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Lyons Recovery Planning Exchange. Agenda PART I: UPDATE – WHERE WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE HEADED Welcome – 5 min Kirk Udovich, Lyons Mayor Pro Tem Summary.

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1 Lyons Recovery Planning Exchange

2 Agenda PART I: UPDATE – WHERE WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE HEADED Welcome – 5 min Kirk Udovich, Lyons Mayor Pro Tem Summary of the Planning Process - 10 min. Michelle Allen, Chair, Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission Recovery Working Group (RWG) Progress: Proposed Solutions – 45 min. Victoria Simonsen, Lyons Town Administrator PART II: RWG BREAKOUT SESSIONS Questions, Answers and Comments – 1 Hour

3 Welcome Kirk Udovich Lyons Mayor Pro Tem

4 Summary of Planning Process Michelle Allen Chair, Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission Opportunities for Input Tonight – Comment Sheets, Attend next Recovery Working Group meeting, PCDC and SFC public hearings, and Board of Trustees hearing.

5 Comment Sheets Turn them in tonight. Fill one out on the web site. Drop off at Town Hall. Comments due by this Friday, 2/21/14.

6 Plan Adoption March 17 th released for Public review. – – – Eblast from Town. March 24 th PCDC and SFC hearing. – Public Comments. – Recommendation: Adopt; Adopt with Amendments or Deletions; or, Deny.

7 Adoption March 31 st, 2014 Board of Trustee hearing. – PCDC & SFC public hearing comments. – PCDC & SFC recommendation. – Board of Trustee action: Amend the Comprehensive Plan; Adopt the Recovery Plan; Adopt with Amendments or Deletions; or, Deny.

8 Infrastructure RWG GOAL #1 Improve the Towns wastewater collection system and potable water distribution system to meet existing and future development needs. OBJECTIVE Develop plans and implement improvements identified for the wastewater collection system and the potable water distribution system. ACTION ITEM Seek/secure funding to hire a consultant team to study and identify improvements and prepare cost estimates associated with the Towns wastewater collection and potable water distribution systems. Seek/secure funding for construction of identified improvements to the Towns wastewater collection system. Develop plans and construct an alternate water storage facility in close proximity to Town, and other improvements to the system.

9 Infrastructure RWG GOAL #2 Expand the Towns Hazard Mitigation Plan to address all potential hazards ensuring there is an adequate disaster emergency warning and communication system. OBJECTIVE Work with the Lyons FPD and Develop an All Hazard Mitigation Plan, including emergency communication kiosks, cisterns, and state-of-the-art emergency siren and communications systems. ACTION ITEM Seek and secure financial assistance for the implementation of elements of the plan.

10 Infrastructure RWG GOAL #3 Improve the Towns Stormwater Management Systems capacity and pre-treatment level. OBJECTIVE Update the Towns current Stormwater Master Plan to reflect post-disaster conditions, provide resiliency for future flood events. Include restoration of ponds for stormwater retention and recreational use, and drafting for fire protection. ACTION ITEM Seek and secure funding to hire outside expertise to update the Towns existing Stormwater Master Plan for completion in. Seek and secure funding sources to implement identified improvements to the Towns stormwater management system.

11 Public Facilities RWG GOAL #1 Ensure that the process for constructing the public works facility at a new location is done in compliance with the guiding principles established in this recovery action plan and future natural disasters of this type. OBJECTIVE If the new construction incorporates offices into a Public Works facility, they should adhere to design guidelines that incorporate resiliency and sustainability. ACTION ITEM Seek/secure funding for the design and reconstruction/new construction, in accordance with the above objective, of the public works facility.

12 Public Facilities RWG GOAL #2 Determine feasibility of a new Multi-Use Community Center. OBJECTIVE Determine whether a Multi-Use Community Center is a viable option for Lyons, with possible components to include a new town hall, performance center, library, recreation center, art space and other features desired by the public. ACTION ITEM Seek/secure funding for feasibility study of new Community Center, including possible site or sites and funding sources, taking into consideration disaster resiliency.

13 Public Facilities RWG GOAL #3 Enhance the Library facility as a community resource and as a strategic hot spot to support businesses, residents and students. OBJECTIVE Locate and build a new Library/Community Resource Center facility to meet the needs of current and future residents and visitors. ACTION ITEM Determine which Town-owned properties will be made available to the Lyons Regional Library District (LRLD) and on what terms. Negotiate Intergovernmental Agreement with LRLD, Boulder County and Larimer County regarding transfer of operations, funding and library assets to LRLD.

