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Network Information Services Technology Forum ELECTRONIC ORDER PROCESSING

2 Electronic order processing
I’m sure you have never felt this way when dealing with printers, copiers, scanners, etc. Printer Jam clip from Office Space Mission Impossible

3 Packing Slips, Invoices!!!
Electronic order processing Know Someone Like Them? Buried in Purchase Orders Packing Slips, Invoices!!!

4 Electronic order processing
Overview -- What is Electronic Order Processing (EDI)? EOP / EDI is the exchange of business data from one organization's computer application to the computer application of a trading partner. EDI uses specific standards of data format for electronic documents making the exchange of business data between computers possible allowing a machine-to-machine communication. What does this mean to me? The Automotive Distribution Network has partnered with Corcentric to implement an electronic order processing (EDI) solution for our members and suppliers. The project includes exchanging purchase orders, acknowledgements, advanced shipment notices and invoices electronically with our suppliers.

5 Electronic order processing
How it works…. EOP is a central solution that leverages the Network's PartShare and Corcentric’s OneConnect to add the information needed to complete electronic documents for distributors and suppliers whose systems are not capable of sending standard EDI documents, allowing all to participate. Our one-to-many solution allows you to connect to all of our connected suppliers through one portal. It provides three-way matching (Priced POs matched to items shipped, then matched to invoices). So the manual labor of invoice and statement reconciliation will be minimized resulting better use of your time and resources. So Mr. PaperPusher below will be able to utilize his time more productively! Your purchase orders are sent electronically to Corcentric OneConnect. If they are not standard EDI 850s we will supplement the information needed using PartShare. Your orders are then sent to the suppliers as effective EDI documents. Suppliers return an electronic acknowledgement which we watch for and post on our website. If you have an EDI capable system the acknowledgement (997) will be sent directly back to your system. When an acknowledgement does not come back in the expected time, we will follow up and resolve any issues to ensure your orders are not lost. You can also use the website to view your order's status any time and have your buyer alerted by when orders are not acknowledged on time. Electronic packing lists and invoices are sent from suppliers to OneConnect; whether EDI standard documents or not these are translated and sent to WD’s with EDI capable systems as (856) ASN’s and (810) Invoices. They are also available to search, view, and use for automated payables management with PartShare.

6 Electronic order processing
“I didn’t get my rebate! I need to look at last year’s invoice…” All documents are searchable they can be viewed by your staff on the PartShare website. And you control what you want visible to whom. You will be able to track shipments, approve invoices for payments, manage invoice discrepancies, all online. We will archive, store, and back up all documents for 7 full calendar years plus the current year so you can eliminate all that paper storage. Invoices approved for payment are pushed to your accounts payable system which will substantially reduce hours spent managing your accounts payable and saving you data entry time.

7 Electronic order processing
Benefits of a centralized solution Provides the efficiencies of EDI to a large portion of your transaction volume. Provides means to automate rebate management, also reducing manual labor. Provides means for centralized billing by suppliers to members, further reducing costs in the future. Reporting solutions will allow for Fill Rate Management, Rebate Tracking. This will reduce unpaid rebates and improve timeliness of rebates being paid. Standardization - All ASNs, Invoices, Tracking and drill down reports will be available in a similar format. Centralized Internet Parts Ordering - With PartShare we will provide a single website for special orders from you and your customers to all suppliers (2013). Centralized IPO will be synchronized with WebShop, extending our virtual inventory solution to display many more suppliers to your connected service dealers and fleets.

8 Electronic order processing
Getting Started Our production phase is in process and to date over 10,000 transactions have been exchanged between Network members and their suppliers. Complete and return the Member Survey to Network Information Services so we can setup your contact information and EDI technical parameters. Corcentric will contact your Distributor Management System (DMS) provider if you need assistance getting EDI set up in your system. NIS and Corcentric already have a working relationship with most of the DMS providers and will work with your DMS provider to coordinate EDI set up if needed. You can continue to use EDI document formats that you have in place, or you can use formats that Corcentric has in place for other Network members. We can take “Transnet style” purchase orders if this the only option available If your DMS does not have EDI capabilities, you can still use the website to view your Purchase Orders, Ship Notices, Invoices, Three-Way matching. Testing begins after we have exchanged EDI setup parameters and you have completed any needed administration on your system. Once connectivity is established and confirmed, you’ll begin sending test PO’s to your suppliers that are Network approved and active with Corcentric We will work with you and your suppliers to coordinate testing, the cutover to production EDI POs, and turning off paper invoices. Production EDI data exchanges are fully automated and are conducted 24/7 EDI traffic will be monitored automatically and alerts will be sent to you of any EDI data or format issues as soon as they happen. Fueled by NIS EDI solutions!!!

9 Electronic order processing
Implementation Steps Checklist

10 Electronic order processing
Most common questions asked: What does it cost? What about suppliers who don’t connect? Will reports be available? (Fill-Rate, Rebate tracking, Invoice reporting, History reports?) What if I’m using the “other guy”? How do I sign up promptly, presto, pronto, chop-chop? For Enrollment and Part Share Support: Contact John Torrez, EOP Project Manager ext 113 For Connectivity and EDI Support: Contact Larry Nemerofski, Director of Client Integration

11 Questions

12 Network Information Services Technology Forum
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