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Italian Food Solutions

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1 Italian Food Solutions
General Presentation

2 Happy Food Italian Fast Food Happy Pizza Pizzeria Italiana
CONTENTS Spuntibreak Group The Brands Happy Food Italian Fast Food Happy Pizza Pizzeria Italiana Mokydea Caffetteria Italiana Pasta e Pizza Italiana advertising Locations samples

3 The Spuntibreak Group Born in 1997, strong of an years experience in the food sector, the group is nowdays going to present itself with a series of complete and specific projects plus a big variety of solutions for any kind of request from everyone who's longing to open new business venture in collective food sector with the concept formula . spuntibreak group suggests dedicated concept and format from fast food and Pizza and Pizza Cono to Pasta format, founding its entire production on that "italian way" so appreciated also abroad. In each format proposed, the group can assure a complete and detailed realization, starting from a territorial research (in order to verify the achievement of the enterprise) and building of locations to the products supply, plus a constant assistance and finally communication strategies and advertising.

4 The Proposed Brands The Proposed Brands
Starting from the creation of “Coffe – Drink - Food" as the "Italian Fast Food", the group has following felt the impulse to give an always more defined identity to other specific types of products . For this reason have been created new dedicated concept and format such as "PizzaHands" for Pizza and Pizza Cones, Mokidea for the cafeteeria and the “Very italiano" dedicated to all those italian Pasta and Pizza products that can be suggested and launched abroad. Each concept is a 360° format passing through the following points: .Reserach for the achievement based on territoral and marketing studies; .Machinary choice; .Locations forniture; .Ingredients, recipes and materials supply; .Handbooks; .Inlet and outlet communication; Furthermore, Spuntibreak group gives the possibility of creating new brands and concepts if eventually requested.

5 Outdoor boarding Pizza Hands Italian Fast Food
Born in on the wave of the typical American Fast Food with hamburger and chips. This brand is the most important point of reference for the group and is today strongly consolidated in its realization. It is also the best equipped for machinary and for its typical italian taste in the suggested recipes mixing with "Home"ingredients. Other very appreciated Spuntibreak proposals are Pizza Cones and the always more requested pasta – pizza – coffe – salads – and special drink. The Spuntibreak group is actually present all over country with various locations becoming in some of these really a direct antagonist even of the most famous international Fast Food.

6 Products In the following pages are presented some format recipes, furnishing and communication supply.

7 Technical plan example

8 Some internal view of locations

9 Some staff and uniforms

10 Reception desk

11 Menu board slides

12 Menu board slides

13 Internal ad v pages

14 Paper Tray Covers

15 HappyPizza italian pizzeria
The introduction of pizza (the most famous italian product abroad) has been for Spuntibreak group a natural passage because of its enormous request by the market. Thanks to a deep study of machinary, recipes and production Pizza has become a new independent brand: HappyPizza Italian Fast Pizzeria. Differently from the traditional system, HappyPizza gives pizzas slices for kids or normal, so that pizza may be a snack or a quick meal. Naturally all the recipes are the best in Italian, but above all Neapolitan tradition . Spuntibreak offers a very high quality product with a very simple format. In case of independent location, Spuntibreak group can provide for a single brand.

16 Products In the following pages are presented some recipes suggested by the format and some examples locations furnishing and communication supply. PIZZAS: Margherita: Tomato, Mozzarella, basil; Napoletana: Tomato, anchovies, basil Prosciutto: Tomato, mozzarella, ham; Funghi: Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms and parmesan; Capricciosa: Tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes and ham; Vegetariana: Tomato, mozzarella and mixed vegetables; Quattroformaggi: 4 cheesees cream, mozzarella and cream; Porcina: cep mushrooms, mozzarella and parmesan; Diavola: hot salami, tomato; Carciofi: artichokes, mozzarella, artichokes cream; Patate: chips and mozzarella; Combibabypizzaice: margherita (slice), ice cream, small drink, game; Combibabypizzachips: margherita (slice), chips, Combipizzasweet: optionable slice, optionable cake slice, small drink; Combipizzaice: optionable slice, ice cream, small drink; Combipizzachips: optionable slice, big chips, small drink;



19 Mokidea italian cafeteria
Each type of Spuntibreak group's restaurant has got the possibility to complete its offer introducing an Mokidea Caffé corner, entirely dedicated to café and Bar products. Mokydea offers a great variety of coffee mixtures with fantasy recipes together with typical bar products. Various coffees, cappuccino, delicious cakes and fresh croissant are the first elements which characterize this corner very easy to realize and with a very low investment. It can also be realized with a personalized look and suggested in couple with any kind of Spuntibreak Group's restaurant or as a single corner.

