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Researching Recipes: A Sixth Grade WebQuest on the Food Pyramid Kristen McClafferty ~

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1 Researching Recipes: A Sixth Grade WebQuest on the Food Pyramid Kristen McClafferty ~

2 Introduction TaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources America needs YOUR help! The MyPyramid recipe research committee went on strike! This group is responsible for finding healthy recipes for American citizens. Do you know enough about foods in the five food groups to be able to help MyPyramid and save the general welfare of the American people?

3 This WebQuest is to help you understand what food groups are a part of MyPyramid. It will give you ideas to use at home, so you can have a well- balanced diet. You will visit different websites and gather recipes from each of the food groups. You will use these to compile a class cookbook. Task IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources

4 Process There will be 5 groups of 4 students. The orange group is the grain group, the green group is the vegetable group, the red group is the fruit group, the blue group is the milk group, and the purple group is the meat and beans group. Inside each group, there will be 3 recipe researchers and 1 layout designer. Here is what each student must do: Recipe Researcher: Each recipe researcher must find 2 recipes for his/her food group. As a group of 3, you must find 6 different recipes: 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch, 1 for a snack, 1 for dinner, and 1 for dessert. These 3 students will decide amongst themselves who will find which recipes. Each group must also have 1 recipe from the oils subgroup that is found on MyPyramid. The grain group will find a breakfast recipe including oil(s), the vegetable group will find a lunch recipe including oil(s), the fruit group will find a snack recipe including oil(s), the milk group will find a dinner recipe including oil(s), and the meat and beans group will find a dessert recipe including oil(s). IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources

5 Process Layout Designer: The Layout Designer will copy and paste all 6 recipes into a Microsoft Publisher document. They should be in order: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert. (The oils recipe should be on a separate page, with at least 1 appropriate picture.) There should be 2 recipes on the first 2 pages, and 1 recipe on the last page. The first 2 pages should include at least 2 appropriate pictures, and the last page should include at least 1 appropriate picture. Also, this individual will design a title page for his/her food group. This page should include your food group, your food groups motto from MyPyramid, which can be found on the 3 rd Resources page, and at least 5 different foods that belong to your food group (which can also be found on the 3 rd Resources page). (I will design a title page for oils, because it doesnt have a motto). This page should also have at least 1 appropriate picture. E-mail me your portion of the cookbook when you are finished. I will print them out for the entire class and send a copy to MyPyramid! Resources IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources

6 Orange Group Links (Grains): What's in the grain group? Breakfast Cereal Recipes Lunch Pasta Recipes Snack Grains Recipes Dinner Grains Recipes Dessert Grains Recipes Oil Breakfast Recipes IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources Green Group Links (Vegetables): What foods are in the vegetable group? Breakfast Vegetable Recipes Lunch Vegetable Recipes Snack Vegetable Recipes Dinner Vegetable Recipes Dessert Vegetable Recipes Oil Lunch Recipes

7 Resources IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources Red Group Links (Fruits): What foods are in the fruit group? Breakfast Fruit Recipes Lunch Fruit Recipes Snack Fruit Recipes Dinner Fruit Recipes Dessert Fruit Recipes Oil Snack Recipes Blue Group Links (Milk): What foods are included in the milk group? Breakfast Milk Recipes Lunch Milk Recipes Snack Milk Recipes Dinner Milk Recipes Dessert Milk Recipes Oil Dessert Recipes

8 Resources IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources Purple Group Links (Meat and Beans): What foods are included in the meat & beans group? Breakfast Meat Recipes Lunch Chicken Recipes Snack Beans Recipes Fish Dinner Recipes Dessert Eggs Recipes Oil Dessert Recipes Links for All Groups: Food group mottos What are "oils"?

9 Evaluation T he students will receive a group grade for their portion of the class cookbook. They will be evaluated using the following rubric. rubric IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources

10 Conclusion If you worked hard and followed the guidelines I laid out for you, you should now have your very own class cookbook! Take it home and share it with your friends and family members. This cookbook includes a weeks worth of recipes that you can make together. Remember to eat from all food groups every day! IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources

11 Teacher Page This WebQuest encourages students to work together to achieve a common goal. It also serves to help students apply the governments food regulations, from MyPyramid, to their daily diets. It addresses the following Pennsylvania Academic Standard: Family & Consumer Sciences 11.3. Food Science and Nutrition 11.3.6. GRADE 6 D. Describe a well-balanced daily menu using the dietary guidelines and the food guide pyramid. Additional Resources: MyPyramid The Food Guide Pyramid IntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusionTeacher PageResources

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