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Company portrait OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH. 2 OTEC GmbH Development, manufacture and sales of grinding machines and processing media February 20, 2012.

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1 Company portrait OTEC Präzisionsfinish GmbH

2 2 OTEC GmbH Development, manufacture and sales of grinding machines and processing media February 20, 2012

3 3 Technology leader Helmut Gegenheimer, design engineer and founder of OTEC: Inventor of the dry process for drag finishing and centrifugal disc finishing machines Designed and built the first compact centrifugal disc finishing machine and drag finishing machine

4 History – Milestones 10/1996Founded by Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Helmut Gegenheimer 07/1998Became a limited company and management expanded to include Soran Jota and Martin Moser 09/1998Sales company OTEC USA founded 04/2002Sales company OTEC Turkey founded 05/2006Head office expanded by adding a further 1,500 m² 01/2007Introduced Microsoft Business Solutions Navision 11/2008Certification under DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 4 February 20, 2012

5 5 History – Innovations 02/1997Introduction of the CF zero gap system finishing machine 12/1997Awarded the innovation prize of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg 02/2000Third place in the business start-up competition of Baden- Wuerttemberg 02/2000Market launch of the ECO mini 03/2002Market launch of the ECO Maxi 07/2002Market launch of the DF Tools 08/2003Introduction of ECO machines for deburring and grinding of CNC workpieces 12/2004First semi-automatic centrifugal disc finishing machine delivered 01/2005Market launch of the MF Series microfiltration machines 05/2008Market launch of the fully automatic drag finishing machine DF-6 Automation

6 February 20, 2012 6 History – Innovations 03/2009Market launch of the ECO 32 – a new member of the ECO family 03/2009Market launch of the DF-wet 06/2009Market launch of the multi-stage DF 09/2009Market launch of the DF-servo 09/2010Market launch of the DF-H 03/2011Market launch of the SF (Stream Finish)

7 February 20, 2012 7 Organization Own worldwide sales network Internal marketing department R&D department (20% of the employees are working in R&D) Research lab Thorough quality assurance Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of all machines MANAGEMENT Helmut Gegenheimer Soran Jota Product developement Sales, marketing, EDP laboratory, controlling human resources, strategy

8 February 20, 2012 8 Facts and figures Turnover 2009: approx. 8,0 million Euros Turnover 2010: approx. 12,0 million Euros Turnover 2011: approx. 14,4 million Euros Employees: 2012 approx. 73 Export sales: 66% 49 patents and petty patents 18 employees actively engaged in R & D

9 Business volume in 1.000 Facts and figures 9 February 20, 2012

10 10 Facts and figures Trend: borrowed capital (in 1,000)Trend: equity capital (%)

11 Facts and figures Staff and turnover development since the company was founded in 1996 11 February 20, 2012

12 12 Sales network – a worldwide presence

13 February 20, 2012 13 Our key markets Medical technology Toolmaking industry Watch industry Automobile industry Textile industry CNC machining Pharmaceutical industry Jewelry industry

14 February 20, 2012 14 Extremely high quality standards Big-name customers: Synthes, Sulzer Medica, Aesculap, MTM, Zimmer Our markets – Medical technology

15 Our markets- toolmaking industry Number One for tool finishing Very high precision Big-name customers: Iscar, Gühring, OSG, Dormer, Mapal, Platit (tool coating) 15 February 20, 2012

16 16 Our markets – toolmaking industry DF-6 Automation Fully automatic drag finishing machine Loading and unloading of workpieces with a 6-axis Fanuc robot

17 February 20, 2012 17 Our markets – watch and jewelry industry Worlds Number One in disc finishing machines (CF Series) Market innovation: ECO mini and ECO Maxi Big-name customers: Chopard, Egana, MontBlanc

18 February 20, 2012 18 Our markets – Automobile industry Big-name customers: Robert Bosch GmbH, Siemens VDO, Siemens AG, Daimler AG

19 February 20, 2012 19 Our markets – Textile industry Number One for stampings thinner than 0.5 mm Big-name customers: Samsung, Saxonia, Kern Liebers

20 February 20, 2012 20 Unbeatable, unique product: ECO 18-I Big-name customers: Carl Walther, J. P. Sauer & Sohn, Daimler AG Our markets – CNC machining

21 February 20, 2012 21 Our markets – pharmaceutical industry Worlds Number One in surface finishing Process specially developed for this market Big-name customers: Bayer, Pfizer, TEVA, Schering

22 Our Markets – Aerospace Worlds Number One for the finishing of aerospace parts February 20, 2012 22

23 Our markets– Jewellery Industry 23 The EPAG is suitable for polishing casted work pieces which have been already treated with sand paper accordingly pre-grinded parts into high finish. Polishing without rounding the prongs Produces high-shining surfaces, which can be coated without any problems. February 20, 2012

24 24 Core competences Edge preparation Precision rounding Deburring Surface smoothing Polishing inside the chip flute Increases tool life by up to 500 per cent

25 February 20, 2012 25 Core competences Droplets Removal of droplets from coated surfaces Improves chip flow Makes lubricant film more effective

26 February 20, 2012 26 Core competences Deburring... in minutes rather than hours Time savings of up to 99 percent Extremely economical - pays for itself in next to no time

27 February 20, 2012 27 Core competences Polishing A high shine over the entire surface: homogeneous finish even for inaccessible areas Usually gives a better and faster finish than polishing by hand Also polishing of difficult materials such as ceramic Clean and faultless surface, e.g. before processing Ra 3.25, after processing Ra 0.01

28 February 20, 2012 28 Strengths – hard facts Cost-effective solutions for precision surface finishing Focus on research and development technology leader Own research lab for process development Low vertical range of manufacture greater flexibility Internationally minded long experience on applications and machinery

29 February 20, 2012 29 Strengths – soft facts Regular transfer of know-how to dealers worldwide best possible service for our customers Pleasant work climate and flat hierarchy highly motivated staff Low staff turnover (< 2%)

30 February 20, 2012 30 Research lab – R & D Free processing of samples Well equipped research lab Long-term storage of test data for customers More than 10,000 tests documented in our database and available for analysis Joint research with university of applied sciences, research institute and technical university Own process development facilities

31 Research lab – The nucleus of success International process reports and detailed documentation for our customers Conveyance of all process parameters Process reports in 12 languages 31 February 20, 2012

32 Service Professional advice from qualified technical staff Regular training courses for dealers Visits to customers at home and abroad Computer-aided safety stock control and net requirements calculation Virtually all parts for standard models available from stock 32 February 20, 2012

33 33 Quality 100% final inspection of every machine in accordance with check list Machine components in Navision short response times and optimized spare parts logistics Serial number management for machines and spares Measures to ensure quality of after-sales service Pre-delivery test run for every machine Test run for spare parts (e. g. bearings) ISO 9001:2008 certified

34 February 20, 2012 34 Corporate goals Increase the customer satisfaction Increase the degree of automation of OTEC machines Technological lead

35 Strategy Maintain a global presence in our chosen markets Expand competences in our core products Expand our distribution network: sales organizations in all major industrial countries Establish our own sales offices abroad Expand sales activities in growth regions (China, India, Russia etc.) 35 February 20, 2012

36 International – Trade fairs More than 60 trade fairs each year 20% Asia 10% USA 15% East Europe 55% Europe 36 February 20, 2012

37 37 Thank you for your attention ….

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