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RED RIBBON EXPRESS. CONCEPT RRE is a National Campaign to mainstream the issue of HIV / AIDS through a train. Train will travel over 9000 Kms with halts.

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2 CONCEPT RRE is a National Campaign to mainstream the issue of HIV / AIDS through a train. Train will travel over 9000 Kms with halts at 180 Stations. Programs will be conducted in 43,200 villages through out the country. The concept is a broad based multimedia, multi- sectoral mass mobilization project in the country to make it a holistic & comprehensive campaign to mobilize peoples movement against HIV/AIDS.

3 OBJECTIVE Disseminating information regarding primary prevention services. Developing an understanding about the disease to reduce Stigma & Discrimination against People Living with HIV/AIDS. Strengthening peoples Knowledge about the measures to be taken to prevent getting HIV/AIDS. Adopting preventive health habits and lifestyle.

4 RRE TARGET GROUP General Population with focus on:- Youth Groups. Women Self Help Group members. Adolescents/Student Community from schools & Colleges. Panchayati Raj Institution members. Youth in uniformed services. School/non-student youth in the community.

5 RRE ROUTE PLAN RRE will enter U.P (Allahabad) on 7 th January 08 & will remain in UP Till 12 th February 08. In UP RRE will cover 18 Districts.

6 TRAIN COACH DETAILS RRE will consist of 7 Coaches. Coach No Details 1Exhibition on HIV/AIDS :- with Educational Material, Interactive Touch Screen & 3-D Models 2Exhibition:- Material with focus on HIV/AIDS linked to NRHM. PPTCT services HIV-TB Co- infection

7 3Exhibition:- Educational Material with focus on HIV with Socio-Developmental context. (inter-sectoral & mainstreaming approach) 4Auditorium Cum Conference:- It will have arrangements for Orientation of selected PRIs AWWs SHGs Youth & Women. 5Counseling cum Medical Services:- It will have 6 Cabins 4 for Counseling & 2 Doctors Cabin for treatment of STI & RTI. 6Sleeper Coach:- 50 Performers team from NYKS will be travelling. 7Office & Dining cum Pantry. Contd…

8 RRE – ROLE & RESPONSIBILITIES NACO through SACS &NYKS - implementation of the project. Rajiv Gandhi Foundation - overall technical support and assistance for multi-sectoral coordination. Ministry of Railways- provide train with coaches and ensure smooth running of the train.

9 State Level Advisory & Coordination Committee ChairpersonChief Secretary Vice-ChairpersonPrincipal Secretary (Medical, Health & Family Welfare) ConvenerProject Director, UPSACS Members PD, NRHM Zonal Director, NYKS Representatives of the - Departments of Railways - Rural Development, - Women & Child Development, - Panchayati Raj, - Department of School & Higher Education, - Youth (NSS, NCC, Bharat Scout & Guides), - Social Welfare Department In charge officer from RRE Districts, Regional Director ( Song & Drama Division & Directorate of Field Publicity) State representative from AIR, DDK, PIB,UNICEF & Clinton Foundation.

10 ACTIVITIES – PRE TRAIN RRE ARRIVAL 1.Constitutions of State/District level Coordination Committee. 2.Preparation of Media Publicity Plan. 3.Pre arrival publicity (Station wise Media Plan). 4.Spots on Radio & T.V. (Prototype to be given by NACO). 5.Two Newspaper Advertisement (Prototype to be given by NACO)- Times of India and Dainik Jagran ( 2 days before and on the date of train arrival). 6.Telecast Spots on Local Cable. 7.Coordination with Regional Press Information Bureau. 8. Briefing /Orientation of Media Person. 9.Local Mobilization for Participation (NYK, NGOs/ TIs). 10.Involvement of Song and Drama Division and DFP.

11 District Level Advisory & Coordination Committee 1.Chairperson: District Magistrate 2. District Youth Coordinator, NYK (Member Secretary) 3. Members CEO of Zila Parishad Superintendent of Police District Medical & Health Officer Representative from the Government Departments – Railways District Education Officer District Women & Child Development Officer PD- DRDA, District Panchayat Officer etc. Field Publicity Officer, I & B and DFP

12 Progress so far… 2 planning meetings with partners Briefing of – NYK Regional Director – PLHA Network RRE guidelines (issued by NACO) shared with all coordination committee members


14 DISTRICT INCHARGS RRE (DMs) DMs should ensure – Formation of District Level Organizing Committee. To ensure that Young People in the Age group (15-45) Should visit the train Exhibition.

15 BEFORE ARRIVAL OF THE TRAIN IN THE DISTRICT Check logistic arrangements at the halt point/ platform such as -approach roads, -electric supply, -availability of safe drinking water, -sanitary arrangements etc. Ensure deployment of local police- GRP and RPF for ensuring safety and security of visitors and property.

