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An Introduction 26 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi, Vietnam Phone: +84 4 826 4243 - Fax: +84 4 825 3074. Website:

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1 An Introduction 26 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi, Vietnam Phone: +84 4 826 4243 - Fax: +84 4 825 3074. Email: Website:

2 is a leading scientific institute of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences providing information in and about social sciences, formed by the Government Council Decision No. 93/CP on May 8, 1975. Address: 26 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hanoi Phone: +84 4 826 4243 Fax: +84 4 825 3074. Email: Website:

3 past present

4 Provides scientific information on basic issues and development trends in social sciences in the world, in the region and in Vietnam, to the [Vietnam Communist] Party and the State leadership, to policy making organizations, to research and training organizations, and to business circles... Inherits, preserves, and expands the prestigious Library of Social Sciences; builds its own library into a National Library of Social Sciences. Conducts, coordinates and assists professional activities in the fields of information and library of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. Builds and trains human resources in social sciences information.

5 1.Organizing research in theoretical and application issues in social sciences information and library. 2.Translating, editing, publishing and providing social sciences information products; Publishing Annual Report on Vietnam Social Sciences. 3.Developing social sciences information resources; Building data banks on basic information about Vietnam social sciences. 4.Applying leading information technology to information and library activities; Advising and guiding professional operations, and coordinating informatics activities to all libraries of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences. 5.Organizing professional training courses for information and library staff of the Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences; Participating in the postgraduate training in epistemology and information/library sciences.

6 The Institute of Social Sciences Information currently has a staff of 105, with 3 associate professors, 8 Ph.D.s and 4, masters. The Institute has 21 departments in 5 divisions. Director: Associate Prof. Ho Si Quy, Ph.D. in Philosophy. 2 Deputy Directors: Mme. Dang Thanh Ha, Ph.D. in Informatics. Associate Prof. Nguyen Van Dan, Ph.D. in Literary Science.

7 1. Department of Politics and Strategies Information. 2. Department of Economic Information. 3. Department of State and Law Information. 4. Department of History, Ethnology and Religion Information. 5. Department of Culture and Information. 6. Department of Social and Human Information. 7. Department of Global and Regional Information. 8. Department of Philology Information.

8 9. Department of Library Professional Operations. 10. Department of Document Acquisition and Exchange. 11. Department of Document Cataloguing and Classification. 12. Department of Document Preservation. 13. Department of Reader Services. 14. Department of Periodicals. 15. Department of Database and Bibliography.

9 16. Department of Informatics. 17. Department of Information Diffusion. 18. Department of Printing.

10 19. Department of Editing and Review Administration.

11 20. Department of Managing Information and Library Activities. 21. Department of Administration and General Activities.

12 Social sciences and humanities literature inherited from the former Central Scientific Library, and rare resources left behind by the École Française dExtrême Orient in 1957 (built and collected since 1898, old Hán Nôm and Latin books, maps and paintings, films and photographs, microfilms and microfiches). Newly acquired scientific resources. Newly built and acquired databases (Wilson, Country Forecasts, EBSCO,…) and CD-ROMs, including resources from the internet.

13 Books and periodicals: approximately 1 million units. Plate films and roll films: hundreds of thousands units. Slides: thousands of units. Photographs: hundreds of thousands of units. Maps: thousands of units. Communal conventions written by hands: thousands of copies. Book and article bibliographies available on demand by users. Resources are found in in Russian, French, English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.

14 more than 160 volumes of stories of gods and genies from about 9,000 Vietnamese villages (with a total of ~ 230,000 handwritten pages, printed in A Bibliography of Stories of the Gods and Genies, and Village Conventions). 1,225 books of village conventions were written in Hán Nôm ideograms, by brush on dó poonah paper, 50 of which were written during the 18th and 19th centuries. about 1,000 maps of all kinds, including the Map of Hanoi in 1831, and one in 1873, the Map of Saigon in 1902, and the oldest map of the 16th Century. about 400 conferments under the Nguyen and old feudal reigns.

15 about 40,000 photographs of Vietnam and Indochina, collected by Vietnamese and French historians, architects, archeologists and ethnologists, and also given by the colonial authorities.

16 about 1,000,000 books and newspapers of which about 1,000 newspapers and magazines in Vietnamese and foreign languages of different fields. 2,300 newspapers and magazines of all kinds

17 reader service at the public reading room, the public periodical reading room, and the reference book reading room. consultation and book search. consultation, search and information from full text databases in social sciences and humanities accessed from the internet. photocopy service. Internet ADSL service. publications of the Institute on demand by users.

18 Bibliographic information. more than 50 volumes, e.g. Vietnamese Communal Conventions Bibliography (1991, 1994); Vestiges of Gods Bibliography (1996); Vietnamese Communal Culture Bibliography (1996); Vietnam Studies Bibliography (1999)... Special thematic information collection, which includes translations, summaries, analytic overviews: 10 information collections per year on average. a monthly Review of Social Sciences Information in Vietnamese and in English (or Fast News and Special News) is a type of reference literature with multi-trended news, and full text translation of foreign articles. Or, 120 issues, 350 copies per issue, of this bulletin is released annually. Yearbook of Social Sciences Information.


20 co-operative relations and document exchange with more than 80 offices, companies, organizations and libraries of more than 40 countries in the world a member of The Asia-Pacific Information Network of Social Sciences (APINESS) and The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA). in contact with more than 30 international libraries and organizations throughout the world, for examples, the Library of Congress, the Taiwan Library, EFEO, the Asian Research Fund (Seoul), and the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP)...

21 Thank you. For more information, contact Prof. Dr. Ho Si Quy at

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