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© 2012 - TML Lagos, Nigeria. Andrews Challenge: an introduction 1.

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1 © 2012 - TML Lagos, Nigeria. Andrews Challenge: an introduction 1

2 Outline 1.0 Introduction of the Initiator 2.0What is a Quiz or Challenge? 2.1 The Purpose of Andrews Challenge 3.0How To Participate 3.1Award of Scholarships 4.0 Conclusion 2

3 Introduction of the Initiator The initiator of Andrews Challenge is True Measures Limited (TML), a registered consulting firm in Nigeria. The Directors of TML are engineers with rich and divers background plus experience in education, project management, information technologies, etc. We have contact offices in Lagos. You can easily reach us by e-mail: or snail-mail: P. O. Box 148 University of Lagos, Lagos, 3

4 Introduction … True Measures Limited is an education-oriented organization which focuses on Electronic Testing and Online Exams. We help institutions, governments and companies to design and implement electronic tests to speedily obtain true measures of competence. Such can be used for annual evaluation, performance assessment, recruitment viability and similar purposes. Our Andrews Challenge project is a unique contribution to society. This is particularly notable given the November 2012 announcement by the honourable minister of education that JAMB exams would be wholly offered online as electronic examinations by 2015. 4

5 What is a Quiz or Challenge? A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which the players (as individuals or in teams) attempt to answer questions correctly, thereby earning points… they are designed to determine a winner from a group of participants - usually the participant with the highest score. In education, a quiz is a form of student assessment. [Wikipedia]gamemind sport Generally, a quiz is a test of knowledge, either as a game or competition with other people, it is meant to improve learning and offer some satisfaction or reward for outstanding performance on prescribed topics within a limited time frame. 5

6 The Purpose of Andrews Challenge Background: The reading culture has been eroded in society, at least meaningful reading, given the craze for quick wealth and corruption, proliferation of entertainment-based reality shows, etc. With globalization and the pervasive internet- enabled devices (PCs, mobile phones, etc.), youths spend a lot of time online interacting across boundaries on matters of little or no educational value, at times on deleterious activities. The Principal Assistant Registrar of WAEC, Mr Collins Uduh, while presenting a paper at a seminar tagged: Overcoming Candidates Poor Performance at the West African Senior School Certificate Examination said candidates performance at the WASSCE in Nigeria, has been consistently poor and worrisome over a period of time. 6

7 Purpose… The percentages of students who had credit passes in at least five subjects, including English and Mathematics in recent years has been abysmally low as seen in the Figure he presented: The consistent low pass rate of less than 40% is unacceptable and must be redressed. Even at the tertiary level, the story is similar hence the introduction of Post-JAMB exams. Thus Senior Secondary Students and Undergraduates must be assisted and motivated. 7 WAEC yearly OLevel Results % of 5 credit passes

8 Purpose… Solution: We decided to intervene in the rescue process by using what the youths desire and the tools which they are comfortable with; by offering fame and financial gains to students in the legitimate pursuit of their academics, using the pervasive ICT devices and technologies. Andrews Challenge is Nigeria's foremost online scholarly competition developed to reward students who are both smart and swift. mission is to award scholarship prizes to deserving Secondary and Tertiary students. vision is to stimulate the reading culture, better educational performances and healthy academic rivalry across the nation. 8

9 A prospective participant must create a user account on by registering his / her basic A student can take any or all the test types available. However, once a student takes a particular test, s/he cannot take that test type again during the duration of a competition. A registered user can take the Basic Challenge for FREE or pay a token for the Premium Test. A student is given access to take the test s/he pays for during the season s/he presents the payment details (Transaction ID or Deposit Slip Number) as PIN for online access. How To Participate 9

10 Each contestants best score for the season will be selected. A potential scholarship awardee must score at least 70% in the challenge. The SSS and Undergraduate contestants with the highest scores in a given season and who completed a test at the shortest possible times are considered winners for that season. If there are ties (i.e. if students with the highest scores finish the test at the same time), an e-mail invitation would be sent to such students to take a free test with 3 attempts only. Participate… 10

11 Award of Scholarships Winners will be notified using only our published contact channels and listed on our website. Numerous scholarships will be awarded per competition season. All the prizes for a season would be awarded at a public event on a date to be specified on our News Page. The school, tutorial centre or institution of contest winners will also enjoy prominent mention on the site news. Winners do NOT have to pay anything further to anyone in order to claim prizes, beware of fraudsters. They must however, come to the award presentation with the originals and photocopies of relevant documents to prove meeting the eligibility criteria. 11

12 Conclusion Participants can at their convenience take the online quiz from any internet-accessible device. By adapting SSS curriculum and drawing challenge questions from Mathematics, English Language, General Knowledge, Arts, Basic Sciences, and Commercial Studies, the youths will be encouraged to focus on learning and to seek honest gains. Andrews Challenge is undeniably a noble contest that should be supported by education stake-holders (government, institutions, parents and students) who crave earnestly for academic excellence. 12

13 THANK YOU! 13

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