20 Products Herefollowing some recipes suggested by the format;
some examples of locations furnishing and of communication supply. caffé italian espresso; caffé decaffeinated; Optionable cakes; Mokidea top; Costarica-haiti-india-s.Domingo; cappuccino top; caffé special; cappuccino special; Combi cappuccino croissant; Grancroissant various tastes; Croissant various tastes; Combicappuccino torta (cake); Combi the torta (cake); Combi the croissant; Combicaffé torta (Coffee + cake); Combicaffé croissant; cappuccino decaff. cappuccino espresso Italia; Combijuice croissant (optionable juice + croissant); Combyjuice torta (Optionable juice + cake);

21 sweet cone

22 Some internal of locations

23 Buonissimo Italian restaurant
Spuntibreak group,italian food solutions, thanks to the concept "BUONISSIMO"has finally realized its own vision of a "fast restaurant" typically italian in its production but very suitable abroad. A fast restaurant in wich fastness is well mixed with quality. The constant use of absolutely fresh and genuine products confirms the fame of mediterranean cuisine so rich in taste and flavour. BUONISSIMO is a corner dedicated to the very most famous italian products such as pasta and pizza. Inside BUONISSIMO the choice is really more than enough. Customer can choice among more than 80 different types of Pasta cooked and served at the same moment and /or he can find the most well known Pizza's recipes diffused all over the world. The following are only some examples of the great variety of Pastas suggested: Penne, sedani, strigoli, gnocchi, fusilli tricoloured, tagliatelle, spaghetti, linguine, rice, tortellini with meat, tortellini with ham, ravioli with buttermilk curd and spinachs, etc. Each kind of pasta is seasoned with various and flavoured sauces such as Basil and tomato, pesto genovese, mushrooms sauce, bolognese, matriciana, carbonara, tomato and speck, etc. BUONISSIMO is a concept very easy to realize and to manage as well, because it needs only a very few number operators. Thanks to the basic process of execution and to the high level of machinary utilized, BUONISSIMO can always guarantees fastness, freshness and a Top quality product.

24 Some samples of indoor and outdoor locations

25 Products PIZZA PASTA Margherita: tomato, mozzarella, basil;
Napoletana: tomato, anchovies, basil; Prosciutto: tomato, mozzarella, ham; Funghi: tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, parmesan; Capricciosa: tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, artichokes, ham; Vegetariana: tomato, mozzarella, mixed vegetables; Quattroformaggi: 4 cheese cream, mozzarella, parmesan; Porcina: cep mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan; Diavola: hot salami, tomato; Carciofi: artichokes, mozzarella artichoke cream; Patate: chips and mozzarella; SPAGHETTI BUCATINI FARFALLE FUSILLI ELICHE LINGUINE FETTUCCE GNOCCHETTI PENNE SAUCES MEAT SAUCE TOMATO SAUCE AMATRICIANA SAUCE CLAMS SAUCE MUSHROOMS SAUCE CEP MUSHROOMS SAUCE ARRABBIATA SAUCE OLIVES AND CAPERS SAUCE TUNA SAUCE PESCATORA SAUCE AUBERGINE SAUCE PESTO GENOVESE SAUCE

26 Product sales in the Supermarket
For Oven house

27 Microwave pack Product sales in the Supermarket

28 Fun parks and swimming pools
Vending Business

29 Our production facilities

30 The new product 2013

31 The new shop of group 2013

32 The new shop of group 2013

33 The new company





Executive Summary Our Ambition is to grow Spuntibreak business, to open scale of outlets, in the country and across key cities and be the number one, pizza fast food of choice for consumers of these cities. Our strategy is based on our fact base/concept approach to understanding of our target consumers in these countries and ensure that we generate the right appeal to our customer base through providing superior food and beverage quality at the right price point. Our launch plans include starting of a flagship store in a key location in each of the respective cities and at the same time invest in advertising and promotion to generate interest pitching as an alternative to local meals and famed fast food (eg. McDonalds). Ultimately, our aim is to ensure Spuntibreak generates the same level of top of mind awareness when a customer decides his/her next meal.

1. Introduction This document outlines the plans we have to grow and develop the Spuntibreak as the preferred choice of food among your clients, good for breakfast or afternoon tea snacks, also as full meals, sale in supermarkets and amusement parks. 2. Strength Strength · Pizza Hands is a new concept which may cause interest to try. · Pizza Hands food easy to eat and on-the-go. No similar format in the market and therefore a chance for Pizza Hands. Opportunity · Italian food is not new in these countries; people are well acquainted with Pizza – Pasta - Coffè. · Easy to eat and can be created into a “must try” concept.

