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1 The Bookshelf Digitisation Workshop LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012 Vigdis Moe Skarstein National Librarian, Norway

2 Scope of the Contract All books published i Norway: 1690-1700 1790-1800 1890-1900 1990-2000 Estimated 50 000 volumes under copyright For Norwegians (IP-addresses) Full-text searchable The right to withdraw work Download of PDFs of free works LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

3 Why a pilot of Bokhylla? To gain experience: Do people read linearly on the web? Usage frequency What do they read? Educational use The effect on book sales The effect on libraries

4 Status after 32 months 48 926 books in the Bookshelf as part of the agreement since 1.1. 2011 3 937 of these are in print according to the Bokdatabase (8 %) Ca 10 000 books out of copyright are also available 259 000 unique users 80 % of the books have been visited 40 180 pdf downloads of out of copyright books

5 Numbers from 2011 (first full year) 420 100 visits from 119 482 different IP adresses 70,5 % of the books were visited (34 359) 46 pages viewed per visit 2 446 books visited Monday 14 February (5 %) 1,6 pages visited per second through the whole year

6 Total number of books available

7 Number of IP-adresses

8 Average number of books visited daily

9 Average daily number of pages visited

10 Downloads of PDF

11 Use and users Students and staff at Colleges and Universities Mainly from the urban-areas of Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim Searching for specific books and content (curriculum) Overweight of female readers LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

12 Feedback from Bookshelf users 2009 Nobody wants to sit in a Flash player and pretend to turn the pages of a book Is this what you call digitization..., how do I perform a free text search in a book? All you have done is photograph the pages in each book! Ridiculous. Have you not heard of OCR? Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to read books digitally at This has been of immeasurable help in prepping for my exams! "…I think your Bookshelf offering is a commendable project which has been of great use and a source of great pleasure. You are making Norwegians a wiser people."

13 Feedback from Bookshelf users 2010 … after page 1119 there is a repeat of pp 1020-1029, which means pp 1120-1129 are missing Help! The book I was reading this morning is gone and my exams are on Monday! In library catalogs you search for title and subject, whereas the Bookshelf full text search lets you search in the text of the book – every single word. Services such as are revolutionary because we can have thousands of older books and millions of pages that can be read by machines in a fraction of a second. Arne Solli, HI, UiB

14 Feedback from Bookshelf users 2011 During the years 1990 - 92 I had three novels for children and young people published by Cappelen:... The first two can be found as digital copies in Bokhylla with other things I have written, but the third one is not there. I am not saying that this is great and deeply missed literature, but it is perhaps not any worse that the two from 1990 and 1991. And so I wonder if it could be included, and if not, why it wont happen.

15 Feedback from Bookshelf users 2011 Hi! First – thanks for what you are putting on the Net. It is so great! When I discovered \"Norske Gardsbruk\", I was extra happy and right away I sendt the address to other genealogists in Norway and abroad, especially in the US in a closed group we are using At first it was met with overwhelmingly positive reactions, especially because these books contain valuable information. But to their great disappointment Norwegians abroad and Norwegian Americans found they had no access. Is there a chance that the NB could make an exception here? Sincerely

16 Legal framework The Copyright Act of 1961 & its amendments allow The National Library to digitise all published material for long term preservation The Bookshelf contract is based on the framework of Extended Collective Licensing LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

17 Costs and compensation Foto: NA24 Annual compensation of NOK 0.56 ( 0.06) per page made accessible on the internet Compensation and digitisation costs are funded by the National Library LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

18 Extended Collective License Kopinor represents all rightholders: Foreign rightholders Orphan works All media and formats Potential rightholders Kopinor distributes the compensation to authors (i.e. through grants)

19 European consideration vs the nordic ECL Orphan works: Time and resource consuming diligent search vs collective remuneration for use Out of distribution works: Similar approach in the two models LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

20 Whats in it for the Rightholders? Digitisation of previous work Long term preservation of digital copies Access to high quality files The long tail Loss of cash flow or yet another source of income? LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

21 Whats in it for The National Library? Core activity Community service - access to cultural heritage Language policy Experiences with net pedagogy The knowledge society is based on the internet LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

22 Effects on book sales and library loans No measurable and significant effect on sales (substitution equals promotion) Measurable but no significant effect on library loans (substitution dominates promotion) LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

23 Books displayed in print/out of print Out of print In print

24 Proportion of books displayed that were in print / out of print Out of print In print

25 LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012 Norwegian approach to PPP Whitepaper on digitization The National Library is expected to work further with agreements about the storage of digital resources from publishers, newspapers and more.

26 Private, Public Partnership Norwegian model is based on bi-latteral and co-latteral agreements on joint operations and cost sharing between The National Library and publishers (right-holders), which…. creates additional opportunities and eliminates the need for restricted preferential use LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

27 Agreements under the PPP Umbrella - Strategic Partners Broadcasting (Norwegian Broadcasting Company) Newspapers (National, regional and local) Books (in progress) LIBER Tartu 27.juni 2012

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