16 Contd….. Distribution of invitation cards. Identification of function places (Tent etc. arrangement). Performance by S & DD. Ensure Refreshments. Communication Agency (JWT) will place a small Exhibition on the platform with Distribution of IEC Material.

17 ON THE ARRIVAL OF TRAIN Organize welcome function. Prominent personalities of the district and celebrities should be invited at this function. Ensure wide media coverage. Purpose of the function is to inaugurate: –On board train exhibitions, orientation and counseling services –Flag off cycle caravan (50) to the villages and –Flag off bus caravan (2) to the far flung villages

18 NYK ASSISTANCE TO SACS Constitution and meetings of SLOC Identification/ selection RRE cultural team Orientation / Training IEC materials - Translation and Publication - Receipt of published IEC materials by District NYKs

19 NYK ASSISTANCE TO DISTRICT District level operational plan Identification and selection of various teams and volunteers Identification of route-in-charge Identification of local NYK cyclists to accompany RRE cultural performers. Identification of local cultural teams & regional trainers. Constitution and meetings of DLOC Trainings in the field

20 Contd..... Coordination Inter-sectoral Coordination with Police, Health, Education, District AIDS Advisory Committee, Other concern government offices. Coordination with print and electronic Media for Publicity through press conferences, press release etc. Environment Building Wall writing, Publicity through loud speaker, Handouts, pamphlets etc at program villages. Programmes of song and drama divisions cultural troupes Meeting of the youth clubs, opinion leaders and other stake holders, Local publicity, Logistic arrangements, etc

21 EXPECTATIONS FROM RAILWAYS To ensure issue of instructions to all concerned from station masters, railway authorities etc. to make necessary logistical arrangements for the arrival and departure of train. Assist in sanitation/access to food/water logistics at the platform. Assist in locating spaces for platform exhibitions to be put up. Provide security for maintaining law & order and ensure safety of visitors and property etc. in coordination with district authorities.

22 EXPECTATIONS FROM MINISTRY OF INFORMATION & BROADCASTING Letters to AIR and DD Station Directors to give publicity. Special radio features and TV programmes. AIR News and DD News to provide coverage during the stay of RRE in the states.

23 Mobilization of the people specially youth group to visit the train and attend the cultural programmes. Identification & listing of the key influencers from the community. Identification of suitable nodal officer to coordinate various activities under the leadership of District Magistrate M/O Women & Child Development, M/O Human Resource Development, M/O Panchayati Raj, M/O Rural Development, M/O Social Justice & Empowerment, M/O Youth Affairs & Sports

24 EXPECTATIONS FROM MEDICAL DEPARTMENT To arrange 2 Doctors (with BP instrument & stethoscope). Arrange 4 Counsellors from near by district in consultation with UPSACS. Medicines for STI treatment (NRHM/ DG Health).

25 EXPECTATIONS FROM PLHAs Arrangement of 2 Volunteers/ staff for each coach from positive persons network who are familiar with HIV/AIDS and associated issues for manning the exhibits in the train at each halt station in the states.

26 FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO RRE DISTRICTS One day Halt DistrictsRs. 1,06,000.00 Two days Halt DistrictsRs. 1,82,000.00 Three days Halt DistrictsRs. 1,82,000.00 For ChandausiRs. 90,000.00

27 SNActivities60 days45 days30 days25 days20 days15 days 1. Formation of State Level coordination Committee Formed 2. Meeting of State Level coordination Committee 28 th Nov 07 3. Meeting of District Programme Officers, District NYK Officials, PLHAs and Regional Coordinators 11 th Dec 07 4. Training of Regional Trainers NYKS 2 nd Week of Dec. 5. Identification of Cultural teams NYKS Published in leading News Paper 6. Sensitization programme for Cultural Teams 7. Mobilization of Mass Media, Print Media, Local Media, Cinema Slides, etc. UPSACS NY State Level Activities – Time Chart NYKS, UPSACS & UNICEF NYKS

28 SNActivities45 days 40 days 30 days 25 days 20 days 15 days 10 days 2 days 1. Formation of District Level Organizing Committee 2. Meeting of District Level Committee 3. Meeting with PRI Members and Youth 4. Orientation of PRI Teams 5. Sensitization of Media Persons 6. Identification of Cultural Teams 7. Sensitization of Cultural Team 8. Logistics arrangements at plateform District Level Activities – Time Chart Time period should be count from the arrival date of the train.



31 All the Managerial, Administrative, Program & Support staff of different NGOs are requested to actively take part to mobilize the general population. NGOs & CBOs which are conducted TI Projects, they should encourage & motivate their target population to visit the RRE. Four persons as volunteers (Two Male & Two Female) from TI projects required for explaining models & posters in RRE exhibition. Two volunteers (one male & one female) for filling up of M&E formats at RRE halt stations.

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