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The Side Pilot Partnership Side-Antalya - Turkey.

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1 The Side Pilot Partnership Side-Antalya - Turkey


3 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership Over 80,000 tourist beds (around 12 % of total for Turkey) 50 % of economy directly from tourism Annual tourism income over US $ 1 billion Tourism in Manavgat Region

4 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership Around 25,000 beds 70 % of the economy directly from tourism TOI members bring around 250,000 tourists to the Side region annually accounting for around 2,900,000 tourist nights Tourism in Side

5 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership Common interest of many TOI members Long term destination for many TOI member presence in Side Invitation by the authorities Selection

6 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership Formal introduction of the TOI and its aim to local and regional authorities and key stakeholders. Bilateral interviews with key stakeholders. Tour operators views on key sustainability issues in Side. Preparatory phase

7 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership Three priority actions identified: Waste management (with a focus on waste separation and recycling). Education and training on sustainable tourism in hotels, bars and restaurants. Promotion of Sides culture and cultural activities. Multi - Stakeholder Partnership Workshop in April 2002

8 Solid Waste Dumping Site Located on the east side of the city, on sand dunes, 500 meters away from sea. Total area of approximately 6.5 acres.

9 Solid Waste Dumping Site Ancient Side

10 Side s Status Solid Waste Dumping Site

11 Education and training Meeting with Side Municipality sanitation workers, information exchange, explanation of project. Training for Garment (28), Hotel (220), Bar and Restaurant (30) Association members Actions taken

12 Organics Inorganic

13 Waste management 3.450 kg of plastic bags, 130 microns thick, blue and black in colour, produced and distributed to businesses in the ancient town – Blue plastic bags for inorganic – Black plastic bags for organics – Plastic bags made from recycled plastic 20 waste bins placed in the ancient town (organics and inorganic) Waste separation scheme


15 Waste management Battery collection box placed in a primary school (to start awareness of recycling within a short time) Private collection company contracted Hazardous Wastes sent to Izaydas (Hazardous Waste Incineration and Energy Generation Plant near Istanbul) Waste separation scheme


17 Waste management New landfill site has been identified at 30 km from the city. Project has been approved and funds delivered by the central government Infrastructure is currently being built Operation planned to start in Summer 2004 Landfill area

18 Landfill location Side E


20 Tourism Minister

21 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership 100 and all shops in the old Side city centre participate in the waste separation campaign. 276 tons of inorganic waste and 11.978 batteries collected from hotel desks, hotel technical services and primary school. 102 storage batteries from hotels(last seven months of 2003). In Summer 2004 the illegal dump site will be closed and all waste will be taken to the new land fill area. Achievements

22 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership Continuous support by the Tour Operators Initiative members Involvement of local NGOs Cooperation between Hotel Association (TUDER) and of a local member of the TOI (VASCO) Support to the Municipality Government participation Success factors

23 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership Active involvement of stakeholders & establishment of on-going dialogue Target local priorities for improvement Focus on practical outcomes supported by all stakeholders Key lessons & success factors

24 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Partnership Ensure all views from stakeholders are heard Focus on moving forward on areas of common agreement & let stakeholders agree to differ on other areas Discuss roles & responsibilities of different stakeholders Short-term actions with visible changes & longer-term actions through on-going dialogue Focus on practical outcomes supported by all stakeholders

25 Rest. Bar Assoc. President Garment Assoc. President

26 TOI/TUDER Side Pilot Project 2003 Things Being Done



29 News from regional & national papers & local TVs


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