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Seher Acer, Başak Çakar, Elif Demirli, Şadiye Kaptanoğlu.

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1 Seher Acer, Başak Çakar, Elif Demirli, Şadiye Kaptanoğlu

2 Introduction Motivation Aspect Based Clustering Modeling Aspects Aspect Extraction Framing Cycle-Aware Clustering User Interface & Demo Conclusion References 2/14

3 News are produced in multiple stages: Gathering, writing, editing, etc. Subjective opinion of producers, owners, advertisers – biased environment Effort needed for a comprehensive and balanced understanding of a news event A system that guides and encourages reader to read news from different perspectives 3/14

4 Current systems provide limited presentation of news Listing news arbitrarily or according to date A system that helps users reach news from different viewpoints via a single portal Capture the difference of aspects within articles reporting a common news story Use of advanced computational techniques of information retrieval 4/14

5 5/14

6 Aspect: keyword-weight pairs Keywords are extracted from Head, sub-head, lead GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering) Person, organization, location Event extraction (Zemberek) Frequently used action words/phrases 6/14

7 7/14

8 Set of articles on a news shows head-tail characteristics Head – common aspects Tail – uncommon aspects Separation of head and tail provides effective classification Two steps: Head-tail partitioning Tail-side clustering 8/14

9 Generate common-uncommon keyword sets HgP: head group proportion Calculate keyword commonness & uncommonness Commonness – an article with many common keywords with high weight values Uncommonness - an article with many uncommon keywords with high weight values 9/14

10 Agglomerative hierarchical clustering Similarity measure – Cosine similarity During Agglomerative Clustering Each object forms a cluster of its own as a singleton Pairs of clusters are merged iteratively until a certain stopping criterion is met In the merging process - the similarity between two clusters is measured by the similarity of the most similar pair of sequences belonging to these two clusters (the single-link approach) 10/14

11 Simple & user-friendly Present news from different aspects fairly Motivate reader to read news from different aspects 11/14

12 Existing systems: Google news, Yahoo News Limited presentation News listed arbitrarily Proposed system: Gathers same news with existing systems Clusters news according to aspects Simple user interface Easy to track news stories The approach is suitable for Turkish news 12/14

13 [1] Park, S., Kang, S., Lee, S., Chung, S., Song, J. Mitigating Media Bias: A Computational Approach. ACM, 2008, pp. 47-51. [2] Park, S., Kang, S., Chung, S., Song, J. NewsCube: Delivering Multiple Aspects of News to Mitigate Media Bias. ACM, 2009. [3] Cunningham, H., Maynard, D., Bontcheva, K., Tablan, V. GATE: A Framework and Graphical Development Environment for Robust NLP Tools and Applications. Proceedings of the 40th Anniversary Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics. ACL'02, 2002. [4] Park, S., Lee, S., Song, J. Aspect-level News Browsing: Understanding News Events from Multiple Viewpoints. ACM, 2010, pp. 41-50. 13/14


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