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Microsoft Dynamics AX Name Title Microsoft Corporation Industrial Equipment Manufacturing.

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1 Microsoft Dynamics AX Name Title Microsoft Corporation Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

2 Agenda Industry Overview Industry Trends and Challenges Microsoft Dynamics AX value proposition Customer Evidence Microsoft Dynamics AX Industry Builder Solution

3 Conglomerates and Clusters Design Intensive Highly Variable Customer Demand Industry Overview

4 Industrial Equipment Clusters Professionals Practice Managers Engagement Managers Project scheduling/updates Project Profitability Collaboration and progress reporting Expense Reporting Staff Managers Skills-based staff mgt Utilization and Realization Portfolio Management Profitability Financial Management Business Development Billing, Revenue Recog Purchasing, Payroll AR, AP, GL Clients Schedule Status Financial Status Accounting Staff

5 Industrial Equipment Industry Trends International acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures Products must meet ever-increasing quality, safety, and performance measures Standardized global business practices, designs and procurement contracts Continuous improvement for greater efficiencies, quality, cost and process improvements Managing customer relations and capacity on global basis

6 Industrial Equipment Industry Trends Outsourcing/buying of components – more focus on value add/final assembly Higher product complexity, same highest quality expectation Partnering with selected customers – long time relationships to improve product life cycles Streamlined product movement from incoming receipt, through manufacturing to shipment Customer Visibility to order status at any time

7 Industry Challenges Managing Complex Design, Quoting and Manufacturing Processes Increasing Customer Demands for Higher Quality and Lower Cost Dealing with Global Customers, Suppliers and Competitors Connecting Across a Complex Supply Chain

8 Manufacturing FocusedLife Cycle FocusedProject Focused Business Model Engineer-to-order (ETO) Job shop Configure-to-order (CTO) Service networks Maintenance plans Enhanced consultancy services Knowledge-based Installation site management Competitive Differentiation Flexibility to customer demand Price ROI on customer investment Engineering and consultancy Installations Key Issues Quotation management Subcontractors Preventive maintenance Maintenance strategy Project management Compliance and regulations Industry Examples Components Smaller machines Pumps Industry machinery Material handling Plant systems Construction equipment Three Key Industry Modes

9 Four Key Industry Challenges Global deployment of operations New revenue opportunities New payment models Warranties and contracts Labor safety and product safety Environmental issues Market protection issues Low-wage competitors in developing countries Protecting IP Managing Regulatory Compliance Customer ROI and Product Efficiencies New Opportunities

10 Microsoft Dynamics AX

11 Applications And Architecture Affordable Adaptability

12 Microsoft Dynamics AX Overview Broad-based ERP solution: 1 Database 1 Toolbox, 1 Business Logic, 1 Source Code Technology: Scalability, 3 Tier, highly customizable Connectivity: Multi Site, Multi Company, Enterprise Portal and Commerce Gateway Global: Local functionality, Multi Currency, Multi Language Three Typical Scenarios –Out-of-the-Box –Customized to fit customer needs –Partner Add-ons/Vertical Solutions AX

13 Microsoft Dynamics AX Value Proposition Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you quickly and affordably seize competitive advantages in a rapidly-changing global marketplace

14 Three Big Reasons To Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX Affordably Adaptable The powerful core solution together with ISV- developed industry-specific functionality and an integrated suite of powerful customization tools give you a solution that is tailored to your exact needs with a higher ROI than Tier-I competitors. Scalable The three-tier, object-oriented architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX offers you high-speed server-side performance and the ability to easily scale your IT infrastructure, so the solution can grow with your company. Global Microsoft Dynamics AX gives you built-in multi- site, multi-language and multi-currency capabilities in more than 30 countries, as well as local tax, regulatory and market requirements.

15 Microsoft Dynamics AX For The Industrial Equipment Industry Empowers industrial equipment manufacturers to optimize their manufacturing processes and supply chain for increased profitability.

