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The Role of LTSN in FDTL 5 Jill Armstrong Senior Adviser LTSN Generic Centre.

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1 The Role of LTSN in FDTL 5 Jill Armstrong Senior Adviser LTSN Generic Centre

2 Structure of the LTSN Programme Executive + Generic Centre 24 Subject Centres Managed programme: strategies, objectives & performance measures

3 Subject Centres

4 Aims LTSNs core activities are lpromoting and sharing good practices in learning, teaching and assessment lbrokering the transfer and take-up of knowledge and practice between users, experts, developers and innovators lsetting up, supporting and developing L&T networks

5 Subject Centre Approaches Information & resources zon-line databases and resources zpublications,briefings and guides zcase studies zquestion banks znews feeds & enquiry service zjournals and book znewsletters and e- bulletins Brokerage role zlink with professional bodies zprovide consultancy zfund projects zsupport PedR zharvest good practices zcreate partnerships and collaborations zRun network groups and departmental workshops

6 Generic Centres Mission In partnership with others, the LTSN Generic Centre will broker information and knowledge to facilitate a more coordinated approach to enhancing learning and teaching

7 LTSN Generic Centre Partnerships- working with others... Subject Centres HEI Senior Managers & Key Change Agents Other Partners Educational Development Groups, QAA, Employers, Union of Students, UK Funding Bodies, Centre for recording Achievement, NCT etc

8 Generic Centre - a key source of information... zThe HEI Newsletter zSenior Manager Circulars zExchange Magazine (joint with NCT & ILT) zThe website hosts a large number of resources with over 45,000 hits per month zWe offer a general enquiry service on learning & teaching issues

9 Types of Dissemination zAwareness: ypublicity, publications, conferences, web-sites + demonstration workshops zUnderstanding: yconsultancy, workshops with active engagement of end-users zImplementation: yworking alongside end-users, helping them to use ideas and embed in courses/departments zContinuation of activity beyond funding

10 Contact with LTSN zIt is a formal requirement to provide evidence that an arrangement has been made with either of LTSN subject centre(s) or LTSN Generic Centre (or both) to ensure products are disseminated zYou will be expected to use a proportion of the budget to support dissemination & other services provided by Subject Centres zMay wish to develop a collective dissemination strategy with other FDTL 5 projects in your subject area after stage one

11 What the Generic Centre can do zFor specific projects: yadvertise your events/resources on our GC website yprovide a home for your resources beyond the end of your project providing they are meta-tagged on a data base zWhere your project relates to a current GC theme: ywhen possible we can reciprocate on dissemination events/resources ywe can advise on current work from GC themes

12 Generic Centre themes z Curriculum design z E - learning z Employability z Teaching & Learning z Assessment z Student progression & achievement z Student support & guidance z Learning resources z Quality Assurance Professional development

13 Project Finder This database lists funded projects from LTSN, FDTL, TLTP, disability, widening participation and innovations

14 How we can help in the bidding process zGeneral letter of support From Subject Centre and/or Generic Centre (NB draft bid to be sent to Generic Centre by Nov 25 th ) zGeneric Centre does not advise on initial bids zStage Two, we can look at bid and suggest what might need to be thought about

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