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Not one Click to begin.. I guess I always had feelings for younger boys. I hate myself so much at times, and I feel ashamed and dirty, but Ive tried all.

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Presentation on theme: "Not one Click to begin.. I guess I always had feelings for younger boys. I hate myself so much at times, and I feel ashamed and dirty, but Ive tried all."— Presentation transcript:

1 Not one Click to begin.

2 I guess I always had feelings for younger boys. I hate myself so much at times, and I feel ashamed and dirty, but Ive tried all I can to change… Vince, 15 The guilt has led me to self-mutilation, but I havent cut in five months.

3 I first realized when I was about 12. I told myself, No, you arent really one of those guys. Iggy, 20 Sometimes when the denial didn't work, crying myself to sleep was the only option.

4 Sexual attraction to children usually begins in adolescence. American Psychiatric Association, 2000

5 Sexual interest in younger children may begin before puberty. Gene Abel, Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute

6 In all likelihood the pedophile has known he is attracted to children for years, probably since the age of 10. G. F. Pranzarone, Department of Psychology, Roanoke College, VA

7 I been thinking about other boys and because there younger than me Kevin, 12 worrying that maybe im a pedo and what that means for the rest of my life because everyone hates pedos and its making me miserable.

8 I made myself believe I was gay at the age of 11, but I knew I wasn't. Mike, 24 From that time on I found myself living in isolation. Still do actually, after hearing all about pedophiles gone wrong.

9 I completely isolated myself from people. Alfonso, 19 At one point I called the police and told them that I had slit my wrist. Although I had and have no intentions to end my life, I cut many slashes in my wrist and blood started to drip.

10 Iggy, 20 I started smoking pot, which eventually led to other things. Drugs didn't really work so well to make me forget. I decided that I was going to have myself castrated. Then I realized that I could just chemically castrate myself with pills. I ordered some androcur online from overseas.


12 You make our skin crawl. WKYC-TV, Cleveland, June 12, 2002

13 Your mind is beyond decent imagination. Newsweek, March 16, 2001

14 You are abnormal. Fred Berlin, Johns Hopkins Sexual Disorders Clinic, MSNBC interview, February 3, 2006

15 You make people nauseous. You are a reprehensible freak. Leonard Pitts Jr., Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Miami Herald, August, 2007

16 You are intolerable. Jae Weiss, Valley Trauma Center, Northridge, California, March 25, 2006

17 You are reviled by society. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 27, 2002

18 You are indefensible. Raymond Fowler, CEO, American Psychological Association, June 9, 1999

19 You are a predator. Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, 2005

20 Your mind is so vastly different from normal humanity that you are not truly human. You cant be allowed to live in society. Anti-pedophile website

21 Gene Abel, Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute You have a sex drive so immensely different from most of us we can barely imagine it exists.

22 On average, you will molest and destroy over 100 children. Gene Abel, Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute

23 Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, 2005 You will spend your life manipulating adults and maneuvering to gain easy access to children. You will groom them to victimize them. You may have hundreds of victims over the course of your lifetime. You are the most dangerous and predatory kind of sex offender.

24 American Psychiatric Association, 1997 You will molest either children in your own family or children outside your family. You will threaten them to prevent them from telling others. You will develop complicated techniques for gaining access to them. You may trade them with other pedophiles.

25 You may mutilate or murder children. Nursing Spectrum Magazine, July 1, 2002

26 You have no choice but to become a criminal. The worst kind of criminal.

27 You have a twisted sexual compulsion for children totally different from normal criminality. Crime Library, 2007

28 You are the sickest of the sick. You are truly perverted and you are not curable. Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, February, 2006

29 Brown University Child and Adolescent Behavior Letter, March, 1999 Your morals are twisted and your mind is distorted. You are cunning and deceitful. You have a constant, strong need for domination and control. Your inadequacy is masked by arrogance. You have a primitive conscience, if any.

30 Predator. Animal. Not truly human.

31 You will be a perpetrator of vile crimes. We must adopt a national, zero-tolerance attitude toward you. We must arrest you, prosecute you mercilessly, and keep you behind bars. Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, Dec. 8, 2006

32 We will target you in a clinical and ruthless way. Jim Gamble, Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre, May 11, 2006

33 Unless… You get therapy?

34 In treatment, young teenagers (13 to 15) have been compelled to recite creeds including I am a pedophile and am not fit to live in human society... Mark Chaffin & Barbara Bonner, Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, University of Oklahoma, Nov. 1998 I can never be trusted...everything I say is a lie...I can never be cured.

35 Teenage boys have admitted to offense histories they did not have because it was required for release from residential programs. Mark Chaffin & Barbara Bonner, Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, University of Oklahoma, Nov. 1998 These incidents cannot be dismissed as isolated examples but are directly derived from prevailing treatment models.

