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Arkansas Procurement. Procurement Practices Both flexible & accountable Creative problem solving Strong leadership & authority Open & fair competition.

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1 Arkansas Procurement

2 Procurement Practices Both flexible & accountable Creative problem solving Strong leadership & authority Open & fair competition Strategic planning Ethical conduct

3 How long does it take from posting to award? The solicitation is on the street with an appropriate response period based on what is being purchased Law requires at least 5 days Public notice – posted on websites or advertising in state wide newspaper IFB – awarded to lowest responsive, responsible bidder; therefore faster.

4 Estimated time frames IFB – 3 weeks RFP – 2-3 months RFQ – 2-3 months PCS Process adds 4-6 weeks to process

5 I need something that is not on contract and costs between $5000 & 25,000 - what is required? Obtain at least 3 quotes Complete OSPs bid form Contact only firms which sell what is being procured If unable to locate 3 sources, form must show firms contacted


7 Competitive quotes cont… Should award to lowest priced, responsible & responsive bidder Delivery must be reasonable based on current industry norms Complete justification must be given if award is NOT made to low bidder Repeated small procurements to circumvent competitive bid limits is a violation

8 At one time the OSP was working to develop standardized terms & conditions for RFP & IFB solicitations. Agencies would benefit from such standardized language. Would it be possible to make available such information to the agencies, perhaps in a format that indicates best practices to use the following T & C for RFPs, for IFBs, etc.? OSP would be happy to share templates upon request.

9 Has an RFP class been developed at this point? If so, please share. If not, why not? This class is currently in development.

10 The OSP Contracts page is not very user friendly. It would be very helpful if the following: firstPrevious12345NextLast was also at the top of the page. As it is now, you read up to the top, then have to scroll all the way back down to go to the next page. At the very least, it would be helpful to have Next Page or Previous Page as an option. This portion of the OSP website is currently under review.

11 I need something that is not on state contract and costs greater than$25,000, what is required? A formal solicitation

12 When will the State Vehicle Bid come out? Contract set to release on October 18

13 How do vendors get notifications of bids? OSP system pushes notifications to registered vendors OSPs Facebook page Website postings

14 What is considered an asset? Long-life – More than 12 months – Useful life: the time the asset will be used Benefits more than one fiscal period – Used over at least two fiscal years Not intended for re-sale – Used in our operations – Not part of sales inventory Non-monetary – Not cash or financial instrument

15 Are there any items that have to be bid regardless of the cost? Printing, any $ amount Defined – Printers ink on paper Constitutional Amendment 54

16 Statewide contracts If there is a state contract for something, do I have to use it? Mandatory, yes (for state agencies); otherwise no Good benchmark for pricing May negotiate a lower cost, particularly if buying large quantities

17 How do I initiate a purchase from the WSCA computer or wireless contract? Obtain a quote from Vendor – Vendor contact information can be found on State Contract website – Always reference the contract number in your request for quote Create a Purchase Order – Reference the AASIS outline agreement – Reference the contract number

18 How can I add an item to an existing contract? Items can not be added to an existing contract unless it was in the original solicitation. If the original solicitation allowed for adding items, the contract would need to be amended to add the items.

19 Can I purchase something from the contract vendor if it is not on the contract? Yes, but procurement thresholds apply Remember to add new & additional items on the next contract solicitation.

20 Mandatory? I can get it cheaper somewhere else. Compare cheaper to best value Cost of employees time, travel expenses, delivery costs, processing costs

21 What is exempt from Procurement Law? A listing is found in the Procurement law under §19-11-203. Some examples include: Advertising in newspapers and on television Medical fees and physician fees Foster care maintenance services Freight and storage charges Licenses required to perform a service Membership in a professional association Services of visiting speakers, lecturers

22 Professional & Consultant Service Contracts (PCS) What is a PCS contract? Professional Consultant

23 Contracts Greater than $25,000 All PCS contracts with an estimated total >$25,000 require Arkansas Legislative Council review (monthly) All PCS contracts >$25,000 required to use performance standards to give measurements Requires disclosure/certification forms Requires illegal immigrant certification Construction related professional services are reviewed by ABA & OSP, for Agencies that are not exempt from ABA

24 PCS Statistics (last 2 years) 66% of PCS contracts are under $250,000 Less than 8% of the total contract values Adds 30-45 days to the procurement process

25 How does Cooperative Contracting work? Contracts solicited by an entity other than OSP OSP reviews to ensure the solicitation & contract met state bidding requirements Once approved, placed on OSP website

26 Benefits of Cooperative contracts Increased purchasing volume Lower prices Reduce redundancy of multiple solicitations; reduces administrative costs Available expertise in buying specific commodities or services

27 Office of State Procurement Email: Phone: 501-324-9316 Fax: 501-324-9311 Listen to OSPs Training Podcasts Ask Your Vendors to Follow us on FaceBook

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