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DENMARK By: Darragh Mannion. Main Cities & Rivers.

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1 DENMARK By: Darragh Mannion

2 Main Cities & Rivers

3 Population of Denmark Overall : 5,515,575 Capital City : Copenhagen Currency : Krone Number of Mobile Phones : 4,785,300

4 Ethnicity (Race) Main Ethnic Groups : Scandinavian Inuit Faroese German Religion : 95% - Lutheran 3% - Catholic 2% - Muslim

5 Economic Activities Services – Telephone, Radio, Television, Railway, Bus Industry – Iron, Steel, Chemicals, Machinery and Transportation Equipment, Textiles and Clothing Agriculture – Barley, Wheat, Potatoes, Dairy Products, Pork and Fish

6 Main Industries Iron Steel Chemicals Electronics Shipbuilding Windmills

7 Main Agriculture Barley Wheat Potatoes Sugar Beets Pork Fish Dairy Products

8 Brief History of Denmark From 10,000 to 1500 bc., the population of present-day Denmark evolved from a society of hunters and fishers into one of farmers. Called Jutland by the end of the 8 th century, its mariners were among the Vikings, who raided western Europe and the British Isles from the 9 th to 11 th century

9 Brief History of Denmark The country was Christianized by Saint Ansgar and Harald Blaatand (the first Christian king) in the 10 th century.

10 Famous For : Ole Kirk Christiansen (Inventor of Lego) Jacob Christian Jacobsen (Founder of Carlsberg brewery)

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