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The Centenary of arrival of the First FDNSC in Netherlands 30 March 2011.

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1 The Centenary of arrival of the First FDNSC in Netherlands 30 March 2011

2 Sister Stephani- Dutch Sister Charles – Belgian Sister Agathe – French The Dutch Province started as a European community. The Sisters rented two little houses in the Antoniusstreet near the parish church - one house to live in and the other for a nursery school (on the left)

3 The community in the little house in Waalwijk was increasing and a new house had been built for them nearby. The Sisters moved there in 1920.

4 A convent had been built in Tilburg where a novitiate was opened in 1915.

5 Already in 1920 five of the young Dutch sisters had been sent on Mission. (And 57 sisters had been sent on mission before the beginning of the first World War!)

6 In 1936, the community in Waalwijk celebrated the Silver Jubilee of existence of FDNSC in the Netherlands.

7 Motherhouse: Notre Dame in Tilburg, as it is now.

8 In 1947 after the second world war, a group of six sisters had been sent for mission to Indonesia.

9 Another group of eight sisters followed in 1950.

10 Community, postulants and novices living in the Motherhouse in 1963

11 Motherhouse in Tilburg renovated in 1993.

12 Cemetery in the garden of the Motherhouse

13 The people of Waalwijk wanted to put a statue of an FDNSC Sister in the park to honour our Sisters and keep in mind what they did in former days to build the community of Waalwijk. The Sister carries a heart in her hands to bring herself and food to the poor people.

14 Celebration of centenary

15 Beginning of the feast with Eucharist on 30 March 2011

16 Welcome by Sister Mary Fyfe and Sister Mary Ringnalda in the meeting room.

17 Sr Stephanie Pacilly, one of the First Sisters of the Dutch Province, had been invited… She came from Heaven… (Sr An imitated her)

18 Sr Mary Ringnalda interpreting for Sister Mary Fyfe.

19 Sr Lies is interviewing Sr Stephanie

20 The parish priest of Waalwijk gave a special document and a medal to Sr An and Sr Giuseppe to honour all the Sisters of the Congregation who have been working for the parish in the past.

21 Sr Mary Fyfe and Sr Mary Ringnalda and… Sr Stephanie ( Sr An)

22 We had a meal together with the MSCs and all the sisters of the province.

23 PowerPoint Presentation of the history of the Dutch province, in the hall.


25 Closing of the day

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