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1 How Mobile Commerce can Increase Salesforce Productivity and Customer Satisfaction Session #2013JDE-100630 Presented by: Anushree Khare

2 Agenda Overview of King Architectural Metals Project History Solution Overview Solution Demonstration The Impact and Results Questions & Answers

3 Overview of King Metals Profile: North Americas largest provider of decorative and ornamental ironworks, with over 9,000 in-stock items and Same Day Shipping History: Originally a small metal works company in Dallas, TX, King Metals has grown to service thousands of customers worldwide. Every order, large or small, is received with gratitude, pulled, quality-control checked and shipped with equal care and attention. In addition to our commitment to quality, value & service, a portion of every dollar goes to support The Red Cross, American Cancer & Diabetes Societies, YMCA and Habitat for Humanity. Profile: Decorative & Ornamental Metals Light Construction Steel Gate Operators Pre-Fab Powder-Coated Fence Panels Hi-Def CNC Plasma Cutter Hardware Full Metal Service Center KINGMETALS.COM E-Catalog 1,400 FREE Design Concepts DWG Files for Decorative Metal Components Stainless Steel Glass, Cable & Rod Assemblies

4 Decorative & Ornamental Metal

5 Light Construction Steel & Custom Plasma

6 Project History Hosted storefront linked to a non-JDE ERP Hidden behind host firewall, hence, limited SEO crawling Low flexibility on changes Poor internal search engine Not mobile enabled Web customer service and order processing Slowest way to place an order (web order printed and reentered due to restricted anonymous shopping) Highest cost/order due to manual order processing Inaccurate pricing-no recognition of marketing promotions on the web No payment confirmation- lacked working with credit card authorizations Low quality service- lacked product availability confirmation, order status

7 Goals for E-Commerce with EnterpriseOne Proven E-Commerce and Mobile solutions fully integrated with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Better web visibility Deliver world-class customer self service over the web to decrease call center volume –Intuitive, easy-to-use mobile storefront integrated with EnterpriseOne –Real-time capabilities- product availability, order status, history inquiry, order confirmation, credit card authorization, etc. –Same day delivery for orders received by 4:00pm Integrate all sales channels- adding web to current call center channel –Increase internet revenues and web order mix (internet vs. phone) –Drive down order processing costs with near-zero cost web orders User Friendly Administration, less IT dependency PCI-DSS complaint and allowing web users to save their credit card for future reference Provide shipping estimates

8 E-Commerce and Mobile Solution Evaluation E-Commerce Solutions Considered Previous failed JDE implementation left us looking for CC Processing implementer Evaluated 4-5 alternatives, selected Premiers SmarterCommerce for CC Processing and E-Commerce Key Decision Drivers Completeness and ease of integration-real-time with EnterpriseOne SEO optimization flexibility Avoidance of duplicate data Overall solution value and benefits Fixed fee implementation Rapid deployment

9 JD Edwards and SmarterCommerce Implementation History Evaluate new JD Edwards Partner 20092011 Implement JD Edwards and SmarterComerce (Call Center/CC) 7/2009 Go Live 3/2011 JDE (Finl/Dist/Mfg) SC (Call Center/CC) Go Live 3/2011 JDE (Finl/Dist/Mfg) SC (Call Center/CC) Live Web Storefront 9/2011 Live Web Storefront 9/2011 Implement SmarterComerce (Web Storefront) LeverageSmarterCommerce (New branding / E-Catalog Web Payments Live Chat / Advanced Search) Project Starts 11/2009 Project Starts 11/2009 2010 Simplified WEB Design 7/2012 Simplified WEB Design 7/2012 SLI Search 10/2012 SLI Search 10/2012 5MB Fiber Optic 8/2012 5MB Fiber Optic 8/2012 2012 Web Project Starts 3/2011 Web Project Starts 3/2011 E-Catalog 4/2012 E-Catalog 4/2012 Mobile Storefront Project Mobile Storefront Project 2013

10 Multi-Channel Commerce at King Metals E-Commerce Web Storefront Credit Card Processing Enhanced Sales Order Financial Management Order Management Manufacturing Management Call Center Orders Fax and Mail Internet Orders Online Inquiries Distribution Centers Stores Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) Store Orders E-Commerce B2C/B2B

11 Web Storefront and Mobile Demonstration

12 The Results… Dramatic improvements in customer service levels by: –Streamlining internet order entry/processing Intuitive web storefront for customer self-service Real-time capabilities- advanced pricing, credit card authorization, product availability and back order processing –Enhancing customer visibility to their order with email messaging –Improving customer order accuracy and satisfaction with self-service –Dynamic advanced pricing engine for promotion across all sales channels Increased revenues- cross-selling products and web promotions Dramatic reduction in web order processing costs Increased control over web order processing and fulfillment Ease of integration with 3 rd party tools Friendly Administration Workbench – Less dependency on IT from Marketing

13 The Results… Selected Performance MetricBeforeAfter Web order-to-ship cycle timeSlowestFastest Credit card processingManualReal-time Advanced pricing and promotionsNot possibleReal-time Cost per web orders$2.712011-$.75; 2012- Under $.10 Order processing effort for web orders (5-6 minutes/order)2.0 FTEs0.5 FTEs Revenue from Web Orders (last two months vs. prior year)22 % Increase Areas that most benefited from above were Sales, Customer Service and Credit

14 Recap of Key Lessons Learned Importance of real-time Integration between Web Storefront and JD Edwards Order Fulfillment –Comprehensive JD Edwards integration is a vital enabler for our customer self-service and our same-day shipping strategies (Address Book/Customer Master, Sales Order, Pricing, Inventory, AR) –Key to obtaining near zero ($0.00) cost web orders –No duplication of data and redundant logic (customers, products, pricing, availability) Solution Must Allow for the Leveraging of Current Investments in E-Commerce –Must permit our company and product branding to be respected and easily evolve –Provide options for re-use of current web product content Intuitive Customer Collaboration Interface and Ease of Use –Zero training customer buying experience –Highly productive dynamic user navigation instead of sequential navigation Importance of Rapid Implementation and Deployment –Delivering fast benefits is critical to management support for E-Commerce –Target timetable should deliver results in 60-150 days

15 Questions and Answers Anushree Khare, Sr. Business Analyst (214) 438-8187

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