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1 IEEE 802.21 MEDIA INDEPENDENT HANDOVER DCN: 21-06-0501-02-0000
Title: Amendments for Event Register Date Submitted: Apr, 20, 2006 Presented at IEEE session #14 in Jacksonville Authors or Source(s):  Jiang Bingqiang, Zhuang hongcheng Abstract: This document proposes an amendment for event register. MIH users can take more appropriate actions according to the failure reasons when event register fails.

2 IEEE 802.21 presentation release statements
This document has been prepared to assist the IEEE Working Group. It is offered as a basis for discussion and is not binding on the contributing individual(s) or organization(s). The material in this document is subject to change in form and content after further study. The contributor(s) reserve(s) the right to add, amend or withdraw material contained herein. The contributor grants a free, irrevocable license to the IEEE to incorporate material contained in this contribution, and any modifications thereof, in the creation of an IEEE Standards publication; to copyright in the IEEE’s name any IEEE Standards publication even though it may include portions of this contribution; and at the IEEE’s sole discretion to permit others to reproduce in whole or in part the resulting IEEE Standards publication. The contributor also acknowledges and accepts that this contribution may be made public by IEEE The contributor is familiar with IEEE patent policy, as outlined in Section 6.3 of the IEEE-SA Standards Board Operations Manual < and in Understanding Patent Issues During IEEE Standards Development

3 Background and Problem
Higher layer entities can register to receive event notifications from a particular event source. These services facilitate Mobile terminal or Nerwork controlled handover. Problem In the register process, it is possible that some events couldn’t be registered correctly, but there are no primitives or methods to notify MIH user about the failure reasons in the current draft standard. For example, link event register maybe fail because of disappearance of the event source or other reasons.

4 Amendment of Link_Event_Register.confirm Primitives (1)
Section Link_Event_Register.confirm The following primitives is defined in the current draft: Link_Event_Register.confirm ( ResponseEventList, ) This primitive returns the result of the query to discover link layer events request. The primitive above is replaced with the following: ReasonFailEventList Name Type Valid Range Description ResponseEventList Set of Event IDs Set of valid link events List of link layer events ReasonFailEventList Set of Reason IDs Set of valid reason IDs List of reason ID which indicate whether events are registered successfully or why they are registered unsuccessfully. The Reason ID and Event ID of the same Event have the identical index in ReasonFailEventList and ResponseEventList

5 The Reason ID can be defined as the following. Reason ID Reason Code
Description Successful Registered This ID indicate that the event is registered successfully 1 Event Unsupported The link do not support this event 2 Event ID Invalid The Event ID Number is invalid 3~12 Reserved 13~15 Unspecified Vendor Specific reason code When generated This primitive is generated in response to a Link_Event_Register.request primitive. Effect on receipt The recipient may examine the returned event list and learn about whether the event is registered successfully or why not and then taking different action on the result.

6 Amendment of MIH_Event_Register.confirm Primitives (2)
Section7.4.2 MIH Event Register: Please see the description for Link Event Register command


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