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European Union Project Portugal By Gary O Herlihy.

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1 European Union Project Portugal By Gary O Herlihy


3 Portugal has many cities and rivers


5 Population of Portugal Overall: 10,781,459 Capital City: Lisbon-2.821 million Population of Other Main Cities: Oport-1.6 Million Currency: Euro (escudo) How Many Mobile Phones: 15.1 Million

6 Ethnicity (Race) Main Ethnic Groups: Homogenous(100,000 Black decent) Main Religion: Roman Catholic 84.5% Other Christian 2.2% Other 0.3% Unknown 9% None 3.9%

7 Economic Activities 12.7% of Portugal is unemployed The textiles and footwear industries are one of Portugal's biggest industries Other thriving industries include fish canning, metal work and paper making 17.3% of Portugal’s land is Arabal Grain, potatoes, olives, grapes and fish are popular foods in Portugal

8 Brief History It is believed Lusitanians were the first inhabitance of Portugal The Roman Empire conquered the region in about 140 BC Towards the end of the Roman Empire, the Visigoths had invaded the entire Iberian Peninsula

9 Continued Brief History Portugal won its independence from Spain in 1143 By 1550, the Portuguese empire had extended to West Africa, Brazil and Persia King John I (1385-1433) unified his country

10 Portugal’s Fame? Impressive international soccer team Exporting of olives, grapes, wine and port Very popular Holiday Destination

11 People’s Fame? Cristiano Ronaldo Jose Mourinho

12 Thank Your For Listening To My Presentation. By Gary O Herlihy

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