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Graepel Picture-Perf Perforating pictures into sheet metal.

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1 Graepel Picture-Perf Perforating pictures into sheet metal

2 Powder coated perforated mild steel edged with U strip (6.35mm round with 9.5mm staggered pitch in 1.5mm material) Graepel can perforate images of drawings, pictures and text using different sizes and shapes of perforations to enable an effective image to be produced

3 Picture-Perf is manufactured using the same principals as printing. Larger or smaller dots change the density of the image helping to give a three dimensional effect

4 Picture-Perf is created by perforating different size and shape holes into a sheet of metal. The image is enhanced with the application of natural or artificial light. Movement adds another dimension to the overall effect. The process is similar to printing. Instead of dots, holes are used to create an image. Different size holes create the shading in an image. Picture-Perf is perfect for Design concepts Mood light enhancing applications Museums and historical sites Company logos and displays Furniture Advertising and promotion Exterior and interior cladding Balustrade infill Staircase steps In areas of industry such as Landscape gardening Interior architecture Exhibitions Creative lighting Signage Benefits Strong and durable Easy to install Difficult to vandalise Unique in appearance Affordable Easy to form into a three dimensional in a curved or angular shape, making it self supporting and strong enough to be part of a structure. It can be supplied in most metals

5 Picture-Perf example using a positive and negative format with only one perforation size and painted using two colours

6 Images can be very large and often spread over many panels so as to get the desired detail from the picture

7 More examples of Picture-Perf using two hole sizes

8 Basic Patterns created using one perforation size

9 Adding colours & changing, light sources or using transparent backgrounds gives an added dimension to Picture-Perf

10 This option is slower to perforate but if the image is scaled up so that the perforations and the spacing between them are larger then the punching time is reduced accordingly In this example the background is also perforated so as to make the sheet transparent

11 In this example the background is not perforated so as to make the sheet less transparent. One perforation size has been used.

12 This example has three different perforation sizes so as to create a more detailed image

13 Curving panels increases rigidity

14 Curved panels with a greater viewing angle

15 Picture-Perf projected on to a background on a sunny day.

16 Stainless steel Light shade using small perforations Example 2 Single size hole in circles

17 Example of a Celtic knot perforated into a sheet Example 2 Single size hole in circles

18 Simple image of trees using one size of perforation

19 Top image perforations in a radial pattern Bottom image Perforations in straight lines

20 Extra long bench with Picture-Perf lettering

21 Picture-Perf panels outside our factory


23 Perforated lettering lit up with LED lighting

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