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Photosynthesis and Respiration

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1 Photosynthesis and Respiration

2 What is photosynthesis?
A chemical reaction that occurs in plants that changes light energy to chemical energy Energy is stored as sugar Occurs in plants and some algae Takes place in chloroplasts in chlorophyll

3 What happens during photosynthesis?
Plants capture light energy and use it to make glucose Sunlight provides the energy to change molecules of carbon dioxide and water into glucose Oxygen is a byproduct and is released during this process

4 The photosynthesis recipe
LIGHT ENERGY Carbon Dioxide + water Glucose + oxygen REACTANTS PRODUCTS

5 The equation of the chemical reaction photosynthesis

6 Why is this important to us?
We cannot make our own food, and depend on producers such as plants to provide glucose and energy Plants are the first part of food chains, and an integral (important) part of food webs Without producers, consumers would not be able to get energy, and would most likely die

7 What about the oxygen released?
This becomes part of the air that we breathe, and is necessary for all living things

8 From the producer to the consumer…
Once the energy from the sunlight is converted into chemical energy by photosynthesis, an organism has to transfer that energy into a usable form, called ATP Transferring the energy into a usable form is called cellular respiration

9 Cellular Respiration Takes place in the cells and mitochondria of all living things That means Animals AND Plants Is a step by step process that breaks down glucose molecules to release energy

10 The recipe for cellular respiration
Glucose + oxygen Carbon Dioxide + water + ENERGY REACTANTS PRODUCTS

11 The chemical equation for cellular respiration is


13 Aerobic Respiration Organisms that use Oxygen to free the energy from their food are said to use Aerobic Respiration Aerobic means “using oxygen”

14 Anaerobic Respiration
Organisms that do not use oxygen but have developed another way to release the energy from their food are said to use Anaerobic Respiration. Remember that the prefix A- or An- means NOT so Anaerobic means “not aerobic” or without oxygen.

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