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Representations of practice hcidc 7 th March 2008.

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1 Representations of practice hcidc 7 th March 2008

2 What are we doing in the Commons? Sharing practice, yes. But also … One of the goals of this Commons is to explore ways of (re)presenting practice Weve already seen some …

3 As embodied in artefacts … both naturally occurring

4 As embodied in artefacts … both naturally occurring and selected/constructed

5 As externalised in concept maps …

6 Or presented as narratives …

7 Other domains Teaching is not the only domain in which individuals practice the same craft in isolation of each other Other areas have also had to search for (find) ways to share enacted practice by various representations Researchers in separate laboratories write papers and send them to each other


9 And meet to talk See also: Research talk (

10 Mending things



13 Building things

14 Cooking Some structural analogies to teaching Individually enacted behind closed doors – kitchen or classroom Individual, private, practice is rarely documented. There is quite a lot of public documentation designed to assist/inform these individual Individuals are then expected to take these more-or- less abstract guidelines and use them in a situated instantiation.

15 Recipes Variety of purpose (which well ignore for now) Variety of form Ingredients then method (Isabelle Beeton) Recipe then summary (Eliza Acton) Pure chronology (Col. Herbert-Kenny) Uncommon form (Cooking for Engineers)

16 Isabella Beeton (1863) Separates ingredients from method Adds some context

17 Eliza Acton (1845) Narrative recipe then summary In effect, addressing the needs of novices & experts in one representational form

18 Col. Kenny-Herbert (Wyvern) (1878) A straightforward chronological narrative. Which means if you follow it chronologically (i.e. you dont read right through to the end before you begin) you may be nastily surprised

19 Uncommon form Diagrammatic form presents ingredients on y axis, time on x axis, action on the intersection. Good for overview, but practically unusable (in practice). Dont forget the garnish

20 So … If recipes – in all their different forms – are constructed to help a remote colleague achieve the same results as you do … Can you write a recipe for one of your evaluation strategies?

21 References Isabella Beeton The Book of Household Management, Jonathan Cape,1863 Eliza Acton Modern Cookery, In All Its Branches: Reduced to a System of Easy Practice, For The use of Private Families, Lea and Blanchard,1845 Col. Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert (Wyvern) Culinary Jottings for Madras, 1885 (facsimile reproduction, Prospect Books, 1994) Cooking for Engineers, o-Buco o-Buco

22 This work is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales Creative Commons LicenseAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0

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