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2 Why Macedonia? Some Key facts Official Name: Republic of Macedonia Capital: Skopje (600.000) Population: 2.05 million Area: 25,713 Political System: Parliamentary democracy TIDZ ™

3 Why Macedonia? TIDZ ™

4 Why Macedonia? Strengths:  Welcoming and decisive government ready to serve investors (according to World Bank’s reports the country moved from 94 th to 22 d position in terms of ease of doing business within 6 years )  Strong Geo-Economic location.  Qualified labor force available.

5 Why Macedonia? Opportunities:  Strategically located for future expansion and access to the markets/resources.  Governmental policy welcoming investors.  Higher ROI within a shorter timeframe.  Business Development Opportunities

6 Why Macedonia? Strengths:  Infrastructure. A leader in the region within digital telecommunication networks, leader in fiber optics and modern system of oil pipelines from Bulgaria and Greece. Sophisticated electrical distribution.  Logistic. - 2 transport corridors are built (south-north and east-west). 2 international airports. International sea ports are available in Greece and Albania 50-100 km from the border. Good road and railway network. Transport network density (km/1000 km 2 ) MacedoniaSwedenNorway Roads516,4364,5241,3 Railway35,125,110,7 TIDZ ™

7 Why Macedonia? Government and Economics  Political Situation - Business oriented Government, re-elected in June 2011 for 4 years  Public Administration - Welcoming and decisive government ready to serve investors. Corruption level is the lowest in the region according to Transparency International  Investment risks – Complete protection of the ownership rights of foreign investors Macedonia is member of MIGA Investment protection treaties with numerous countries 100% foreign ownership of a company allowed No restrictions for repatriation of profits  Inflation and exchange risks - monetary and macroeconomic stability

8 Government and Economics  Trade Agreements  SAA (Stabilization and Association Agreement) with the EU member-states.  EFTA (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)  CEFTA (Macedonia, Albania, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo). Why Macedonia? Cont. TIDZ ™

9 Why Macedonia? What an investor gets in Macedonia:  1-stop system that allows investors to register their businesses after 4 hours of submitting on application (company registration is also available online)  Access to governmental programs of aid to business  Digital Easy-to-pay tax system (20 th position worldwide in terms of ease to pay tax according to World Bank’s report in 2012)  The most attractive tax package in Europe. TIDZ ™

10 IPark Tetovo - success factors. State aid.  The land in the TIDZs in Macedonia is available under long-term lease for a period of up to 96 years at concessionary prices.  Investors are exempt from paying utility taxes to the local municipality, and fees for land building permits.  Government of Republic of Macedonia may participate in construction costs of the user in the TIDZ up to EUR 500.000 depending on the number of the new employees and investment amount of the user.  Green Customs Channel for Goods.  Government supports personnel training programs. TIDZ ™

11 IPark Tetovo - success factors. State aid. CUSTOMS DUTIES RATES PRODUCTSOUTSIDE THE ZONE IN THE ZONE Raw Materials0% - 15% 0% Equipment5% - 20% 0% TAX RATES TAXOUTSIDE THE ZONE IN THE ZONE VAT18% 0% Corporate Income Tax10% 0% for 10 years Personal Income Tax10% 0% for 10 years TIDZ ™

12 IPark Tetovo - success factors. Infrastructure  Electric Connection- High Voltage and Low voltage.  Modern water/sewage connection.  Digital telecommunication network with Fiber Optics Capabilities.  E-65 Highway connection. TIDZ ™

13 IPark Tetovo - success factors. Common services for the tenants  Industrial Fenced area  24Hour Security Service  Customs services  Business services Some other services  Banks  Cafes  Restaurants  Facility Services TIDZ ™

14 IPark Tetovo - success factors. Labor force  Industrial history in the district  Developed educational system  Young, educated & skilled workforce  Significant annual influx of fresh talent from secondary & higher education  Low labor costs compared to other countries TIDZ ™

15 IPark Tetovo - success factors. Participants of the project:     TIDZ ™

16 Thank you for your attention References: TIDZ ™


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