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Public-Private Development in Historic Savannah. SAVANNAH in the 1750s.

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1 Public-Private Development in Historic Savannah

2 SAVANNAH in the 1750s

3 Design Context Savannah Ward Plan

4 Design Context Restoring Building Fabric

5 Decker Ward in its prime Mercantile Center

6 Decker Ward in 2004



9 City Planning Process 1996 City plans to spend SPLOST funds for demolition of garage and restoration of square 1999 City conducts preliminary analysis of design for new garage –Plan to build under News-Press lot –690 spaces

10 City Planning Process (2) 2000 City hires Cooper Carry Architects to prepare preliminary design for underground garage –Feasible with approximately 690 spaces 2001 City plans to use SPLOST funds for demolition of garage/ restoration of square

11 City Planning Process (3) 2002 study by Sottile & Sottile recommends: –Demolition of old garage –Restoration of square –New buildings on surface lots to provide infill




15 Roadblocks to City Plans No ownership of necessary property- particularly Morning News site- very expensive to condemn Need for private party to share cost of garage Need for additional parking in neighborhood Long and complicated development process

16 Proposed Public-Private Partnership City of Savannah Downtown Savannah Authority Batson-Cook Development Company Whitaker Street Associates

17 News Place at Ellis Square Project Demolish old garage Build new garage = 700+ spaces Restore Ellis Square Restore and beautify streetscape Build new hotel on Morning News parking lot Redevelop existing Morning News buildings


19 By: Terrence Horan & Scott m. Larson - Savannah Morning News - Feb. 11, 2007


21 Batson-Cooks Role as Master Developer Buy Morning News property Contribute subterranean rights to parking lot to City Lease or pay for the cost of 250 parking spaces Build hotel on Morning News parking lot Redevelop existing Morning News buildings

22 Whitaker St. Associates Role Contribute subterranean rights to Authority Lease spaces in garage In the future: develop property above the garage

23 Citys Role Accept subterranean rights from Private Developers Put out a Request for Proposals, and choose a design- build contractor Finance and build a 1075 space garage, and foundation structures for new overhead hotel and office building Operate garage Restore Ellis Square and surrounding streetscape

24 Timetable Oct. 04City approves Project Concept Nov. 04City issues RFP for Garage design/build Apr. 05Historic Rev. Bd. Approves height / mass Apr. 05City signs garage design/build contract with Batson-Cook Company Aug. 05Parties approve final Project Agreement Oct. 05Bond Validation and Final Closing May 08Scheduled Completion

25 Advantages to Public Removes old garage and restores square Preserves National Landmark Historic District Adds parking places Adds job opportunities Expands tax base










35 Subdivision Map of News Place

36 News Place from Bay Street

37 East Building at News Place

38 West Building at News Place

39 Hotel Perspective

40 WB Barnard Office Bldg and Garage Entrance

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