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1 Taiwans Strategy for Green Trade Promotion Wan-li Wang, Ph.D. Deputy Representative, Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium October 07, 2011.

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1 1 Taiwans Strategy for Green Trade Promotion Wan-li Wang, Ph.D. Deputy Representative, Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium October 07, 2011

2 2 Taiwans Efforts Taiwan has actively promoted 1. the use of renewable and clean energy, and 2. the need to reduce carbon emissions In line with the policies of other industrialized nations, Taiwan is preparing itself for the impact of climate change and switching to renewable sources of energy for the good of the environment

3 3 Sustainable Energy Policy At present, renewable energy accounts for 8.2% of Taiwans installed electricity generation capacity, and will increase to 16% by 2030 Taiwan has initiated a sustainable energy policy aimed at increasing the green energy content and reducing carbon emissions In 2010, the total revenue of the green energy industry reached 13.24b USD, and Taiwan ranked No.6 worldwide and No.2 in Asia in terms of green technology competitiveness Taiwan targets to reduce carbon emission to year 2005 level in 2020, and further reduce to year 2000 level in 2025. The share of low carbon energy in electricity generation will increase to 55% by 2025 In order to achieve this goal, we need a strong green energy industry to support a low-carbon economy

4 4 Integration of Government Efforts Environmental Protection Administration Materials & Technology Materials & Technology Production Standards Marketing Procurement Use & Recycling Use & Recycling Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA Department of Industrial Technology, MOEA Bureau of Energy, MOEA Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection, MOEA Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA Small & Medium Enterprise Administration, MOEA

5 5 Advisory committee of green trade promotion Green Trade Project Office to Promote Green Products Green Trade Project Office Business Consultatio n Business Consultatio n Training & Education Marketing & Promotion Policy Research Action Center Action Center Bureau of Foreign Trade The office will start a three-year project in 2011 that will focus on industrial counseling, manpower training and marketing of green trade between Taiwan and other countries Ministry of Economic Affairs

6 6 Strategies Establish a Consultation Platform Consultation services Provide Green Trade guidance and assistance for industries & SMEs Help SMEs in accessing related government resources Disclosure of carbon footprint MICE industry: exhibition hall, conference center, ex hibitions, conferences Freight Services Internationalization Invite international organizations, trading partners & global corporation to share experiences Assist scholars & experts to participate in green trade related conferences & activities

7 7 Strategies Enhance Green Trade Competitiveness Cross-Sector Collaboratio n A green trade advisory committee Includes Government/industry/ academia Coordinate the resources of various g overnment projects Provide policy suggestions Help in promoting green products & s ervices Talents Training Hold summit and seminars Provide physical & visual green trade related training courses Green Trade Website To collect information from international organizations, regulations and certifications To collect information from international green procurement & green supply chains

8 8 Strategies Integrated Promotion & Marketing National Green Image Building Short film for green trade promotion Set up award for the best of Taiwans green products & services Launch integrated marketing communication campaigns in global exhibitions and conferences Various Marketing Campaigns Publish green product catalogs Hold video conferences for business match making Develop e-marketing plans Set up green product pavilions in international trade shows Taiwan: Supplier of Green Products & Services

9 9 Visions of Green Trade Promotion Capacity Building Promotion & Marketing To build up industrys capacity of green technology To establish green supply chains To assist green product certification in accordance with international standards To build up green trade expertise To build up a new green image To promote Taiwans green products To participate in global green exhibitions and conferences To hold international conferences and summits

10 10 Export of Taiwans Green Products (2010) Destination Countries of TW green products RankCountries 1Mainland China (3420m) 2EU (2260m) 3U.S.A. (2250m) 4Japan (450m) 5HK (300m) 6Switzerland 7Vietnam 8Philippine 9Singapore 10Korea valued at 11.8b USD Accounted for 5.8% of Taiwans total export represented 5.0% of global market share % growth rate of green products gap growth rate of total products

11 11 Taiwans Green Technology Competitiveness ranked: 2nd in Asia, and 6th in the world (source: IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2010) Taiwans Green Capacity CategoryOur Achievements Green Energy PV production ranked 2 nd worldwide (2010) LED production ranked 2 nd worldwide (2011) Green ICT ICT products received world s first carbon footprint certification, e.g., notebook computers, desktop computers, LED panels, ICs. The world s first EED (Energy and Environmental Design) Gold- Certified green TFT-LED plant. Green Building Taiwan has the highest porpotion in Green Buildings worldwide. Green Consumer Staple Bicycle production ranked 1 st worldwide. Quality of green fabric ranked 1 st worldwide.

