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Self-Service Banner Registration Office of the Registrar.

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1 Self-Service Banner Registration Office of the Registrar

2 myHilltop

3 Accessing Banner

4 Faculty Services Menu Welcome Advisor, Joe

5 Accessing Your Advisees

6 Advisee Listing Student, Joe ********* Student, Jane ********* Student, Jerry ********* From the Advisee Listing, you will be able to email students individually or as an entire group. ***Note: When emailing an entire class remember to use the BCC field when populating student email addresses to avoid unintentional FERPA violations. FA5678 FA4567 FA1234

7 Alternate PIN A unique 6 character code which will be given to Traditional Undergraduate students only during the advising session. Alternate PINs will consist of 4 numeric characters and 2 alpha characters which will define the term of use. For example: –An Alternate PIN issued in the Fall term would follow this format: FA8945 –An Alternate PIN issued for use in the Spring term: SP7632 –An Alternate PIN issued for use in the Summer term: SU9271 Alternate PINs can be issued via phone or emailbest practice suggests that an email follow any meeting or phone call during which a PIN was issued to keep a record of the transaction.

8 Student Registration

9 Student View

10 Alternate PIN Entry Note: Students will first be prompted to select the term of registration. Once a term is selected, all subsequent menu items relate back to that selected term.

11 Adding Classes



14 Dropping a Class

15 Live Registration Help Labs Graduate March 31 and April 1 –10am to 2pm and 5pm to 7pm Undergraduate and New College –April 2 nd – 4 th 10am to 7pm –April 8 th – 11 th 10am to 7pm All Registration Labs will be held in Moody Hall 309

16 Faculty Training Tuesday, February 18 th 10-11am Wednesday, February 19 th 2-3pm Thursday, February 20 th 10-11am All Faculty training will be held in Jones Auditorium Link to Materials: training-materials training-materials

17 For questions regarding specific student content please contact: Lori Crawford Office of the Registrar 512-448-8715 Amanda Holland Office of the Registrar 512-428-1358 Patrick Fields Associate Registrar 512-448-8757 For Technical Support please contact: St. Edwards University Computer Help Desk 512-448-8443

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