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Sheridan Area Study Public Information Session April 15, 2009 WELCOME Monteith Brown Planning Consultants and Libraries in Transition.

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1 Sheridan Area Study Public Information Session April 15, 2009 WELCOME Monteith Brown Planning Consultants and Libraries in Transition

2 Sheridan Area Study Public Information Session AGENDA Opening Remarks Councillor Mahoney Meeting Review Sue Coles Sheridan Area Study Monteith Brown Planning Consultants and Libraries in Transition Opportunities, Suggestions and Comments Discussion facilitated by Jean Monteith and Peggy Walshe

3 Sheridan Community PURPOSE OF THE PROJECT: Analyze and examine the needs of the youth and broader community in the area currently serviced by Sheridan Library ; Determine if we can reduce any duplication of service between this branch and nearby locations; Determine if there is a better way to deliver services for both library/recreational/social needs of this neighbourhood through an alternative service delivery model.

4 Sheridan Community PROJECT OBJECTIVES: Develop an inventory of all library and recreational space available to residents of this area that includes: schools, community agencies, and other service providers. Examine the utilization of this branch, and the primary purposes of visitors to this branch location. Develop a list of potential partnership providers, and begin exploration of any feasible partnership opportunities (school boards, social services agencies, etc.). Utilize library network to examine what other libraries with similar community needs have implemented to service community. Consult with stakeholders within the community on possible ideas and suggestions. Develop options for alternative service delivery, including, but not limited to: – Partnership with existing community agency in Sheridan Mall. – Negotiate with mall ownership to provide services in lieu of rent – Invest in resource to develop programs and use 3 rd party space to deliver programming (e.g. schools, apartment buildings, etc.) – Use a community space with storage capacity on a periodic basis for city to deliver programming – Other options…..

5 Sheridan Community The 2004 Future Directions for Library Services Plan recommends..... that the City only continue to operate the Sheridan Branch Library until alternative arrangements can be made for needed after school programming and access to library services and materials for the areas school-aged children. The justification given for the recommendation includes, the low level of use of the Branch, the declining population in the area, the fact that the space is tied to a costly lease and that there is significant overlapping of the service areas of other nearby libraries. Notwithstanding the Future Directions recommendation, Community Services Department staff have recommended that a separate study investigate the feasibility of the Sheridan Branch closure, taking into consideration the needs of area residents.

6 Sheridan Community Purpose of todays meeting – Hear from the community – issues and solutions – Get a better understanding of what are the priorities as seen by this community and – Determine how we can address the priorities in the best possible way

7 Sheridan Community RESEARCH FINDINGS Unique Characteristics of the Sheridan Community: community perceives itself to be a true combination of the have and have not high population of new Canadians which presents language and integration issues for those that attend the local schools and local Malls ability to travel is linked to the economics in the community those that live in the building clusters on Roche / Fowler are limited to within walking distance, affordability of public transportation is a constant challenge for these families social workers / settlement workers in the community have indicated that there is high rate of illegal activity in the buildings and living conditions are extremely poor awareness and the priority of recreation and leisure low residential area is a combination of single family dwellings, semi detached homes, clusters of apartments and town house complexes apartments and town houses have subsidized units

8 Sheridan Community commercial area is primarily on the Erin Mills Pkwy, with two main commercial malls large industrial community referred to as Sheridan Park Business Community limited amount of private and non for profit day care facilities in the area (YMCA early years program operates out of the seniors facilities next to Holiday Inn) limited public transportation in the area no busing on North Sheridan Way library is the only leisure community space in the immediate area community space in Sheridan Mall is used for LINC programs, their clients and associated support services

9 Sheridan Community Other public facilities within the area include: – Peel District Erindale Secondary School – Sheridan Park School Council – St Francis of Assisi Church and School with outdoor pool and tennis courts – Iona Catholic Secondary School – Sheridan Park Alliance – Olive Grove School – Sheridan Park Public School – Oakridge Public School – Christ Our King Lutheran Church and School – Field house and park at Herridge Reservoir Park – ISNA Canadian Islamic Book Service – Bruce Reynolds Park – Sherwood Green Park – Springbank Road Park – Brookmede Park and Community Centre

10 Sheridan Library



13 Summary of Clients by Traffic Zone as of March 4, 2009

14 Sheridan Library Priorities for Children literacy; homework resources (electronic and print); Storytime Programs highest use after school and evenings ability to access a walk-to facility Similar survey is going to be conducted to see if things have changed

15 Summary of Circulation by Traffic Zone as of March 4, 2009

16 Sheridan Library





21 Sheridan Community There are a number of agencies servicing this area We have a hand out of the agencies and their contact information We also have an email address specifically for this you,

22 Sheridan Community Other Agencies: – Settlement Counsellor – BMC – Community Outreach Worker – Oakridge Public School – Polycultural Immigrant & Community Services – United Way of Peel – Boys and Girls Club of Peel – Ecosource – Peel District School Board – Erin Court Cooperative Houses Inc – Peel Health – Federation of Muslim Women

23 Sheridan Area Study Public Information Session Next Steps April/MayCommunity survey available online and at the Sheridan Library Consultant conducting research and analysis JuneConsultants recommendation presented to City Council for information SeptemberRecommendation reviewed with the Sheridan Community Oct/NovRecommendation brought to City Council

24 Sheridan Area Study Public Information Session Group Discussion Opportunities, Suggestions and Comments Monteith Brown Planning Consultants and Libraries in Transition

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