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2 Accessible Media Inc. (AMI) 20 YEARS OF MAKING MEDIA ACCESSIBLE Not for profit organization Mandated by the CRTC and funded by BDUs Operate two digital broadcast services

3 Both Available Through Cable and Satellite THROUGH TWO WORLD-LEADING SERVICES, AMI ENRICHES LIVES AND CREATES A MORE ACCESSIBLE CANADA Television That Includes EveryoneCanadas 24/7 Audio Newsstand

4 Founded on the belief that all members of society should have equal access to current news and information from print sources and that audio was the most accessible and effective medium for this purpose. Accessed through cable, satellite and the internet into more than 10-million Canadian homes. More than 800 Volunteers from across the country read and record full-text, spoken-word versions of current articles from over 600 leading newspapers and magazines. All together, our staff and Volunteers are responsible for broadcasting more than 125 hours of new programming every week. VOICEPRINT: THE WORLDS LARGEST BROADCAST READING SERVICE

5 TACtv is a national, English-language, digital-TV specialty service that broadcasts movies and popular TV programs into more than 10-million Canadian homes. Mandated by the CRTC, TACtv is part of the basic digital package of TV programming offered by all Class 1 & 2 cable systems and satellite direct-to- home services. TACTV: THE WORLDS FIRST 24/7 TV SERVICE, 100% DESCRIBED AND CLOSED-CAPTIONED

6 For all impacted and concerned Canadians AMI is the new model media organization that creates, advocates, collaborates and enables accessibility to all media. The core value proposition is new model. A new model for cause-driven organizations that is inclusive, collaborative, and continually striving to improve and engage others. A new model for an inclusive social movement. ALL MEDIA ACCESSIBLE TO ALL CANADIANS

7 1.Create – provide accessibility platforms, content and standards. 2.Advocate – be the leader and voice of media accessibility in Canada. 3.Collaborate – create partnerships and alignments that ensure media accessibility in Canada. 4.Enable – awareness, understanding and promotion of the need for media accessibility. IMPLEMENTATION

8 Aggregate existing content and make it accessible via description and closed captioning. Create local content that reflects members of our community that is otherwise not available. Produce original content that reflects the interests of the community. Establish AMI as the accessible media standard bearer in Canada by fulfilling our accessibility mandate across multiple platforms including web, mobile and other devices. Leverage new platforms to develop and strengthen community – social media tools. CREATE

9 Continued presence and profile at all industry functions to ensure AMI brand and mission is communicated. Continue to work with government organizations, distributors of content and other broadcasters to reaffirm the importance of media accessibility. Collaboration, development and promotion of industry standards with respect to media accessibility. ADVOCATE

10 Become affiliated with and partner with like minded blind and low vision organizations that target the same community (e.g.. CNIB). Identify and target technology companies to understand their accessibility roadmap and how we can leverage partnership.. Engage in conversations with other description houses to assist in common DV standards and practices. Establish communication strategies with friends, family and caregivers of concerned Canadians to develop a social movement with respect to accessibility. COLLABORATE

11 ENABLE canadian approachable accessible authoritativeleader inclusive empowering Develop and communicate the brand strategy for AMI

12 AMI delivering on the Canadian broadcasting act mandate which states: That programming accessible by disabled persons should be provided within the Canadian broadcasting system as resources become available for the purpose. ACCESSIBLE MEDIA INC.

13 The AMI Board, Staff, the more than 800 Volunteers and 5 million Canadians: THANK YOU! for your continuous support and for helping to keep the promise of Making Media Accessible


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