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Sunrise ® Integrated OmniChannel Cloud Solutions Integrated OmniChannel Cloud Solutions.

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1 sunrise ® Integrated OmniChannel Cloud Solutions Integrated OmniChannel Cloud Solutions

2 Contents Vision & Mission Integrated OmniChannel Cloud Solutions Integrated Clicks & Bricks Solutions Customer Centric Approach Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning Collaborative Supplier Management eBusiness Solutions Social Extended Enterprise Customers Partners Conclusion 2 © 2014 Sunrise International

3 Sunrise Vision & Mission Vision: to be the reference in local markets for integrated pure cloud-based solutions supporting the complete supply chain lifecycle reference:preferred & trusted choice for customers, partners & employees local: proximity to our customers integrated:covering the whole supply-chain open:market standard that allows easy integration with other applications Mission: to enable our clients to achieve their objectives by supporting them to optimize their business processes through innovative, effective and reliable cloud-based solutions. 3 © 2014 Sunrise International

4 Sunrise Integrated OmniChannel Cloud Solutions 4 © 2014 Sunrise International

5 Sunrise Integrated Clicks & Bricks Solutions 5 © 2014 Sunrise International

6 Sunrise ® Customer Centric Approach 6 Customers order via the eShop, Instant and automatic registration in CRM and access to their personal portal area. E-tickets electronically available via email, and/or QR-code via smart phone/pda. Customer/visitor presence is registered upon entering the expo by using e-ticket generated by Sunrise eShop or Sunrise eKiosk on site. Customer/visitor purchases in self-service kiosk using the Sunrise eKiosk with multiple payments methods EXCEPT CASH, made aware of promotions and up-sells while scanning their products, and use their e-ticket to consume any promotion defined in the eShop. Suppliers receives replenishment orders, which are taken into the quarterly rebate calculation. eShop Customer/visitor purchases at mobile units (e.g. ice cream, hot dogs, salesrep with a mobile device/tablet… supported by Sunrise ePos. Customer purchases in The physical shop, supported by Sunrise ePos. All information in real time available in the portal. ePortal

7 Sunrise Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning 7 © 2014 Sunrise International

8 Sunrise Collaborative Supplier Management 8 © 2014 Sunrise International

9 Sunrise eBusiness Solutions Encompasses SaaS for the Social Extended Enterprise Pure Cloud Solutions Security ( Protection of corporate data and applications Business continuity by replication in multiple data centers Backup data storage both local and in data centers Connectivity Seamless eConnector Framework (e.g. SAP, Exact …) Supports JMS, Web Services, SOA, ESB, OData… Technology Microsoft.NET Development Framework Web 2.0/3.0 and HTML5 based MySQL Open Source Database 9 © 2014 Sunrise International

10 Social Extended Enterprise (SEE) A Brave new World of Boundary-less Technology & Business What is a SEE? A loosely coupled self-organizing network of firms and employees. Fewer employees and higher dependency on other enterprises (e.g. marketing, logistics, technology, …) Technology Drivers for SEE Cloud, allows outsourcing of infrastructure (managed service) SaaS, allows outsourcing of software (managed software service) Outsourcing, Contract Labor & Telecommuting, allows shift from employee to enterprise Social Media, allows virtual collaboration and sharing Mobile Technologies, allows for office anywhere, anytime 10 © 2014 Sunrise International

11 Social Extended Enterprise What users require… User wants & needs: Always connected, less wired Simple, Scalable & Sexy Any, any, any … in other words Any Application Any Location Any Device Meeting & exceeding end-user wants & needs with SaaS: Usability Security Uptime Scalability Extensibility Response times Service & support Training & customer onboarding 11 © 2014 Sunrise International

12 Sunrise Customers 12 © 2014 Sunrise International

13 Sunrise Partners 13 © 2014 Sunrise International SUMOpartner

14 Conclusion Sunrise ® supports you to Streamline your operations Reduce your costs Gain improved business-wide performance visibility Capitalize on revenue opportunities Sustain a low total cost of ownership Achieve a fast return on your investment Sunrise ® is A future proof Social Extended Enterprise Platform A World Class Mission Critical Enterprise Application A Pure Cloud based Solution Delivered as SaaS on IaaS Simple, Scalable & Sexy Safe, Secure & Sustainable Used by Large International Reference Customers for 10+ years! 14 © 2014 Sunrise International

15 Thank You!

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