14 Stream Recovery RWG GOAL #1 Protect the natural and built environment from flood events along the St. Vrain. OBJECTIVE To reinforce hazard mitigation techniques to accommodate increased water flow from flooding and run-off. ACTION ITEM Develop upstream detention/retention on the South Vrain Creek to Boulder County Open Space as a means of flood mitigation and conduct the necessary studies and regional agreements.

15 Stream Recovery RWG GOAL #2 Create a vibrant and healthy river corridor that provides an optimal blend of environmental, recreational, economic and flood mitigation benefits. OBJECTIVE Reintroduce ponds and wetlands in order to slow flows, provide natural filtration to enhance water quality and create enhanced recreation and wildlife zones. ACTION ITEM Restore and improve the McConnell Ponds and surrounding wetlands to attract wildlife, encourage recreation and mitigate flooding.

16 Stream Recovery RWG GOAL #3 Integrate strategies to maximize opportunities to restore and conserve natural resources, such as wildlife habitat, fisheries and native plant species. OBJECTIVE Restore and enhance the ecology and biodiversity of the St Vrain River Corridor as a natural, recreational and economic asset for Lyons. ACTION ITEM Replant native riparian vegetation along the streams, with stream banks shaped and planted to allow for future flood events and heavy spring runoff. Minimize the slope of the river banks to decrease sedimentation so harmful to both fish and downstream communities, and add bioswales to improve water quality.

17 Parks & Recreation Recovery RWG GOAL #1 Provide safe places for recreation. OBJECTIVE Restore and enhance Meadow Park and Bohn Park. ACTION ITEM Secure funding commitments. Work with professionals to design the following improvements consistent with the floodplain regulations: safe access to water, camping area, ice rink, loop trail, playground, athletic fields, picnic areas, rethink parking needs, ADA accessibility and keep stream area natural; Identify ways to engage volunteers and in-kind donations in park restoration; Complete bidding and award construction contract; and, Hold community event to celebrate park opening.

18 Parks & Recreation Recovery RWG GOAL #2 Increase recreation access to river corridor. OBJECTIVE Restore and enhance Lyons Valley Park/the Ponds and recreation access to river corridor in general. ACTION ITEM Work with professionals to design the following improvements consistent with floodplain regulations: – Enhance access to the ponds but NOT a path all the way around, so that wildlife has a place to go; – Have safe put-in and take-out spots for tubing, kayaking, etc. along the entire river corridor (consider shuttle to take tubers up the river for drop-off); – Spectator/staging areas in some holes (i.e. for watching kayaking events); – Create parking areas at various spots along the river; and, – Design safe/quiet areas for fishing.

19 Parks & Recreation Recovery RWG GOAL #3 Increase trail connectivity and enhance trails along the river corridor. OBJECTIVE Restore and enhance the trail system. ACTION ITEM Add interpretive signage along trails (i.e. local ecology/natural features, flood history, etc.); Make trail connections between parks (including Meadow Park); Make connections to regional trail network; Make trail/path connections throughout town (i.e. west toward Eagle Canyon/Groover Street with sidewalk/path along the highway).

20 Housing RWG GOAL #1 Provide guidance in how the Town should grow/change/respond. OBJECTIVE Develop a vision for the community. ACTION ITEM Develop a housing vision for the Town thats a model for sustainable development that meets the following: – Increase in overall housing stock; – No net loss of parks and open space; – Provision of a variety of housing options such as ADUs; – Meet housing needs through public/private partnerships; and, – Appropriate design keeping in character with the Town.

21 Housing RWG GOAL #2 Provide opportunities for those displaced by the September floods to return to Lyons. OBJECTIVE Encourage/facilitate peoples return to Lyons by identifying temporary housing sites, and encouraging affordable replacement housing. ACTION ITEM Locate developable land parcels to build or relocate housing for those who cant afford market-rate housing. Provide a variety of housing options: single family, multifamily, senior, duplexes, apartments, and townhomes affordable for renters and owners. Locate an RV park for people who are repairing/rebuilding their homes, but dont have the space or facilities to park on their own land.

22 Housing RWG GOAL #3 Maintain the quantity and quality of existing housing stock. OBJECTIVE Encourage public/private investment where possible, and provide information on risks. ACTION ITEM Develop mixed income and architecturally diverse housing, multiple housing types, single family and multi unit housing. Higher density, smaller houses that can sell in the market for the same value of the houses that were lost. Incorporate sustainable, micro housing with affordable land ownership.

