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Business Continuity and Promotion Ian Skidmore Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council 21 st May 2007.

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1 Business Continuity and Promotion Ian Skidmore Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council 21 st May 2007

2 Only 10% of businesses without a Business Continuity Plan survive a business interruption. It has been assessed that around half the businesses having experienced a disaster fail within 12 months if they have no effective plans for recovery. 80% of ill-prepared companies affected by computer failure collapse within 18 months and a further 10% suffer the same fate within 5 years.

3 10 Steps to Business Continuity

4 Business Impact Analysis Identify those disasters which can affect your organisation Decide how it will affect you 1.The organisation 2.Staff 3.Shareholders 4.Customers 5.Suppliers 6.The brand

5 Risk Analysis Look at the probability and impact of the various threats that could cause business interruption Prioritise to implement controls


7 Prevention Risk avoidance (Physical and Logical) What would you do, how and when?

8 Recovery Strategies Recovery strategy for those risks that cannot be prevented Interim measures Alternative methods of working

9 Develop and Implement Plans High level buy in Training Recovery Team All other staff Regular briefing

10 Testing and Exercising In order to ensure everyone knows their role Dynamic documents

11 Updating Plans and Procedures Lessons learnt Contact details updated Dated

12 Media Media interest will be high Keep them informed Use them to your advantage If you have a plan mention it TRAIN

13 Liaison with Outside Bodies Emergency Services Local Authority Suppliers Landlords Utilities Banks

14 Human Resources The greatest resource to you within recovery

15 New Standard BS 25999-1 Intended for all with a responsibility for the provision of a service, from the top throughout the organisation. 1.Single Site to Global 2.Sole traders, SMEs 3.Those employing thousands of workers

16 Why Should I Comply? Those within the Civil Contingencies Act Category 1 Others

17 How? By helping to put the fundamentals of a BCM system in place, the standard is designed to keep your business going during the most challenging and unexpected circumstances – protecting your staff, preserving your reputation and providing the ability to continue to operate and trade. PROFIT/LIVELIHOOD

18 Teaching whilst learning yourself

19 6 Directorates Many service areas Training Planning Exercising


21 Engaging Local Businesses and promoting Business Continuity

22 Civil Contingencies Act Local Authorities to promote Business Continuity HOW?

23 Leaflets

24 Practical Help Business Continuity Template


26 Presentations Dudley Business Forum Black Country Chamber Town Centre Forums Business Forums Rotary Clubs

27 It wont happen to me

28 Im sure we will cope

29 Its all insured

30 If I dont have a disaster I have wasted my money

31 A Ripon solicitor not only lost his office but all his computer files and backups when the bakers shop below caught fire. All information needed to prepare invoices and chase outstanding bills was lost.

32 Manchester Bombing Police prevented access to buildings worst hit by the Manchester bomb for 12 days whilst structural checks were completed before it was declared safe to return.

33 Burglars stealing computer equipment removed discs containing several years research on 1,500 customers of an arthritis and asthma treatment derived from bee hives. The research was about to be released at an International Symposium. There was no other copy of the data.

34 A manufacturing company was plunged into chaos when workmen installing a lightening conductor severed the main cable to the computer room.

35 Tryton Foods bounced back after a major fire. A computer recovery plan ensured continuity of payroll and accounting functions. Whilst plans had already been drawn up to provide a more efficient plant on an alternative site nearby. Retaining market share and the skills of the workforce were key recovery priorities.

36 Facts 35% of firms suffering a computer disaster lost over £250,000. (Survey by Price Waterhouse) 30% of disasters are caused by fraud, malice and misuse. 30% by software and hardware failure. 20% by fire, flood or tempest. Effective continuity planning CAN prevent business collapse after a disaster.

37 Thank You 01384 814736

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