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2 In recent decays, solar energy has attracted considerable attention because it can produce electricity that is self sustaining. But for most of us, solar energy is just another alternative energy source. However, without a frame of reference, solar energy, and the marvel of electricity, could take on a totally new meaning.

3 The House of The Rising Sun

4 Our story begins as we find a group of what appear to be primitive individuals gathered around a fire.

5 It soon becomes obvious that these people are not from the past. Rather than houses made out of twigs and leaves they live in old rusted out truck bodies.

6 They wear jewelry made out of computer chips.

7 Off to one corner we see a group of children gathered around an elder who is telling them a story.

8 The elder tells about a great white flash that occurred and killed many many people a long long time ago.

9 When his story is complete he leads the group of kids off into the woods.

10 They walk for many many hours and finally, just at sun rise, they come to a clearing on top of a hill that over looks a settlement of houses that are now all vacant.

11 All at once, one of the houses begins to light up and music is emitted from within.

12 The group moves down the hill and closer to the house. They are not allowed in the house and told that it is a sacred place.

13 Peering throw the windows the children watch as an elder member helps an older, very ill person into a chair.

14 Items within the house are alive, emitting light, sound and pictures.

15 The elder explains to the children that a final right for those that are sick and dieing is to come to this sacred place and be allowed to see and hear the almighty one.

16 Back inside the sick person is positioned in front of a screen. The light flickers on the screen and suddenly an image appears.

17 The video that is being shown is a first aid training video. The person on the screen is actually describing a treatment for the sick one.

18 Unfortunately they do not understand the language and think it is a sacred message that will insure the safe passage of the sick one to the next world.

19 The sick one finally succumbs and is left alone.

20 The group leaves the settlement as the sun is just setting and all the lights and sound in the house fade down returning the house to its vacant self.

21 The End

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