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Mrs. Stephanie Feniello

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1 Mrs. Stephanie Feniello
Welcome to English 8 Mrs. Stephanie Feniello

2 Personal Background 12 years experience in North Allegheny
NASH, NAI, Carson, Marshall 5 years experience in Melbourne, Florida Grades 10-12 7 years experience in business Software Trainer/Business Consultant

3 Goals beyond English curriculum
Make readers out of your student Independent selections Book talks Audio books Teacher reads Gain study habits Discuss strategies Practice strategies Require strategies

4 Why I love teaching 8th grade English
aghast Aghast of wind blew open the door. belittle When you make shrinky-dinks, you belittle them by baking them. bludgeon At lunch they give you a big bludgeon of tater-tots.

5 Honors Placement—Grade 9
Students must consistently attain A’s in their nine-week English grades.  Students must have an overall QPA of 3.4 or higher. Students will be evaluated on the successful completion of a writing sample. Students must receive a recommendation for Honors English placement from their current English teacher based on their overall performance.

6 Homework Page Homework Page Class work Homework Homework Resources Contact Information

7 Thematic Approach Course Description
Literature, Writing, Grammar, Media, and Speaking and Listening When is a child no longer a child? How do you face life’s challenges? How do you find your purpose? What does history teach us?

8 Literature Course Description Short Stories/Poetry Comprehension
Interpretation Analysis Vocabulary Rules of the Game Amy Tan

9 Literature Course Description Drama Speaking and Listening (Acting)
The Diary of Anne Frank Speaking and Listening (Acting) Historical Context

10 Course Description Non-Fiction Literature Essays Biography
Autobiography Magazine Articles New Articles

11 Course Description AR Books/Projects (4) Novels
Literature AR Books/Projects (4) Novels Independent Reading Selections (4) Chains Laurie Halse Anderson The Giver Lois Lowry Monster Walter Dean Myers

12 Course Description Writing Creative Writing Literary Response
Response to reading selections Formal Writing Five paragraph essay Informational Persuasive

13 Course Description Research Project Traditional sources
People of character What does history teach us? Traditional sources Internet sources

14 Course Description Speaking/Listening Present formal speeches
Share select compositions Contribute to class discussions Take notes based on discussion

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