conservatives Harmless for health Product for everyone Keeps warmth and freshness of the product “ Made in Italy”

51 Technology of preparation
Electrical oven 220 V Possibility to watch preparation from two sides Easy for preparation Time of preparation 4 minutes Min. expenses “ Made in Italy”

52 Our equipment Automatic ovens for vertical cooking “ Made in Italy”

53 Our equipment “ Made in Italy” Specially heated showcases that help to
reserve the freshness of cones “ Made in Italy”

54 Business for everybody
You might be operator You might be manager You might be businessman You might be producer You might be customer “ Made in Italy”

55 Our uniform “ Made in Italy”

56 Stratagies “ Made in Italy” Corporate values Personal strategy
Aim at leaders “ Made in Italy”

57 FULL STORES “ Made in Italy”





62 Fine Dinning Concept - All the roads lead to “US”
Our next brand - the "Lucacio" Italian cuisine restaurants - is known worldwide since Their target group is usually affluent people, but in Russia this exclusive cuisine will be aimed at people with an average income. "We give taste to your life" - is the motto of the "Lucacio" restaurants. This means that it's really important for us that our dishes taste excellent.    Therefore we prefer exclusive recipes, pizzas prepared on an open fire, and a variety of salad-bar assortments that will surprise even the hardiest gourmets. Restaurants "Lucacio" is also well known for its dishes prepared with fresh Buratto cheese. We supervise our staff and want them always be accurate in work and benevolent and polite with customers.

63 Fine Dinning Concept - All the roads lead to “US”
Soups Pizza Calzone, Stuffed Stromboli Pepperoni sticks… Pasta Spaghettis, Fettuccine Lasagna, Cannelloni Ziti, Farfale Ravioli, Tortellini… Salad Caesar Cobb Chef… Gourmet Desserts Focaccia Wine cellar, Italian select Best Cocktails Wide Beer selection Flambé Trinche Grill

64 Interiors Lucacio – Bar Area

65 Lucacio – Full Service Restaurant
Interiors Lucacio – Full Service Restaurant

66 Development Plan for period: 2006 - 2010
See link Budget

67 Texas Chicken Indonesia 67

68 Indonesia 68

69 Indonesia 69

70 70

71 Indonesia 71

72 Indonesia 72


74 Tel: +7 495 9136600 Fax: +7 495 9136689

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