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Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Can your company survive a disaster?

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1 Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Can your company survive a disaster?

2 Presenter: Sandy Dupleich, Vice President Dynamic Language Center Seattle, Washington

3 Introduction Typical types of disasters Insuring against loss Recovery efforts Business continuity For IT based systems For business processes, HR and infrastructure

4 Why prepare for disaster? Protect your building/office Protect your equipment Protect your intellectual property Business continuity Most importantly… Protect your people!

5 Why *not* prepare for a disaster? 4 Stages of Denial 1. It wont happen 2. If it does happen, it wont happen to me. 3. If it does happen to me, it wont be that bad. 4. If it happens to me and its bad, theres nothing I can do to stop it.

6 Types of disasters Fire, Flood, Earthquake, Terrorist Attack, Theft, High Wind, Power Outages How quickly can you recover? What is your plan to stay in business? **Fact - Over 40% of businesses without a recovery plan do not survive a major disaster.

7 Insuring against loss Do you have adequate insurance coverage? Make sure you have coverage that is pertinent to your area (are you in a flood zone? Earthquake zone?) How will you pay your creditors? Contractors? How will you compensate your employees? How about your own income?

8 Backup Strategies What type of backup documentation will the insurance company require? Do you have copies of receipts for major purchase items/equipment? Do you keep a detailed inventory of your equipment?

9 Backup continued … Backup of critical programs Server OS Operating systems Applications Specialized Fonts Backup of client data Completed projects

10 Recovery efforts Generators Do you have extra gasoline containers? Connected to building or stand- alone? Rent or purchase? Generator safety – understand risks Rental workstations Pre-negotiate rates with rental company Backup network switches/routers


12 Emergency Supplies Extra extension cords Surge protectors Headlamps – geeky but useful Flashlights Extra batteries Portable lighting Analog phones on site First Aid Kits Petty cash

13 Be prepared Cloud computing – an option? Backup of mission critical data Offsite storage Consider out-of-state backup Print out hard-copies of important phone numbers, service providers Print out hard-copies of employee emergency contact information Update at least annually Create an Emergency Preparedness Committee

14 Can you communicate with your customers during a crisis? Internet access Broadband modems Laptops UMPCs Telephone access Cell phone Blackberry Smart-phone Answering/backup operator service

15 Prepare your employees Does your company have other locations? Are telecommuting options available? Can you sustain your business without help for 3 days? Is someone on your staff trained for CPR/first aid?

16 Protect Your Hardware Surge protectors (metal encased) Battery backups Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) Mirrored servers Offsite data backups

17 Dynamic has survived: Two burglaries within two weeks One earthquake One major wind storm Extended power outages One flood One fire Audience examples

18 Preparedness means… Save lives, save company assets, save your business Insure against risk Prepare your records Backup your data Prepare your people

19 Action Items Company owners that do not act on this information within 7 days, are unlikely to prepare for disaster. Forms for preparing, recovery Create a list of critical business tasks & assign responsibilities

20 Preparedness Resources Homeland Security: 3 Days 3 Ways Internal Revenue Service – Disaster Preparedness, Preparing for a Disaster (Taxpayers and Businesses),,id=180547,00.html American Preparedness: Disaster Recovery Journal:

21 Full recovery solutions Agility Recovery Solutions – Agility provides disaster recovery and business continuity solutions for the entire business including but not limited to providing power, technology, space and connectivity. For example, Agility can provide a temporary working space, servers, workstations, firewall, switch, internet connectivity and power to run everything.

22 Seattle Execs Resources American Drapery Blind & Carpet – replace blinds, carpet Braicks Construction – office restoration City Moving - relocation Classic Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners – carpet cleaning Commercial Office Supply – quickly replace critical supplies Copiers Northwest – replace equipment Datasite Business Archives – offsite records storage DialPro Northwest – telephone systems or repair. Virtual office solutions with VOIP technology. Emergency event notification systems. Emerald City Energy – window replacement Fox Plumbing – emergency plumbing repair Frix Technologies – scan & store documents Integra Telecom – telephone & data service

23 Execs resources contd LC Jergens Painting – painting restoration Pacific Software Publishing – offsite web and email hosting Payroll Solutions – payroll processing Rogers & Norman – insurance, property, casualty Seattle Office Furniture – furniture replacement Temporarily Yours – temporary office support Trotter & Morton – commercial HVAC Veca Electric – electrical & data cabling Washington Alarm – security & fire monitoring

24 Thank You! Sandy Dupleich 206.493.1603

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