4. Product and strategis The target market for Pizza Hands comprises people who have exposure to western culture and food, youngsters who are familiar with the fast food concept, families with young children for the occasional treat and tourists who want a taste of home. It is important for Spuntibreak to achieve in order to gain a wider segment penetration, important partners! Pizza Hands must offer variety which must include the standard savory items (tomato-based) as well as concoction of new local flavors (eg. local, flavor etc) for which Spuntibreak will undertake food research to achieve the successful flavorings. Pizza Hands must also enlarge its offer to include “pasta on the go” and salads as these are seen in local context as a more balanced meal. Customers in the region are very value-conscious with tight budgets and hence are used to value meals and loyalty programs which have been initiate by major fast food also Spuntibreak. McDonald’s value meals which include the burger, fries and drinks are its highest revenue generators given the perception of good value for money. Spuntibreak and partners will strategies concepts which will appeal to the market and to ensure a successful entrant.

Examples of products which we would consider are: a. Cones Flavors developed by Pizza Hands and available in existing stores Local tastes b. Other food Pastas Fritters Pizza And more c. Drinks Cold drinks – International and Local Soft drinks Hot drinks – Premium Italian Coffee Selection, Chocolate Drinks

5. Place/Distribution In order to ensure a successful launch, Pizza Hands or Spuntibreak product, will begin operations with stores in central locations in the country, potential stores will be located in a major office/retail hub (or the like) and in the mall with high shopping traffic density, possibly in the best mall. In parallel, will begin to develop F&B outlet/kiosk concept to be at key tourist, office and school/university locations where the target customer segments are strong. These F&B outlets will initially be owned and when proven successful will be franchised to sub-franchisees on a tight qualification process. Pizza Hands will also participate in major events in order to drive awareness of the product and to reach out to the wider community.

Once the concept has been established and ingrained into the staple of the wider customer base, the future will be to get Pizza Hands into Supermarkets and Convenience stores across the country, maybe even now, if the partners is good, Spuntibreak has all the products because it is a sucess and a good sale. Depending on availability of locations, below are the types of F&B outlets we consider opening: a. Flagship store – dine-in/takeaway b. Standalone takeaway kiosks – no sitting capacity c. Shop-in-shop concepts – within supermarkets, larger convenience stores, etc d. Food court e. Cafes/kiosks/stalls in tertiary/post-secondary institutions ie universities, polytechnics, Institutes of Technical Education, fun parck,etc

6. Pricing We plan to promote our product as an alternative to the large number of takeaway snacks currently available in the market. Locals consume these snacks typically (a) for breakfast (b) during the breaks in the afternoon, and more. We expect competition to be challenging, especially with the imminent entry of PIZZA HANDS that it is planning to set up and launch its own stores within the next few months. However, we see the unique value proposition and good range of products available with the Spuntibreak family. To attract new consumers to try our product, we intend give our partners the best price.

7. Advertising & Promotion It is important to begin the launch of Pizza Hands in a manner which reaches the widest audience and yet ensures that Pizza Hands maintain its perceived value and quality proposition. Spuntibreak is committed to drive the hype with fair marketing tactics during launch and to drive media interest with very respectable and widely circulated media. On-site best-value promotion will also help generate interest with “bring a friend to the meals”, “student offers” to generate more interest to try and create loyal customers. Some of the key advertising examples are: a. On-site promotion – prime location b. Advertising i. Print 1. Target potential franchisees – trade magazines, business magazines 2. Target end-customers – lifestyle magazines, tabloids ii. Future plans 1. Internet 2. Radio/TV c. Franchise fairs/ food fairs d. Media interest created via editorial coverage, media product launches etc

8. Considerations for proposed partener structure We request that you give serious consideration and acceptance of our proposed franchise structure which has been carefully crafted with much analysis and on the below premise. a. Lower upfront franchise fees. This will help free up capital for us to expand rapidly. In less than 3 years, the franchisor will see results and reap huge benefits from the significant sales volumes we expect to our product. b. Not percentage royalty fees. We offer you higher product top line. c. Comparisons with other established sub franchisee schemes. A research on publicly available information shows the following royalty fees for individual outlet franchisees: i. 4.0% WENDYS - ii. 4.5% BURGER KING - iii. 5.5% TACO BELL iv. 6.5% PIZZA HUT - v. 7.9% KFC - vi. 12.5% MCDONALD’S In particular, we would propose a middle-line structure comprising of upfront franchisee fees and % royalties, based our experience. To be competitive, we intend to charge sub-franchised store 6% royalty for our partener. Of this 6%, we propose 2% to be paid to marketing, while we retain 4% For you.

d. Challenging economic conditions. With high prices and inflation, consumers are tightening their belts. While food is an essential spending item for all, the large number of product to Spuntibreak, give to our partners good possibility to win. f. Significant capital investments. We expect to our partener invest up to the initial years to grow the Pizza Hands franchise and the Spuntibreak product. g. we ask, in the final. 1-there is provided an action plan 2 - that our Master area, open a company on behalf Spuntibreak you pay for the license 4 - which will be our sole distributor for the market, and that everything we do, is shared by both parties. The Master may re-sell our products and stores, to those who want its territory.

48 For more information: www. gruppo-spuntibreak. onweb. it www
For more information: mail:

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