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Lesson 9 A newswebsite is not as personal as a TV news show.

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2 Lesson 9 A newswebsite is not as personal as a TV news show.

3 eading arming up ractising

4 Warm-up: 1.Can you tell me some modern media? 2.Can we get news from them? TV newspaper radio Internet news

5 The news is recent. The news is up to date. The news websites must update the news every day. There are many news channels today. A TV news program is personal. Some words for news (that not happen long ago) (all the programs in the channels are about news) (make the news up to date ) (the latest) (made for persons)

6 Pre-reading Complete the form A TV news show A news websites Which do you like? How often do you look at it? How do you like it? tick one you like every day (once a day) twice a day recent; up to date; good video; personal and so on recent; convenient and so on

7 1.Read one by one. 2.Give the right answer. a.Find out general sentence. b.Find out how to support it. c. Find out the conclusion.

8 Predicting (What is the text about?): Choose one you like. 1.The text is about the advantages of a TV news show and a news websites. 2. The text is about the disadvantages of a TV news show and a news websites. 3.The text is about the advantages and disadvantages of a TV news show and a news websites. Tell me why you choose it. Which is enough?

9 While-reading Quickly skim through the reading Checking predictions: Were your predictions right? To finish 1.2 Lets compare two types of news. Advantages of TV news Disadvantages of TV news Advantages of the internet news Disadvantages of the internet news Its hard to say which is better. Setting up the Framework: What do you think is the main prupose each paragraph in reading? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

10 Reading for Details: To fill the blanks in the text. Group Work( each group has four students) 1. Each group chooses one paragraph from 2nd to 6th paragraph 2. Read one by one and understand it. 3. Find out the points about the advantages and disadvantages of TV news or news websites. (pay attention to the sentences with the same meaning.) 4. Say them out one by one before class.

11 1.We can choose news on TV. 2.People dont like TV because the pictures and sound are not better. 3.TV news is as recent as the internet news. 4.We can see TV news at any time. 5. People dont like the ads on TV. or cant choose news like are not as recent as at certain time

12 Answer the questions: 1.When can you see the news on the internet? 2.Is the news on the internet always recent? 3.Why do you think news websites are convenient( )? 4.What do you think the sound and video on the internet? 5.Do you like the ads on websites? 6. Which one is better, a news websites or a TV news show? You can see the news on the internet at any time. Yes, the news on the internet is always recent. Because we can The sound and video are not so good as what we can see on TV. No, I think most people dont like it. Its hard to say. move from one news site to other sites with similar information. see them at any time.

13 similarities differences recent at certain time can choose the news cant choose the news sound personal video TV news news websites cant dicuss with others at any time can discuss with others But TV news is not as recent as the internet news. Make sentences like this. Have it changed?

14 Discussion: Which do you think important for news? If you work for a TV news program, how can you make people enjoy your program? Then how does a news websites do? How to show your advantages and make up the disadvantages see the real people get the news as quickly as possible listen to others opinions discuss with others

15 Words in the context: match them advantage TV news show news channel your comments too large to open similar TV news program good condition all the programs in the channel are news so large that … cant open your opinions like sth but not the same

16 Practice 1 Directions: 1.Make an interview about how do people think the news on the paper and the news on the radio. words and expressions: recent; up to date; personal; sound; convenient Do you often read newspapers? Do you think it convenient? Is news in newspapers recent? Can you choose news? Why do you like reading it? 2. Try to make a table about their similarities and differences. 3. When you finish, look at others tables and compare them.

17 news in newspapers news on the radio similarities differences

18 Practice 2 Write a short passage about news in newspaper and news on the radio. Please compare them. Directions: 1.Using the words and sentences you learned in class. 2.Practice 1 is a plan for you. 3.The text is a model for you.


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