12 12 Initiatives to combat climate change Abolishing price subsidies on electricity and oil products; Amending the Energy Management Law; Passing the Renewable Energy Development Act; Drafting a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act

13 13 Challenges of SMEs Most of Taiwans enterprises are SMEs In the past, due to lack of time and expertise, SMEs could only simply deal with the global warming problem by the energy management projects In the green supply chain, SMEs also lacks sufficient experience and knowledge required to provide large enterprises with lower carbon emissions information For green energy industry to be sustainable in a business sense, government incentives need to be kept for a minimum period of time

14 14 RankProduct Description Reasons from the proposed countries Examples 1 Liquid crystal devices More environmentally friendly product 2 Photosensitive semiconductor devices; light emitting diodes (LEDs) Renewable energy devices 3 Screws and bolts, with or without nuts or washers made from iron or Steel More environmentally friendly product 4 Parts and accessories for motor vehicles More environmentally friendly product 5 Bicycles and other cycles (including delivery tricycles), non-motorized More environmentally friendly product 6 Plastics Waste water management 7 Automatic data process equipment, magnetic & optical readers More environmentally friendly product 8 Radio navigational aid equipment (GPS) More environmentally friendly product 9 Static converters More environmentally friendly product 10 Electrical circuits, connectors, etc. More environmentally friendly product Top 10 Taiwans Green Products for Export

15 15 Sharing the Experiences with Partners Taiwans overseas technical missions are introducing agricultural waste treatment technologies to various partner countries These efforts are helping our partners to develop sustainably by converting waste products and limiting pollution produced during agricultural development

16 16 Projects in Partner Counties Honduras and Nicaragua: biogas application projects Nauru: produce organic fertilizers from agricultural waste Guatemala: organic composting and carbon reduction Panama: pesticide residue testing system Tuvalu: waste treatment Six Asia-Pacific partner countries: clean energy (solar- and wind-powered sources of energy) Swaziland: providing sustainable source of drinking water for rural communities Nicaragua: promoting geographic information systems as a land-planning tool Palau, Tuvalu and Swaziland: dispatching environmental protection volunteers Panama, Nauru and St. Kitts and Nevis: sustainable development of water resources, and renewable energies such as solar power, wind power and biomass generation

17 17 Projects in St. Kitts and Nevis 1. sustainable development of water resources, and renewable energies such as solar power, wind power and biomass generation 2. Solar panel for government buildings 3. agrotourism demonstration farm cooperation project (combine green energy, farm and tourism)

18 18 Taiwan needs more international participation Taiwans exclusion from the UNFCCC carbon reduction mechanisms and Kyoto mechanisms has denied its enterprises from accessing the UN Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) designed to help lower reduction costs. We look forward to your continued support as we seek to participate in the activities and mechanisms of the UNFCCC, the Kyoto Protocol, as well as in all post-2012 agreements.

19 19 conclusion Green trade is a solution for establishing a green economy, and a driving force for achieving green growth Natural disasters have reminded us of the importance dealing with the global greenhouse effect and reducing carbon emissions as well as fostering green growth in Taiwan The goal of green trade growth rate is 20% in 2011 Assistance for SMEs in expanding global markets through Green Trade Promotion are: 1. Enhancing competitiveness through capacity building resources, thus preparing SMEs to respond to global green trends 2. Help SMEs to seize new green business opportunities through efficient promotion & marketing campaigns

20 20 Thank you for your attention

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