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1 Reappointment, Promotion & Continuous Appointment (Tenure) Process and Issues.

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1 1 Reappointment, Promotion & Continuous Appointment (Tenure) Process and Issues

2 2 Governance Dictates Board of Regents By-Laws AAUP Collective Bargaining Agreement UNO Guidelines College/Department/School Guidelines

3 3 BOR By-Laws Sec 3.3.1(b) Academic Year Sec 4.4.2 Specific Term Appointments Sec 4.4.3 Continuous Appointment Sec 4.5 Standards for Promotion, Continuous Appointment, and Salary Adjustment Sec 4.6 Evaluation of Faculty Performance: Procedure

4 4 Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 1 Definition of Terms –Academic Year Sec 3.1.3 Workloads Sec. Appointments for a Specific Term Sec Continuous Appointments Sec 3.5 Reappointment, Promotion and Granting of Continuous Appointment

5 5 UNO Guidelines

6 6 College Guidelines Each college establishes guidelines specific to the college/departments/ programs. Example: –College of Education guidelines apply to each academic department/school in the college.

7 7 Decision Levels Reappointment (6 years) –Tenure-track faculty progressing toward a tenure decision. –An annual, cumulative examination of applicants progress Tenure (7 th year) –Major milestone determining whether applicant has met the standards, productivity/performance measures for granting of continuous appointment. Promotion –Advancement in rank based on sustained, outstanding efforts in teaching, research/creative activity, and service since appointment in current rank.

8 8 Application/Review Process Faculty notified of deadlines in August –Deadlines are set by Senior VC for Academic & Student Affairs based on timeline for approval by BOR at its May meeting) Application submission dates vary from late September to mid October depending on type of request. Four layers of review at the college level –Department/School committee (peer) review (20 days) –Chair/Director review (20 days) –College committee (peer) review (35 days) –Dean review (25 days) –Note: +3 days between each level for applicant to review comments/recommendations, sign acknowledgement sheet, and add materials if desired. Reviews begin late in fall semester and carry over to early spring semester. All recommendations due to Senior VC by end of February. Reappointment is made two years in advance. Applications submitted in Fall 2007 are for the 2009-2010 academic year. Movement to use of myMAPP for submitting RP&T applications.

9 9 Issues/Considerations Appointment time frames (academic-year v. all-year) Schedule for submitting applications Schedule for review of applications Faculty responsibilities/obligations –Committee member/committee chair –Faculty applicant (review of comments) –Selecting committee members (dept & college) Defining academic terms and contract periods –Summer now defined as a separate contract with separate compensation. Assigned time (workload) SEPARATE DISCUSSION Time frame for reappointments Revising UNO, college, and department guidelines

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