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Tools for Environmental and Social Safeguarding 1 Alexis RWABIZAMBUGA Quality Assurance and Results Department Compliance and Safeguards Division ORQR.3.

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1 Tools for Environmental and Social Safeguarding 1 Alexis RWABIZAMBUGA Quality Assurance and Results Department Compliance and Safeguards Division ORQR.3

2 Concept, procedure and results

3 Integrated Safeguards System An integrated safeguard policy statement committing the AfDB to E&S sustainability and compliance Integration between social sustainability aspects, climate change and ecological considerations One stop shop assembling new OS, revised ESAP and IESA in one compliance and safeguards system Single set of procedures for both public and private sectors reducing transaction costs Operational Safeguards deriving from cross- cutting policies and including emerging issues, and best practices INTEGRATED APPROACH

4 Integrated Safeguards System ISS STRUCTURE Integrated Safeguard Policy Statement Declaration of commitment to Environmental and Social Sustainability and to reducing risk of non-compliance Operational Safeguards Short and focused policy statements that follow Bank commitments and establish operational parameters ESAP Revised Procedures Procedural and process guidance (documentation, analysis, review and reporting) at each stage of project cycle Guidance Notes Revised IESIA Guidelines Detailed (methodological, sectoral and thematic) guidance on integrated environmental and social impact assessment

5 Integrated Safeguards System Banks commitments and responsibilities Increase level of compliance thru 5 Operational Safeguards Diagnostic, Strengthening of Country Systems Promotion of sound Multilateral Environmental Assessments Promotion of Human Rights and Vulnerable Groups, including Indigenous Peoples in RMCs Increased project safeguards and compliance monitoring Independent Review Mechanism, IRM Definition of Goods Harmful to Environment In Banks Negative List, 2008 ISS POLICY STATEMENT

6 Summary

7 Integrated Safeguards System OS1: ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL ASSESSMENT Mandatory: SESA, ESIA, RAP, ESMP, ESMF, ESMS Categorization requirement and process refined Free Prior Informed Consultation, increased access to information, Community impacts, Vulnerable Groups including Indigenous Peoples and Cultural Heritage New Topics Project grievance and redress mechanism Project Affected Persons (PAP)

8 Integrated Safeguards System OS2: INVOLUNTARY REINSTALLATION Free Prior Informed Consultation and Participation and Broad Community Support Avoid internal community conflict Maintain Community Structures Improve overall means of livelihoods Provide secure tenure for housing land Secure Rights Compensate on full replacement cost not market values Compensation

9 Integrated Safeguards System OS3: BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEM SERVICES Protection of habitats, ecosystems and species Reflects the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity Address impacts on ecosystem services (priority to Livelihoods and ecosystems) Ecosystem Services Requirement of Environmental Flows in WRM and major projects in River Basins Mitigation Hierarchy including, offsets Environmental Flows

10 Integrated Safeguards System OS4: POLLUTION PREVENTION AND CONTROL, GHG, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS AND RESOURCE EFFICIENCY Application Guidelines for ESS Group of the World Bank Based on international conventions International Standards Inclusion of waste, hazardous materials, usage and management of pesticides, resource efficiency, and Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Topics GHG emission threshold: 200k t/eq CO2: monitoring, analysis of feasible reduction or offset measures and reporting if above Greenhouse Gases

11 Integrated Safeguards System OS5: LABOR CONDITIONS, HEALTH AND SAFETY Protection of Workers conditions Workers organizations and rights and collective bargaining Consistency with ILO Labor Standards Rights and protection against abuse Prevention of forced labor and child labor Protection of Rights Provision of medical services (assistance) Occupational Health and Safety

12 Safeguarding the Banks investments against climate change

13 Integrated Safeguards System Low Carbon Development Climate Resilient Development Financing Tools Mobilizing Concessionary Resources Catalyzing Private Capital Promoting Sustainable Land Use and Water Resources Management Building Resilience Key Infrastructure & Urban Systems Enhanced Investments in Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Policy reform & knowledge generation/competency building Maximizing Market Mechanisms Climate-proofing of AfDBs projects Promoting Sustainable Land & Forestry Management Promoting Sustainable Transport

14 Integrated Safeguards System Land and Water- Resources Management Innovative agriculture & water management practices Increased resources for marine water and river basin management projects Knowledge Generation/ Competency Building Infrastructure and Urban systems Increased no. of African cities that have developed and are implementing climate change adaptation and mitigation plans Climate-proofing of AfDBs operations Screening of relevant projects for climate risks and taking steps to reduce such risks Improved design, location, maintenance of infrastructure Support to policy, institutional capacity and reforms Mainstreaming of climate change adaptation Establishment of policies that will provide incentives to investors using priority adaptation technologies.

15 Integrated Safeguards System

16 o Based on the screening, the project proposal is categorized into one of three categories: Category I Category II Category III Key thresholds 100 0 Projects are not vulnerable to climate risk Projects may be vulnerable to climate risk Projects may be very vulnerable to climate risk

17 Integrated Safeguards System Category 1 Requires detailed evaluation of climate change risks and adaptation measures Comprehensive, practical risk management and adaptation measures should be integrated in project design and implementation plans Category 2 Requires review of climate change risks and adaptation measures Practical risk management and adaptation options should be integrated into the project design and implementation plans Category 3 A voluntary consideration of low cost risk management and adaptation measures is recommended but no further actions is required CSS screening tool guides through questions that help determine the categorization of the project with ensuing recommendations to address any potential risks

18 Integrated Safeguards System


20 Integrated Safeguards System

21 o Summarize at a national level, current climate, projected climate change, ongoing adaptation activities, key stakeholders and relevant country indicators. o Are created during the preparation of the Country Strategy Paper and designed to inform the strategy and ensure that climate risks are considered at the earliest stage in the project cycle. o Provide a point of entry for country teams to familiarize themselves with the key climate related issues facing the country, thereby enabling the team to put the relevant issues on the agenda when developing or updating the country strategy paper.



24 Integrated Safeguards System

25 Source: EMS Gip.

26 Integrated Safeguards System (Source: CIA Data., 2005)

27 Integrated Safeguards System 199819992000200120022003 Total Roads and Bridges7.511.833. Education and schools89. Electrification0.40.517.26.74.820.6 Other infrastructure7.211.10.513.352.940 Agriculture2. Business Dev. µ- credit - Health care5. Capacity, IEC & new ventures 6.811. Water schemes4. Total42.65260.25266.930.8304.5

28 Integrated Safeguards System Other Financial Aid Technical Cooperation Grants and Other Aid in Kind Human- itarian Assistance Total DFID Bilateral Programme( £) 2002/03 622 20 138 8 011 288 29 059 2003/04 594 21 391 9 132 15 31 132 2004/05 763 31 933 14 143 393 47 232 2005/06 2 132 40 711 34 290 907 78 038 2006/071 82845 658 33 142 92481 553 TOT 2002/ 071979113 17398618252781553

29 Integrated Safeguards System


31 MANAGING DIRECTOR SHELL NIGERIA External Relations Media Relations Public Affairs Community Relations Community Liaison Officer Elders Committee Women Youth Committee Production Health & Safety Department Other


33 Better socio-economic planning; Safeguarding the environment; Protecting communities; Maintaining security (Public order); Green and inclusive development. THANK YOU 33

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