36 Pathways treatment workbook: Describe in detail what you have done to them. List all of the people you have hurt or affected as a result of your selfish, hurtful, or criminal behavior. How did you groom your victims? What kind of force or threats did you use? Describe how you denied your sexual behavior, and list everybody you denied to. Explain how many victims you really had, and how much force and coercion you really used. List everybody with whom you have ever had sexual contact. What is it about you (your personality) that allowed you to commit a sex offense?

37 You cannot be cured. Pathways treatment workbook:

38 Write the following letter to your romantic partner: From a treatment program in Texas: I am a sex offender and I always will be. I will lie to you. I will try to outsmart you. I will not keep my promises. I will exploit you and take advantage of you. I will be unresponsive to your emotions. I will run away from reality.

39 Your deviant cycle involves stinking thinking, lies you tell yourself, and other distortions. From a treatment program in Texas: Write down at least ten criminal thinking defects that apply to you. Write in some way that there is something wrong with people like you (offender).

40 Fill out the Fantasy Tracking Form every time you masturbate, as well as every time you have an inappropriate sexual thought (deviant sexual fantasy). Pathways treatment workbook: Things to bring up in your weekly group session: Your deviant sexual fantasies and how often you masturbate.

41 You may be required to masturbate to deviant sexual fantasies. If you become aroused, you will be told to switch to an appropriate fantasy or exposed to an aversive stimulus such as ammonia. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 1999

42 Behavioral conditioning with noxious stimuli, such as ammonia and, possibly, low-intensity electric shock, may be effective. U.S. Office of Juvenile Justice, March 2001

43 Many are tested for deviant sexual responses by a penile plethysmograph slipped around the penis as a patient views nude photographs. The program includes use of aversion therapy, in which patients inhale ammonia to prevent inappropriate arousal. Treatment made one girl suicidal and a boy violent and homicidal. Arizona Republic, July, 1992

44 Aversion therapy is experimental. There are no follow-up studies indicating it is effective and not harmful. Judith Becker, plethysmography proponent, founder of ATSA, July 1992

45 But you arent normal anyway. Phoenix Memorial Hospital Juvenile Sex Offender Treatment Program, July, 1992

46 They told me I was disgusting. Morally unfit to live. They said, Drop your pants and I did. They said hook yourself up to the instrument and I did. And there I sat, alone in a dark room, sitting on a cold chair covered with butcher paper I had to take polygraphs and do weekly covert sensitization tapes, with a sensor on me recording how deviant I really was. describing in detail sexually deviant fantasies and why it was bad to have these. Rob, 18

47 I felt like someone was chewing on my heart. I was 16 and I cried, hours upon hours of tears, weeks on weeks of feeling nothing, The pain spiraled downwards, layers of guilt and shame and fear until I hated who people said I was. months on months of pain, years on years of longing. Rob, 18

48 Use of involuntary aversive treatment is a clear violation of ethical standards. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1998

49 Plethysmography is an Orwellian procedure that is always a violation of personal dignity. U.S. District Court Senior Judge John T. Noonan, June 20, 2006

50 Sex offender treatment programs require therapeutic staff to explicitly and uncompromisingly adopt particular values and practices which cannot be reconciled with traditional mental health ethics in any way. B. Glaser, Western Criminology Review, 2003

51 The Stop Child Molestation Book, by Gene Abel & Nora Harlow, 2001: Treatment for you will not follow principles of mental health care for normal people: Your well-being is not the goal. There is no patient autonomy. Lie detectors will be used. Your thoughts and feelings will be monitored and controlled. This may be for life.

52 You should be surgically castrated. Comments on Des Moines Register website, Sept. 2006



55 Other people destroy childrens lives.

56 A woman murdered her son. There were broken blood vessels in the child's eyes, a fractured vertebrae and skull hemorrhages. Houston Chronicle, April 11, 2005 A father brutally abused his three-year-old son – he burned him with a cigarette lighter and used pliers to pull off a fingernail.Sunday Times, April 13, 2007 A mother put her baby in hot oven. Her father heard her screams. She suffered third-degree burns over 70% of her body.Ananova, December 13, 2003 Dena Schlosser cut off the arms of her baby girl. She was covered with blood when police arrived. Fox News, November 23, 2004 The boyfriend of the childs mother burned the childs thighs with a round smoldering object and inflicted other bruises on the body. Shreveport Town Talk, November 23, 2007

