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Ghana – The Gateway to West Africa Ghana Strategic Location Located at the centre of the world above the intersection of the Equator and the Greenwich.

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2 Ghana – The Gateway to West Africa Ghana


4 Strategic Location Located at the centre of the world above the intersection of the Equator and the Greenwich Meridian Strategic and central location for Sub- regional and international trade and commerce Access to a market of 260 million in sub-region 3 million diasporans with over 4 billion dollars remittances Daily flights to U.S. - Delta Airlines Access to AGOA and MCA benefits and opportunities

5 Basic Information Land area: 230,020 km2 About the size of Oregon State Beautiful Coastline of 537km, Climate:- Relatively warm throughout the year Never had a civil war nor famine Friendliest people in Africa and very peaceful Well Educated yet eager to learn

6 Good Governance First sub-Saharan African country to gain independence Political Stability and Multiparty Democracy 60 years of advocating for rule of law, free enterprise and democracy First country to subject itself to African Peer Review Mechanism of NEPAD Highest number of votes (183 out 191) to be elected as member of the U.N Human Rights Council Highest amount of MCA Compact and Total Debt Relieve due to good governance

7 Economic Indicators Population: 22 million (2005 estimates) Macroeconomic Stability Interest Rate Down to 15% from 45% Inflation 10.5% moving to single digit B+ Credit rating with A+ outlook Availability of Stock Exchange and International Banks Stable currency Per Capita Income of $600 GDP Growth Rate 6.2% in 2006 and 7% in 2007

8 Attractive Incentives for Investors Import Duty Exemption for agricultural and industrial plant, machinery and equipment Exemptions may also be granted for any special equipment that is not zero-rated Tax Holiday (from start of operations) Real Estate – 5 years Rural Banks –10 years Primary Agriculture – 5-10 years Agro-processing – 5 years (with rebates thereafter) Waste Processing (including plastics) – 7 years Free Zone Enterprises – 10 years and 8% thereafter

9 Government Facilitation Land Banks Tax Holidays Availability of factory buildings and serviced plots at the Tema Export Processing Zone

10 Investment Opportunities Real Estate Development and Tourism Infrastructure : Energy, Roads, Ports & Habour ICT and Outsourcing Agro-Processing & Agri Business Mining Education Portfolio Investments – GSE Leasing

11 TYPES OF INVESTMENTS AND COMMERCIAL ARRANGEMENTS Full Ownership Joint Venture Private Equity Portfolio Investment Technology Licensing Franchising Sales and Distribution Collaborative Arrangement Agency, Representation/Liaison Offices

12 Non-Banking Financial Institutions Venture Capital Insurance/Re-insurance Discount houses Leasing Insurance Brokerage

13 GENERAL MANUFACTURING Garments and Textiles for Export –AGOA and EU Electrical and Electronic Components Assembly Aluminium Based Products Jewellery fine and custom jewellery and accessories Pharmaceuticals Vehicle Assembly and Parts Manufacturing Capital Goods Manufacturing- (Agro-processing- equipment, packaging equipment, machine tools, components and spare parts) Processed Wood Products for Exports Medical Supplies –Gloves, Bandages, Syringes etc

14 Real Estate & Tourism Commercial – shopping centers, malls, office accommodation Industrial – light industrial parks, ware housing facilities Education – students hostel Tourism – hotels, guest houses, lodges, national parks, beach, lakes, tourist resorts, car rentals, adventure and eco-tour packages, Modern Convention/Event facilities

15 Energy ENERGY SECTOR Petroleum and Gas Exploration Oil Refinery Bulk Storage and Distribution of Oil Thermal Plants Solar Energy West African Gas Pipeline Construction and Operation of Secondary Gas Pipeline Independent Power Producers (IPPs Electrical Maintenance of Distribution Network Serviced Agriculture Estates Irrigation & Storage Factories ……Equipment for leasing …..Agriculture Produce

16 Roads:- Mass transportation, scheduled bus system, rail upgrades and passengers rail transport on chosen corridors Lake Transport system: Exports to and from landlocked neighbors of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger Air Transport:- Operators for domestic and sub-regional Upgrading of existing roads under the BOT (Build, Operate Transfer) BLT (Build, Lease, Transfer) BOO (Build, Operate, Own) Infrastructure

17 Information & Communication Technology Business Process Out- Sourcing Information Technology Park & Incubators Telecom Wireless Fixed Rural Telephony Fibre Optics and National Backbone Infrastructure E-Government Data Centre Privatisation of National Telecom Companies

18 Agro Processing & Agribusiness Oils and fats Palm, Soya bean and Groundnuts Oils and Shea butter Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals and Spices Cocoa Products Industrial Starch Floriculture Seafood Processing and Aquaculture 550 km of coastline and 8,520 of water surface area

19 Agro Processing & Agribusiness Serviced Agriculture Estates Irrigation and storage factories Marketing Agricultural Produce

20 Small Manufacturing Car Parts such as brake pads, shocks Medical supplies – gloves, syringes Jewellery – Gold processing and refinery

21 Mining Gold Bauxite Diamond Refinery Value Addition - Jellewery

22 Education Training of Nurses for International Market Training of ICT Experts for outsourcing Technical and vocational training in Finance, Health and Hospitality Services

23 How to set up a Business Enterprise One Stop Shop The Chief Executive Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) P. O. Box 193, Accra Ghana Tel. No.: +233-21-665125-9 email.: website: Duration within 72 hours Requirements - Confirmation of bank transfer of equity with Bank of Ghana - Immigration Quota from Immigration department through GIPC - Registration with IRS, VAT, TAX, EPA


25 For a great return on your money, invest in Ghana GOVERNMENT WILL SUPPORT YOU!

26 GHANA A country Rich in Culture & with Great Business Opportunities !

27 This is a Presentation of the Trade & Investment Dept. of the Embassy of Ghana © Use by permission only

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