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Pauline Wamulume National Malaria Control Centre.

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1 Pauline Wamulume National Malaria Control Centre

2 Pre-testing is a process to determine an audiences reaction to messages or behavior change information before materials are produced in final form. understanding of messages or behavior change information before materials are produced in final form.

3 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) Community Spray Operators Individual In-depth Interviews (IIIs) DHMT staff Radio Presenters

4 Flier (community) Poster (community) Brochure (Spray Operators) Radio Discussion Guide (DHMT & Presenters) Drama Script (Drama Groups & DHMT)

5 Luapula (Mansa & Samfya) Central (Mkushi & Chibombo) Lusaka (Kafue & Luangwa) Southern (Choma & Namwala)

6 The districts were a combination (mix) of the following:- Rural/Urban New/old IRS district

7 Posters Message and meaning clear Words easy to read, understand, directed at audience and has call to action Audience suggested the following changes S.O. to be in full PPE, helmet should be yellow Overall suit must be labeled S. O. must have ID A mosquito to be included on the poster if possible Show household items piled and covered in room being sprayed Nozzle too close to the spraying surface Must show S.O. carrying pump

8 Malaria on the title to be in bold and in a different color Include both plastered and unplastered wall to cater for both rural and urban type of houses Indicate that even if house has been sprayed, ITNs must be used Preferred red poster to green Easy to read from a distance Red for danger, implying malaria is dangerous Attracts attention

9 Message generally clear and will help target audience practice the desired behaviour Allow houses to be sprayed Prepare houses Must be in both English and local languages Preferred colour was white followed by yellow

10 Suggested changes or inclusions Period of time after which occupants paint or smear walls after spraying. Indicate that IRS is not safe for asthmatic patients Include side effects of chemicals Indicate that IRS is free Include dosage of chemicals to deter underdosing by Spray Operators What to do with houses constructed after spraying

11 Emphasis that all rooms must be sprayed, including those outside the main house More information on disposal of dead pets e.g. chickens After spraying (instructions) Sweep the floor Dead cockroaches should be handed over to the S.O. the following day Household owners must be advised to take not of IDs Should not accept requests to spray gardens, bedbugs, pit latrines etc S. O. should not accept gifts such as chickens S. O. should never forget chemicals or leave carelessly

12 Interesting information That spraying will be done yearly IRS also kills other pests An assurance that malaria will be reduced The need to encourage and educate neighbors to have their houses sprayed as well. What to do before and after spraying of houses

13 Material is easy to understand and no difficult or confusing words. Replace eaves Information will reinforce what is taught during training

14 Suggestions/changes Full picture Trigger held wrongly Specify duration ( replace long-term) Include instructions on what to do with leftover chemicals Include all empty sachets to be handed to the supervisor

15 Appreciated the guide Should be used for television and other community discussions Size of brochure is ok Preferred colours were brown and blue

16 Suggestions Title is obstructing the microphone/move mic Radio programme to be in different colour Consider local languages Topics – to include a discussion on treatment Discussants to include EHTs & HPOs Indicate time of broadcast e.g primetime

17 QUANTITIES FOR IEC MATERIALS PROVINCEFLIERSBROCHURESPOSTERS Copperbelt52,5005,80020,500 Southern22,0006,00011,000 Luapula34,20019,60012,800 Northern70,00010,000 North-Western17,00010,0004,000 Western30,0006,00010,000 Lusaka100,0008,00020,000 Eastern50,0006,00010,000 Central30,0004,0006,000 Sub Total405,70075,400104,300 NMCC, ZISSP and other partners94,30024,60015,700 GRANDT TOTAL500,000100,000120,000

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