16 The People You Will Meet At A Customer Quality Sales Support for our operations Labor Regulations Environmental issues Regional Compliances R&D Concurrent Engineering, Collaborative design models, Automating the quotation phase CEO Profit Visibility Strategic Deployment of operations Managing Clusters, Flexibility to customer demand, Getting customer requirements ASAP Service As-Build Documentation, Preventive Maintenance, Dispatching Operations

17 Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management Trade Intercompany Logistics Product Builder Production Master Planning Shop Floor Control Warehouse Management Commerce Gateway Enterprise Portal

18 Microsoft Dynamics AX For Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Operational Flexibility Connectivity Insight

19 Operational Flexibility Optimize production flow using strong planning and scheduling tools with built-in flexibility Quickly respond to changes to take advantage of sales opportunities or avoid production bottlenecks Offer customized products cost effectively

20 Connectivity Deliver on time and increase customer satisfaction –Real-time information sharing between production, sales, finance, warehousing and purchasing More accurately match production with demand Provide timely and accurate delivery information to customers Source raw materials across locations and minimize stock-holding costs

21 Insight Make tactical changes to increase production efficiency with insight into production schedules and costs Increase the efficiency of product design and BOM creation Gain insight into and increase the efficiency of shop floor operations

22 Microsoft Dynamics AX Manufacturing Customers Product Builder Demand Generation Execution and Control Warehousing Vendors Procurement Planning

23 Microsoft Dynamics AX For Manufacturers Unique Architecture, Low Total Cost of Ownership Advanced and Flexible Manufacturing Functionality Connectivity throughout the Supply Chain Global and Local Functionality

24 Customer Evidence

25 North Atlantic Industries Achieves Positive Return on Investment With Microsoft Axapta The technology that NAI was using for managing data for enterprise resources and planning fell short of the needs of users in various departments The company selected Microsoft Business Solutions–Axapta because it was the most cost-effective solution available and it offered an open and flexible platform for future customization and integration Savings in personnel costs Elimination of former resource consuming system Increased productivity through eliminated downtime Reduced inventory Link to Case Study Here : North Atlantic Industries NAI achieved a positive return on its investment in Microsoft Axapta by reducing inventory costs, realizing direct savings in personnel costs, and increasing the productivity of employees through reduced downtime.

26 Oldcastle Precast Has Room to Grow and Acquire The company wanted a solution to fulfill basic business needs while being flexible enough to adapt to expected growth and expansion. They conducted an extensive evaluation of several tier one solutions Oldcastle Precast chose Microsoft Business Solutions–Axapta, a powerful and versatile business application that scales and adapts so medium-sized enterprises can successfully expand their businesses Customized functionality and flexibility Scalability and seamless integration Consistency in financial reporting International capabilities Ease of implementation and use Link to Case Study Here: Oldcastle Precast Group Microsoft Axapta enables us to immediately install our business processes, thus allowing us to quickly improve and add value to the companies we acquire, as well as providing financial and reporting for analysis and consolidation. Bob Quinn, CFO, Oldcastle Precast

27 In the past, we had unpredictable interruptions in our supply chain. Now, with Microsoft Axapta, we can foresee problems. We anticipate them and our system allows us to respond quickly so we can eliminate them. This has optimized our supply chain. Marty Ellis, Business Line Manager, Picanol Group Leading Textile Industry Supplier Gains Global Support and Streamlined Processes The Picanol Group needed to update its out-of-date Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and wanted to consolidate the various different systems being used across the group companies; it needed a solution that supported its global presence and ensured communication between the old and new systems, as well as with its customers The Picanol Group implemented Microsoft Business Solutions–Axapta in six of its group companies. This has improved, standardized, and simplified its business processes and IT infrastructure; for communication between several different internal and external systems, the Picanol Group uses Microsoft ® BizTalk ® Server Global support through the multisite, multilanguage, and multicurrency features Connectivity between customers and partners Optimized supply chain Integration with Microsoft Adaptable, scalable solution Link to Case Study Here: Picanol Group

