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360 degree feedback information session

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1 360 degree feedback information session

2 What is 360° feedback? Behavioural: A tool which gives you insight into the way others perceive you as a leader-manager, based on your behaviours Multidimensional: Opinions are gathered from you, your manager, your peers and your staff Developmental: A critical supplement to goal-based performance assessment for leader-managers

3 The strategic role of behaviours
Vision What we aspire to be Values How we do things Objectives What we want to achieve Strategies How we are going to get there Purpose What we do

4 Why? Benefits of 360°feedback
A more balanced view of individual performance - everyone who interacts with you Powerful - more likely to prompt behaviour change, where required Reveals unique information not captured through day to day interactions (reflection) Source of reliable feedback for managers - a census, not a sample

5 Why? Benefits of 360°feedback
Informative - tells you what other people want from you Development focused - a self directed learning tool Brings Values and Leadership Capabilities to life and complements goal based performance requirements in the Business Plan

6 360° feedback: key points to note
Not you - how people perceive you Perceptions determine interactions Look at negatives and positives Don’t confront your observers Improvement and development is the key

7 The process- macro Assess 360 readiness
Agree purpose of 360 – development vs performance Design / test diagnostic Implement communication strategy Administer 360 Debrief – group and individual Follow-up development and / or performance review

8 The process – micro Online
Confidential – link “standards applied to this survey” “Ticket-based” security - unique URL

9 Administration details - overview
Select your observers (staff, manager, peers) Enter addresses of your observers in the tool “Invitations to respond” sent out by tool Completion of the questionnaire by observers, including self Data automatically compiled Reports created Debrief held with coach

10 Administration details - information for observers
Inform your raters about 360 feedback - further detail in the questionnaire itself if necessary Stress that their perspective is valuable for your professional development Ensure they are familiar enough with your performance to score you Ask them to be candid (avoid identifying language) - all responses are confidential Give raters feedback after your coaching session - thank them

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