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2 The Municipality of Kuršumlija The Kursumlija community is located on the south of Serbia, in the area of Toplica. In the town of Kursumlija live 18.445 citizens and the town is spread over 952km2. Distance -from Belgrade: 270 km -from Nis: 67 km -from Pristina: 65 km Transportation infrastructure Through the community of Kursumlija passes very important traffic road, the countrys highway of the second order: Nis-Pristina, as same as the railroad: Nis- Kosovo Polje. The nearest airport is in Nis, about 60km away from Kursumlija..

3 The Municipality of Kuršumlija Tradition After the World War II, very fast industrial development was about to happened in Kursumlija. By the end of the 80s there were 6.500 employed persons. The recipients of development in those times were firms: Kopaonik from the area of wooden industry, 7.Juli from textile industry, Planinka and ZUBOR from the area of tourism, Metalac from metal industry, Kosanica from the area of trade, Buducnost and Mercez from the area of agriculture production. However, in spite of the very bad done process of privatization, economic sanctions and economic crises, most of these firms ( except Planinka ) were by the middle of 90s closed and in one moment for about 4.000 workers from these enterprises stayed without their job, which is the main reason why Kursumlija became one of the most undeveloped communities in Serbia.

4 The Municipality of Kuršumlija Human resource At the moment, considering information from NSZ RS, there are 3.231 unemployed active persons. Education Four types of high schools exist in Kursumlija: Economic High School (with the course of economic technician, cook and waiter), Secondary School of Kursumlija, Technical School Djuro Djakovic from Podujevo (with the course of mechanical technician and electrician), and Secondary School of Podujevo. The average salary The Institute of Statistics RS gave an information that the average salary for the month of July 2013. in the city of Kursumlija are 41.336,00 dinars (gross) that is 28.102,00 dinars (net). In Serbia, average salary for the month of July 2013. are 60.896,00 dinars (gross), that is 44.182,00 dinars (net).

5 The Municipality of Kuršumlija I Incentives for the investments approved by the Republic of Serbia - Agency for the foreign investments and promotion of export of Republic of Serbia SIEPA, approves 4.000-10.000 euros by new employed worker, in order to improve investments - For the opening of the new working places, NSZ RS shares subsidies of 300.000 dinars by the new employed persons to the employers - Fund for the development RS approves credits for stimulus of uniform regional development with interest rate of 2% per year - Agreements of free trade with the countries of CEFTA, agreement of free trade with Russia, Byelorussia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, agreement of free trade with countries of EFTA - The lowest tax rate on enterprise profit in Europe, 15% - Reliefs with taxes and contributions, in order to employ unemployed persons younger than 30 years and older than 45 years, in accordance with Decree of stimulus of employment - If the investment is bigger than 7 million euros, there is no payment of tax on enterprise profit - No payment of customs when the equipment and materials are imported

6 The Municipality of Kuršumlija II Incentives for the investments approved by the community of Kursumlija -The community of Kursumlija shares subsudies of 300.000 dinars by every new employed person, for the opening of new working places -The community of Kursumlija does the exemption of payment of local tax obligations in dependence of height of the investments and of the number of new unemployed persons - Efficiency in approving all necessary permissions

7 The Municipality of Kuršumlija ADVANTAGES OF INVESTMENT IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF KURŠUMLIJA - Qualified and cheap manpower - Favorable geographical position - Natural potentials - Tradition in wooden, textile and metal industry

8 The Municipality of Kuršumlija FIELDS OF INVESTMENTS - Wooden industry: public enterprise SRBIJASUME Toplica based in Kursumlija masters and does professional-technical affairs on the surface of 109.000h covered with woods. Years growth is 308.000m3 and years ( za etat nisam uspela da nadjem prevod) is 155.000m3. - Agriculture: there is possibility for the development of fruit growing and cattle rising. At the moment in the community of Kursumlija about 30 hectares are covered with raspberries, about 30 hectares with strawberries, about 10 hectares with blackberries and many hectares covered with plums. These numbers are changeable, because in the last few years the number of planted fruits is growing. Considering a big number of unworked agricultural fields, there is a possibility of new types of growing. These are also the prerequisites for building manufactured capacities (refrigerator truck, dryer…) which are missing, especially in the last few years. Because of her great surface, the community offers to people to start working with cattle breeding. There is also an opportunity to collect wooden fruits and medicinal herbs. - Textile industry: cheap and qualify manpower, tradition - Tourism: an opportunity to invest in sanatoriums, Kursumlijska Banja (, in Prolom Banja and Lukovska Banja, and in natural phenomenon The City of Devils or Djavolja Varos ( Because of the natural prerequisites and touristic attractions, there is a chance to develop a rural tourism and hunting tourism. - Metal industry: cheap and qualify manpower, tradition - Energetics: Kursumlija has a lot of sunny days during the year, so there is a possibility to build solar power stations, as well as 18 MHP. Because of the big potential for development of wooden industry, there is an opportunity to build capacities for creating electrical power on biomass. - Mining: ore of basalt

9 The Municipality of Kuršumlija LOACATOIONS FOR INVESTMENTS 1. An opportunities for BROWNFIELD investments MK 7.JULI KURŠUMLIJA TOTAL LAND AREA 4.540 m2 TOTAL BUILDINGS AREA 6.403 m2 The building consists of three floors with the ground floor LOCATION: in the centre city of Kursumlija MODEL OF TRANSFER: Different options possible FIELDS OF INVESTMENTS: all kinds of labor-intensive activities (textile, auto industry, etc.)

10 The Municipality of Kuršumlija МК 7.ЈULI RACA TOTAL LAND AREA 6.970 m2 TOTAL BUILDINGS AREA 1.168 m2 LOCATION:is located in the village of Raca, which is 17 km away from Kursumlija. The building is located next to a busy main road Nis-Pristina. From the railway station and the main railway line Niš-Kosovo Polje railway line is approximately 200 meters MODEL OF TRANSFER: Different options possible FIELDS OF INVESTMENTS: all kinds of labor-intensive activities (textile, auto industry, etc.), trade

11 The Municipality of Kuršumlija - METALAC Company Kuršumlija - Kastrat Kuršumlija - ŠIK KOPAONIK Kuršumlija - NEON-NAPREDAK Kuršumlija - Sawmill Dobri Do - Dairy store DOMA Kursumlija - Railroad station Kursumlija -Krcmare - Dimitrievic Novo Selo

12 The Municipality of Kuršumlija 2. An opportunities for GREENFIELD investments - private land Mladenovic Mihajlo - private land Kursumlijska Banja - private land Savic Svetlana

13 WELCOME tel.: +38127 381 402 Dejan Jovanovic, dipl.ecc. mob. +38162 384-622 mail: a The Municipality of Kuršumlija


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