57 Three women tortured an 11-year-old boy, scalding him, whipping him, kicking him in the stomach, and locking him naked in a closet. His body was covered with bruises, scars, and burns so severe he stuck to the bed sheets. Marshfield, WI, News-Herald, November 19, 2007 A woman murdered her 3-year-old son by slashing his throat.Courtroom TV News, Dec. 4, 2006 The two women didn't feed the 7-year-old boy, kicked him in the stomach, forced him to drink shampoo, and burned him with cigarettes over two years.First Coast News, FL, November 21, 2007 Her boyfriend beat and killed her son after he brought home a bad progress report from school.Fox News, December 05, 2006 A woman was seen hitting, punching, and dragging her bloodied 10- year-old son. Her baby boy was also killed by her boyfriend.Arizona Republic, Aug. 17, 2007

58 Researchers have actually identified one of the common links in many school shootings, including the Amish school shooting. It's mental illness. Springfield News-Leader (MO), October 4, 2006

59 Sex crimes involving kidnapping, torture, or murder: less than 0.1% Children murdered during sex offenses: Less than 50 Fred Berlin, Johns Hopkins University Sexual Disorders Clinic, July, 2006 Children murdered in non-sexual cases annually: Over 3,000

60 Drunk drivers Drug-addicted parents Gang leaders Alcoholic parents Mentally ill people Drug dealers Many people traumatize children, often for life:

61 But for them, there will be no Requiring them to identify and label their thoughts and feelings as deviant, distorted, and criminal. Monitoring and control of their thoughts by others Aversive behavior conditioning Banishment from families, education, and employment Repeated and detailed disclosure of shameful behavior

62 intolerable deviant Because theyre not like you. cognitively distorted freaks Theyre not predators

63 Theyre human.

64 Fear of stigma, and the resulting discrimination, discourages individuals from getting the help they need. More tragically, it deprives people of their dignity and interferes with their full participation in society. In its most overt and egregious form, stigma results in outright discrimination and abuse. Center to Address Discrimination and Stigma, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

65 But this doesnt apply to you.

66 Center for Mental Health Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Jan. 8, 2008: We simply cannot afford to ignore the mental health needs of any of our citizens.

67 Except you.

68 Center for Mental Health Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Jan. 8, 2008: We need to promote cultures of trust, respect, and open communication; to reduce isolation of those needing help; and to destroy stereotypes and myths.

69 Except when were dealing with you.

70 Center for Mental Health Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Jan. 8, 2008: We must strive to ensure that no person ever feels so alone that he or she considers suicide a viable option.

71 Except you.

72 Ethical Principles of Psychologists, American Psychological Association, 2002: Psychologists respect the dignity and worth of all people, and the rights of individuals to privacy, confidentiality, and self-determination.

73 Except when were dealing with you.

74 Everyone has the right to live his or her life without the fear of physical or mental abuse. Everyone has the right to reach his or her potential.

75 But you have no potential. You cannot contribute to society. Your very existence is offensive.

76 You ARE a pedophile. a predator. a child molester. Thats ALL you will ever be.

77 Your only role in life is to be controlled or removed from society.

78 No person or organization in America will defend your humanity.

79 No person or organization will advocate for your emotional well-being.

80 Not one.

81 Demonization: Characterization of individuals or groups as evil and/or subhuman beyond any dispute. Wikipedia Generally involves a suspension of the normal considerations of humane behavior and respect.

82 What is it like to live in America and be loathed, to be considered to be subhuman? David, 18 It creates guilt and negative self-image in all but the most hardened individuals. It gives a person a hard edge; their heart must be surrounded by ice for self-protection,

83 they must never show too much emotion in their speech David, 18 lest they betray their true inner selves. They must be afraid of discovery.

84 It's not even possible for us to get support except for impersonal, anonymous forums such as this. Cody, 16 We can't trust medical professionals. And you wonder why teen suicide is rampant? That's exactly what the world wants us to do. Self-destruct.

85 Pedophilia: a sexual preference for children, boys or girls or both, usually of prepubertal or early pubertal age. International Statistical Classification of Diseases

86 I still say, we just kill all pedophiles. I believe it is every citizens duty to rid the world of these scum! Comments on Des Moines Register website, Sept. 2006

87 Pedophiles need to be exterminated like cockroaches. Just a bullet to the head. Why let these evil bastards live among civilized people? Comments on Des Moines Register website, Sept. 2006

88 Yahoo News, May 28, 2007 PROPOSALS TO EXECUTE PEDOPHILES MAKE HEADWAY IN U.S. Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Georgia and Montana amended their versions of the Jessica Law by adding the possibility of condemning a pedophile to death.


90 Dehumanization provides fertile ground for torture and ill-treatment. The denial of a person's basic humanity is the first step towards inhuman, cruel and degrading treatment.

91 Living in Truth and Dignity

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