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Welcome to ICCO The Voice of Public Relations Around The World.

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1 Welcome to ICCO The Voice of Public Relations Around The World

2 Contents Our Mission What We Do Who We Are Our Members Organisational Structure Organisational Structure Management The Working Parties Core Activities Membership Join Us! Appendix (List of Members) Appendix (List of Members)

3 Our Mission ICCO represents the worlds public relations consultancy business. We work to develop greater consistency of standards across member countries so that clients will benefit from higher quality services that are clearly defined, professional and ethical.

4 What We Do Provide a global organisation for national or regional public relations consultancy trade associations and support the creation of similar associations in countries where the profession is sufficiently mature Continuously raise professional and ethical standards Provide forums for discussion of issues facing PR consultancies worldwide and for sharing best practice Represent the PR consultancy industry in global debates and seek to influence how they will impact on our members Provide a focal point for those seeking information about the public relations consultancy sector Continuously seek commercial and business opportunities for the consultancies affiliated with our member associations so that they may grow and thrive

5 Who We Are A not-for-profit, global entity established in 1988 An umbrella organisation for more than 1,000 PR firms affiliated through their national trade associations 28 member countries, including 26 Full Members and 2 Observers Membership from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and North America

6 Our Members Australia* Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia* Czech Republic Denmark Nigeria Norway Poland Portugal Russia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Finland France Germany Greece India Ireland Italy ICCO members * Observer

7 Organisational Structure Board of Management Executive Director Secretariat Executive Committee Working Parties

8 Management The ICCO Executive Committee President Lou Capozzi Past President John Saunders Treasurer / Finance Chair Christian König Ethics & Membership Chair Jean-Leopold Schuybroek Marketing & Promotion Chair Kathy Cripps ICCO Summits Chair Prema Sagar Industry Data Chair Richard Houghton Executive Director (staff) Virginia Hague

9 The Working Parties

10 Ethics & Membership Regularly reviews the ICCO charter (currently the Stockholm Charter) Ensures that existing members conform to the ICCO by-laws Recruits new members and reviews applications Assists Observer Members on the path to full membership Supports worthy efforts to establish trade associations in developing markets

11 Marketing & Promotion Drives the production of publications and maintenance of website content Creates and oversees implementation of an annual marketing and editorial production plan Defines the ICCO brand policy and monitors its implementation Drives relationships with international organisations or professions relevant to the PR industry

12 ICCO Summits Defines the theme and format of each ICCO Global Summit, identifying content and speakers Oversees production of each Global Summit Serves as a point of reference and offers guidance on ICCO Regional Summits, in cooperation with member trade associations

13 Industry Data Determines which data ICCO member organisations should supply and provides assistance as needed Supervises the collection of industry data, interpreting it for publication Establishes appropriate relationships with international governmental organisations as relevant to the public relations industry

14 Finance & Partnerships Assists the Treasurer in performing his or her tasks Oversees the annual budgeting process and monitors financial progress Reviews the economic merits of proposed partnerships considered for the development of ICCO activities, e.g. for media or events Reviews the membership dues structure on an annual basis to ensure balance and fairness

15 CMS A temporary Working Party that: Regulates the Consultancy Management Standard and its application, limited to ICCO- affiliated firms in each country Drives the promotion of the standard to relevant entities or parties Is responsible for the international roll-out of CMS certification, including agreement of a global framework contract between ICCO and the independent auditor

16 Core Activities

17 Regional & Global Summits The ICCO Global Summit, occurring every 2 years, convenes leaders of the PR consultancy industry to share knowledge and market information, debate current issues and enhance their professional networks ICCO Regional Summits are produced in conjunction with local member associations and focus on the development of the PR industry and issues in the relevant region

18 The Stockholm Charter Code of ethics signed by all ICCO members in 2001 Replacement for the original Rome Charter Core document ensuring commitment to high standards of ethics, transparency and professionalism – providing confidence to clients and agency partners alike The Charter specifically addresses: Objective counsel & advocacy Society Confidentiality Integrity of information Delivering promises Conflicts Representation Governance & business practices

19 CMS: Consultancy Management Standard A highly regarded badge of professionalism in public relations Devised by the PRCA UK in 1997 and accessible to ICCO members worldwide Combines elements from ISO 9000 and Investors in People with criteria specific to the PR industry 8 key business areas assessed by independent auditor DNV, one of the worlds leading risk management firms Helps improve consultancy businesses while assuring both clients and employees that audited firms provide superior quality and performance

20 ICCO Reports & Original Research Country Reports Quantitative and qualitative industry data contributed by member associations and reproduced by ICCO or in conjunction with a partner publication The World Report Consolidated country data combined with information from partner organisations to offer unique insight into the global PR industry, released annually ICCO Research Original research into fundamental issues affecting the PR industry and of interest to ICCO members, produced in partnership with leading industry organisations and academics Recent examples: a benchmarking of PR expenditure, a study on recruiting & retaining Talent, an audit of ICCO and analysis of similar organisations

21 Partnerships ICCO proactively seeks to collaborate with leading organisations in the communications industry in ways that directly benefit ICCO membership. Some our high-profile partners include:

22 Communication With Members Given our role as a representative body and the industry in which we operate, it is critical for ICCO to maintain open channels of communication with member associations, affiliated consultancies and the outside community. We do this via: 1.The ICCO website ( – with a members directory, news, events listings, space for knowledge 2.The ICCO quarterly newsletter – distributed by e-mail to all member firms and posted to the website, containing industry news and thought pieces from leading PR practitioners 3.Regular electronic mailings to the Secretariat representatives of member associations for gathering and distributing industry data, discussing ICCO projects, etc. 4.Twice annual meetings with Board of Management representatives from each member country

23 Membership

24 Membership Categories Full Member National or regional trade associations of PR consultancies are eligible if they: 1.Are a Trade Association representing PR consultancies in their country or territory; in case of multiple organisations, membership will be granted to the association that: Shows compliance with all aspects of the present bylaws, and Represents the largest share of the countrys PR consultancy business in total fees over the previous three years 2.Have statutes and a management structure reflecting legal autonomy and a Code of Practice acceptable to ICCO 3.Can prove financial stability with audited accounts of the last two fiscal years 4.Have their members agree to abide by the ICCO Stockholm Charter 5.Have a minimum of ten members 6.Agree to the Memorandum & Articles of Association and the Bylaws of ICCO 7.Agree to produce statistics and information as requested 8.Agree to host Board of Management and/or Executive Committee meetings when requested 9.Ensure that a representative attends all Board meetings 10.Ensure that their representative plays an active role in at least one Working Party 11.Ensure that they keep ICCO updated on relevant changes to their organisations 12.Ensure that they pay all subscriptions when due

25 Membership Categories Observer Member A PR consultancies trade association may be granted Observer status when: 1.It has not established itself as an independent trade association, has not yet reached a membership of ten or cannot yet demonstrate financial stability 2.The trade association is not yet able to ensure compliance by its members with the ICCO Stockholm Charter but nonetheless shows enough compliance and effort for the Observer status to be deserved 3.The trade association wants ICCO to support it in order for its authority to be established as a representative organisation of the profession 4.A majority vote of the ICCO Board of Management supports the recommendation of the Executive Committee member appointed to review the application _______________________________________________________________________ Observer Member status is for a maximum of two years, after which Full Member status will be granted or Observer Member status terminated according to a majority vote of the Board Observer Members are represented by one delegate to the Board of Management, without voting rights, and may participate in one Working Party Observer Members pay no membership dues in the first year and 50% in the second

26 Benefits of Membership To Trade Associations: Badge of credibility and professionalism for the PR industry in the home country Recognised standards to be handed down to member firms Forum for addressing industry issues as well as sharing knowledge and best practice with peers Vehicle for expressing opinions on key industry issues to the outside world with a unified voice Support and guidance from established members on operational and other association matters Trusted network for exploring international activities

27 Benefits of Membership To Member Firms: Channel for additional business opportunities as potential clients use ICCO to locate consultancies internationally Tangible demonstration to clients and employees of professional integrity and high ethical standards Trusted network for finding agency partners abroad Exposure to leading industry thinkers and best practice methodologies via ICCO summits and communications Access to proprietary industry research and knowledge Conduit for raising awareness and voicing opinions on key issues in public relations Discounts and other economic benefits from ICCO preferred partners

28 Dues Structure and Costs Band Total Fee Income (millions) Dues 1< 5 1,000 2 5–10 1,400 3 10–20 1,800 4 20–50 2,000 5 50-100 2,500 6 100-150 3,000 7 150-200 4,000 8 200-250 5,000 9 250-500 10,000 10 500+ 15,000 The dues structure takes into account the collective fee income of an associations member firms, as shown here:

29 Join Us! To find more information about us, our activities or our members, visit the ICCO website at Applications for membership are available for download. If your organisation is interested in exploring partnership opportunities with ICCO, contact: Virginia Hague, Executive Director +31.613.262.584.

30 Appendix

31 List of Members CountryTrade AssociationAcronym Australia* Public Relations Institute of Australia (Registered Consultancies Group) PRIA Austria PR Quality Austria Belgium Belgian Public Relations Consultants Association BPRCA / BGPRA Bulgaria Bulgarian Association of Public Relations Agencies BAPRA Croatia* Croatian Public Relations Association (Committee for Public Relations Agencies) CPRA / HUOJ Czech Republic Association of Public Relations Agencies APRA Denmark Danish Association of Public Relations Agencies BPRV Finland MTL Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies MTL France Syntec Council of Public Relations Syntec Germany Association of Public Relations Agencies GPRA Greece Hellenic Association of Communications Agencies HACA / EDEE India Public Relations Consultants Association of India PRCAI Ireland Public Relations Consultants Association PRCA Italy Assorel * Observer

32 List of Members CountryTrade AssociationAcronym Nigeria Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria PRCAN Norway Norwegian Public Relations Consultants Association NPRCA / NIR Poland Polish Public Relations Consultancies Association PPRCA / ZFPR Portugal Portuguese Association of Communications and Public Relations Consultancies APECOM Russia Russian Public Relations Consultancies Association RPRCA / AKOS Slovakia Slovakian Public Relations Association APRSR Slovenia Slovenian PR Agencies Association ZOJS Spain Association of Public Relations and Communications Consultancies ADECEC Sweden PRECIS Association of Public Relations Consultancies in Sweden PRECIS Switzerland Association of PR Agencies in Switzerland BPRA Turkey IDA Communications Consultancy Companies Association IDA UAE Middle East Public Relations Association MEPRA United Kingdom Public Relations Consultants Association PRCA United States Council of Public Relations Firms CPRF * Observer

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