28 Microsoft Axapta is great and was the right choice for us, giving us limitless options to improve our business management and customer service. Lee Murrell, IT & Systems Manager, Pullmax End-to-end Supply Chain Integration for Pullmax Pullmax needed a replacement for the Microsoft MS-DOS based Pegasus system it had been using previously, and decided on a system that could handle its whole supply chain, including automating ordering, delivery and invoicing Microsoft Axapta with integrated applications including Financials, Logistics, Master Planning, Document Management and Customer Self Service Instant response rates Easy for customers to purchase through Internet Self Service applications Simple and fast reporting Link to Case Study Here:Pullmax

29 Picanol Group VIDEO

30 Microsoft Dynamics AX Industry Builder Solution

31 Value Proposition Industrial Equipment Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides an integrated, adaptable business solution that can help you optimize production, increase profitability, and grow your organization while winning against global competition.

32 Solution Benefits Efficient Operations Lean shop floor and beyond Doing more with less: spare parts and in-process Managing clusters Efficient RFQs Visible profitability Extending the Business Machines or systems Installation services Life cycle support Deploying a global network Managing and improving ingenuity Team-based development From clusters to networks Connecting digital equipment Competitive Innovation

33 Service Install Build Source and Engineer Solution Scope Sales automation Sales configurator Advanced quoting Project mgt. Engineering change mgt. Product life cycle mgt. Content mgt. Compliance mgt. Quality mgt. More… Project planning Outsourcing/ subcontracting Mfg. planning Cluster collaboration Capacity planning Inventory mgt. Quality control Product mgt. Collaborative design More… BOMs and routings Production planning Production scheduling Production control Subcontracting Work order mgt. Lean mfg. Configuration Shop floor data collection Quality control Costing Collaboration portals More… Transportation mgt. On-site install mgt. Project mgt. Document mgt. Collaboration mgt. More… Professional service mgt. Spare-parts planning Enterprise asset mgt. Warranty mgt. More… Quote and Bid

34 Solution Map

35 A Solution to Help You Hurdle These Roadblocks Gain momentum from competitive innovation of products, processes, and services Extend operations globally and increase life cycle support Manage operations and increase efficiency from quote to delivery

36 Hub and Spoke Solutions PLM Sales Automation Cluster Mgt. Project Mgt. EAM Manufacturing Service Mgt. Warranty Mgt. Dispatching As-Built Documentation CEO Pain How do I deploy global operations efficiently? Problem Will operations be connected to help ensure smooth exchange of information? Visualize Solutions What if you could implement a system that would begin to lower your manufacturing costs in 3 to 6 months? Spare Parts Planning Service Mgt. Warranty Mgt. Dispatching As-Built Documentation Spare Parts Planning Division and Plant Level Spokes

37 Save Time, Resources, and Money Enhance production efficiency using strong, flexible planning and scheduling tools Gain insight to optimize lean production, avoid bottlenecks, and manage process improvement Improve inventory management to minimize costs

38 Increase Innovation for a Competitive Advantage Offer customized products more quickly and cost-effectively Better coordinate sales, design and production processes, and information Provide more innovative service delivery

39 Extend Your Business Manage the entire product life cycle for opportunities to increase service and life cycle support Link multiple locations and inventories for greater efficiency Expand globally

40 Maximize Your IT Investment Industry-specific functionality and powerful customization tools give you a solution tailored to your exact needswith a faster ROI. Integrated Smooth links with the full range of Microsoft products and guidance from Microsoft Dynamics Support Services mean a better return on your overall IT investment. A single, flexible architecture offers the ability to easily scale your IT infrastructure, so the solution can grow with your company. Adaptable at an attractive price Scalable

41 Maximize Your IT Investment Rapid, Positive ROI Faster ROI Recent independent ROI research –75% positive ROI within 23 months –56% reduced staffing costs –44% reduced IT costs versus legacy systems –Other cited benefits: improvements in inventory turns, delivery times, productivity, and working capital From a study by Nucleus Research Inc., The Real ROI from Axapta. Research Note E116, October 2004

42 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

43 © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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