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12345 Welcome to 5 `S Program The Changing Scenario zCustomer Expectations zProduct Quality Perceptions zEmployee & Employers expectations zCompetition.

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2 12345 Welcome to 5 `S Program

3 The Changing Scenario zCustomer Expectations zProduct Quality Perceptions zEmployee & Employers expectations zCompetition zGovernment Rules & Regulations y-Liberalization

4 In this changing scenario, we must change: zOzOur way of thinking zOzOur way of working

5 What is Workplace Organization zAzA Systematic and rational approach to a clutterfree, safe workplace with the objective of reducing waste and preparing the ground for further improvement.

6 5 S BACKGROUND zSince the early 80s Japanese industries widely practiced 5S as a powerful technique to improve productivity and quality. zToday, 5 S is used worldwide to prepare the ground for improvement

7 Levels of Workplace Organization zFzFollowing the 5 S principles and reducing waste zEzExtending the 5 S concept to include ergonomics zEzExtending the 5 S concept to include aesthetics zMzMaintaining records and educating others

8 Elements of 5 S zComprises of 5 simple steps: z1. SEIRISorting Out z2. SEITONSystematic arrangement z3. SEISOSpic and Span z4. SEIKETSU Standardization z5. SHITSUKE Self Discipline

9 SORTING - Step 1 zSegregating necessary from unnecessary and throwing away what is not required at all. (Done with the objective of saving and recovering space)

10 SORTING zSzSegregating necessary from unnecessary zDzDiscarding what is not required zDzDeciding on a frequency of sorting

11 Identify & sort to segregate usable from non-usable items

12 What do you sort? & How Often? Mail files Equipment Memos Floppies Left over course material Stationery Notices Records

13 Contd.... zDocumentsElectrical Equip Ducts zFormsAC filters zFurnitureInside machinery zMeetingsAround the machinery zCabinet contentsPacking boxes zDesk drawer contentsShelves/Cabinets zBillsTrolleys zIndentsPipes/Wires zTelephone CallsComputers zIn & Out trayFire Extinguishers zReference BooksTelephones zThings to do todayLight/Fans

14 STEP II - Systematic Arrangement zAzA rational, orderly and methodical arrangement of all items we use, re-work or write off

15 Systematic Arrangement Putting things in order after Analyzing why Getting things out and putting them back takes so long (Done with the objective of minimizing search time and errors)

16 Having a place for everything & everything in its place (Office) zPrevent floppy disks from getting bent zCategorization of files, mails, papers etc. zBinders kept vertically, not laid out zCompartmentalization of desk drawers/ shelves/cabinets zDesignating responsibilities for files in shared use zPrioritizing the things to do - planning a sequence zLabeling/identifying drawers zColor coding zDecide `how much of what is needed

17 Categorizing of Files zBy Project zBy Titles zBy document type zBy subject zBy client

18 Systematic Arrangement

19 SPIC AND SPAN zUnderstanding how to prevent things from getting dirty and ensuring tip top condition (Done with the objective of inspecting for problems and taking faster corrective actions)

20 SPIC AND SPAN zSzSteps to be followed during or after major housekeeping zDzDo a survey of the origins of grime & Leakage zSzSet priorities for cleaning where grime is most zszstudy why things are dirty zszstudy possible plan of action zDzDecide on action steps/ responsibility/ timeframe

21 Contd.…. Ensuring cleanliness and tiptop conditions

22 SPIC AND SPAN zIf theres Lesser number of items, there is lesser to clean zOne is best yOne page memo yone day processing yone location files yone copy filing

23 STEP IV - STANDARDIZATION zFzFollowing of earlier 3 Ss, standardized work procedures, maintaining safe & hygienic conditions in work place contribute to a serene atmosphere zSzStandards forMy job-Product & Processes My machine My work area

24 STANDARDIZATION zEnsuring conducive and safe working Environment (Done with the objective of Achieving higher productivity and better quality through higher employee morale)

25 SELF DISCIPLINE zTzTraining, Evaluation and Follow- up Actions (Done with the objective of Achieving constancy of Purpose)

26 zIntroduce 3 min 5 S activity system z How often zIntroduce 5 S Activity Evaluation system zTrain Evaluators zTrain Implementers on z Problem solving steps z What defects to look for z Preparing and using implementation checklist

27 5 S Evaluation zWhat is it? zAn activity or related activities to determine whether there is an existence of a system & the system is in operation as per established norms. It also verifies whether the system & results are taking the organization towards the desired objectives.

28 Sample Checklist for Audit Committee Dept……………………………………………………….Total score: ………………….. 1. Hard Disk: a. Files should be in various folders 12345 b. Virus Scan date 12345 c. Recycle Bin 12345 II. Desk Surface: a. Unwanted loose papers 12345 b. Wires hanging around 12345

29 Contd.….. C. Softboards only have what is relevant 12345 III. Backups: 12345 IV. Unlabelled Floppies 12345 V. Bootable disk: 12345

30 Attributes of an Evaluator zOne who believes in 5 S zStrict, Fair and Tactful zMust be able to do it in an competent manner zWilling to go to the workplace, offer advice and point out problems when necessary zShould be able to comment on successes and shortcomings clearly

31 Implementing 5S-Methodology zAll employees to undergo workplace trg zA vision statement to be evolved & started with all employees zDivide the orgn into convenient zones zDivide each zone into convenient sub-zones zDecide dates for launching in each zone/sub zone zTake pledge zApply 5 S principles, step by step zForm audit teams zCarry out audits

32 Advantages of 5 S zNice to work in a clean, beautiful, organized workplace zTime taken to reach things minimized zLesser time wasted in information handling zProblems detected fast zCustomer Response time reduced zMore usable space

33 Advantages contd... zBetter preventive maintenance zHigher employee involvement zReduction in errors/defects due to standardized procedures zConsistent & better customer handling zHigher productivity zHigher employee morale zMore time for improvement activities

34 5 S is TRANSFORMATION If we fail to improve 5 S, what makes us think that we can do anything else? On the other hand we know that if we can do 5 S, we can do anything. 5 S is fundamental, so it gives us the power to build out capabilities to meet the BIG CHALLENGES. That is why 5 S is transformational.

35 Thank You Your support is solicited to make implement 5 S organization-wide

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