23 Health & Human Services RWG GOAL #1 Lyons will appoint a health and human services commission. OBJECTIVE Provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees and represent the community on all health and human services issues undertaken by the Commission. ACTION ITEM Adopt a mission statement; Be a liaison to the community partners; and, Facilitate flood recovery case management with the Long Term Flood Recovery Group (LTFRG).

24 Health & Human Services RWG GOAL #2 Enhance communications regarding available resources. OBJECTIVE Ensure that citizens are well-informed to access health and human services. ACTION ITEM Expand the delivery of information about health and human services: – Utilize diverse media outlets; and, – Contact displaced populations (i.e. individuals, families, bilingual community members, especially seniors and youth). Create a community resource center to house and coordinate services and resource information.

25 Health & Human Services RWG GOAL #3 To provide direct Human Services delivery in Town. OBJECTIVE Address and provide resources for mental health and physical wellness issues. ACTION ITEM Interface with Boulder County Division of Health and Human Services; Boulder County provides staff on a specific day and time in Lyons; and, Boulder County provides services to include Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

26 Arts, Culture & Historic Preservation RWG GOAL #1 Promote Lyons as a town with thriving art and music scenes as well as a rich and interesting history, all worthy of bringing people to town. OBJECTIVE Work on a creative way to brand and promote our town on an international level using a myriad of avenues like social media, print media, video, and advertising. Done right, all efforts should result in higher tourism for the town of Lyons. ACTION ITEM Market and attract experts to Lyons to promote the community as a creative hub.

27 Arts, Culture & Historic Preservation RWG GOAL #2 To have a large and engaged community of young people in the Town of Lyons learning and experiencing art, music, and other cultural elements. OBJECTIVE To create opportunities and potentially a gathering place for young people and to bridge the gap between the arts in the schools and the arts in town. ACTION ITEM Create a standalone music and arts school; and, Create a standalone performing and visual arts center.

28 Arts, Culture & Historic Preservation RWG GOAL #3 For all participants in the arts to have enough opportunities within the town of Lyons to thrive, create and exercise their creative gifts and make a living wage while doing so. OBJECTIVE To create opportunities and outlets where our participants in the arts can generate income such as concerts and concert venues, art galleries, poetry gatherings etc. Educational outlets such as a music school would create jobs. ACTION ITEM Develop lodging access for participants in the arts to have a place to sleep; and, Incorporate lodging access into a mixed use development project that allows for the creation of and retail space to sell art.

29 Economic/Business Recovery RWG GOAL #1 Increase customer base, schedule more year round events. OBJECTIVE To hold more events with an events manager to attract more people to Lyons. ACTION ITEM Attractive weekly, winter and shoulder season festivals and events. Events on High St. and Main St. with appropriate regulatory support. Create overall event coordination and marketing plan, and include opportunities to fundraise.

30 Economic/Business Recovery RWG GOAL #2 To support local businesses, develop programs to attract volume and increase local commercial traffic. OBJECTIVE Create opportunities for local businesses to thrive in Town, Keep Locals Local. ACTION ITEM Library/Community Center. Shop local programs such as discount cards. Resiliency programs. High-speed internet (fiber).

31 Economic/Business Recovery RWG GOAL #3 Increase lodging in the immediate Lyons area and streamline regulations to do so. OBJECTIVE Replace lodging units lost in September flood plus additional lodging units. ACTION ITEM Hotel/conference center/event center. Temporary, affordable accommodations for artists, musicians and outdoor enthusiasts. To identify target markets dependent on local accommodations such as weddings, business conferences, and music and sporting events.

32 Breakout Questions and Comments can be submitted to Comment Boxes; Location of Recovery Working Group stations. PLEASE NOTE! Individual Assistance available in the Lobby.

33 Important Dates Important Planning Process Dates: Week of February 24 – Last Recovery Working Group (RWG) Meetings Project Development Guides (PDGs) due on March 5 March 17 – Draft Recovery Action Plan is disseminated through a Town of Lyons E-blast March 24 – Public Hearing of the Draft Recovery Action Plan by the Lyons Planning and Community Development Commission and the Lyons Sustainable Futures Commission. Location TBD March 31 - Board Action on Recovery Action Plan by Lyons Board of Trustees Please Note: The Lyons Recovery Action Plan will be a living document and will evolve over time as resources and new information is available

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